6/1/2023 Obituaries for Johnnie Leaobert Brock and Steve Cayson.
5/31/2023 Obituaries for Betty Coomer.
  Updating Shiloh Cemetery.
5/30/2023 Obituaries for Ruth Shelton Rushing and William Wayne Shelton.
  Uploaded updated database.
5/29/2023 Obituary for Sarah Key Morgan.
5/28/2023 Obituaries for Terry Coomer, Leon Waldon, Albert Humber, James Orval Street,Richard Gordon Bell, Randy Livingston, Joyce Jones Salaz,
5/27/2023 Obituaries for Murray Wright, Jearline Wright, Pauline Redus, Leslie Shelton and Chester Bradford.
  1900 Census page for Price and Fowler families.
5/26/2023 Obituary for Johnny Cummings.
5/25/2023 Obituary for Deborah Cummings.
5/24/2023 Obituary for Francis White.
5/23/2023 Obituaries for Joe Woodham,Revis Shelton, Louise Shelton Cooper and Theolyn Hardy.
5/22/2023 Obituaries for Jodie Hollis, Laverne Clayton and Dean Wallace.
5/18/2023 Obituaries for Gayle Johnson and Linda Ashby.
  1880 Census page for Lampkin family.
5/17/2023 Obituaries for Gay Nell Hester and Jimmy McDaniel.
5/15/2023 Obituaries for Noble Olive Cole and Martha Robertson Hallman.
5/14/2023 Obituaries for Jerry R. Price, Eloise Hopper, Bobby Ross Hopper, Danny Hester, and Ollie Hester
5/13/2023 Page for Clearman's Store in local history.
  Obituaries for Owanna Wheeler and James Lowell Wheeler
  Added 1962 Homecoming Football Program to Lamar County High School page in local history.
5/12/2023 Obituaries for Carole Anne Redus, John P. Redus and Larry James Redus
5/11/2023 Obituary for Ruby Gray Moore Mitchell.
5/10/2023 Obituary for James Donald Price.
5/9/2023 Website re-upload
3/16/2017 Obituary for Mary Etta Price.
3/9/2017 Obituaries for Brooks Fowler and Mike Fowler.
3/2/2017 Obituary for Kinis Johnson.
2/22/2017 Obituary for Ruby Hall Brown.
1/19/2017 Obituaries for James Clifton Shackelford and John Donald Gilliam.
1/12/2017 Added grave marker photo for Emily Mae Bailey. Shiloh (Pinhook), row 27.
Obituary for Lewis "Bud" Johnson.
1/11/2017 Obituary for Ramona Taggart.
1/8/2017 Obituary for Hortense Gilliam Johnson.
1/5/2017 Obituary for Gaulia Nell Robertson.
1/3/2017 Obituary for William Douglass Crawford.
1/2/2017 Obituaries for James Ronal Price, Aubrey Gibson and Randy Reeves.
10/30/2016 Obituary for Mava Lois Redus.
5/28/2015 Obituaries for William "Doc" Overton and Edgar T. Morris.
5/25/2015 Obituaries for Luther Dalton Ayres and Johnny James Humber.
5/24/2015 Obituaries for Nellie Robertson Beatty and Lois Christine Allen.
5/22/2015 Obituary for Dene L. Jones.
5/21/2015 Obituary for Hattie Lee Stembridge.
5/17/2015 Obituary for Daniel Clay Robertson.
5/14/2015 Obituaries for Earnest Hall and Evelyn Parker Mitchell.
5/13/2015 Obituaries for William H. Robertson and Nellie Blanche Davis Cash.
5/10/2015 Obituary for Mason Doug Guin.
5/7/2015 Obituaries for Lizzie Mae Wheeler, Chesley C. Wheeler, and Walter Miles Prater
5/5/2015 Obituary for Terry Wayne Reeves.
4/29/2015 Obituary for William Millican.
4/16/2015 Obituary for Sidney Price.
4/15/2015 Database re-upload.
4/12/2015 Uploaded Writings of Hattie Taylor Redus.
3/21/2015 Obituary for Bernice Knight McDaniel.
3/19/2015 Obituary for Calvin Curry.
1/16/2015 Obituary for Maxine Gilmer Matthews.
1/16/2015 Added 1910 census page for Hiram Mitchell family.
5/11/2014 Added bio for Judge Cecil Strawbridge. to "Who's Who of Lamar County History".
3/9/2014 Obituary for Amy Thomas Andrews.
1/19/2014 Obituaries for Katie Mitchell Pate, Arlie Holley. Rewrote Hollis Cemetery to HTML5 standards.
1/12/2014 Obituary for Jimmie Nell Gilliam. 1900 census page for James & Lula Hall family.
1/8/2014 Obituary for Gaye Haynes McDaniel.
1/5/2014 Obituaries for William L. Trull, Jeffrey Faulkner, Renley R. Gilliam, and Charles L. Gilliam..
1/4/2014 Obituary for Mary Foster Gilliam.
1/1/2014 Obituaries for L. D. Mitchell and Velma Lantrip.
12/31/2013 Complete re-upload/td>
12/28/2013 Added L.C.H.S. class of 1933 photo to history section.
12/27/2013 Obituary for Abbie Lou Falkner and the wedding announcement for Ella Redus and William Cunningham from 1893.
12/26/2013 Obituaries for Joann Lawrence, Birdy Gilliam, Julian P. Redus, Alton "Sonny" Redus, and the wedding announcement for Evelyn Redus and Rufus Black from 1939.
12/24/2013 Obituaries for Wilford Stanley Cooper and Sally Robertson.
12/19/2013 Obituary for Patricia Prosser.
12/17/2013 Obituaries for Elouise Harris Jorgenson and Catherine Tarpley.
12/14/2013 Obituary for Mary Wylodine Prater and Hattie Prater.
12/8/2013 Obituaries for Titus Barnes and Amy Lee Ayers.
12/7/2013 Obituaries for Lois Faust and Mamie Faust McAdams.
11/29/2013 Obituaries for Clara Falkner and Lydia Beatrice Hankins
11/28/2013 Obituaries for Gladys Freeman and Betty Shackelford Humbers
11/26/2013 Obituary for Lela F. Prater.
11/23/2013 Obituary for Billy D. Taylor.
11/22/2013 Obituary for Robert E. Turner.
11/18/2013 Obituaries for Faye McReynolds and Kay Frances Street
11/8/2013 Obituary for Dorothy Lou Curry Prater.
10/6/2013 Obituary for Randy Mason.
9/21/2013 Obituary for Loventrice Mitchell Hunter.
7/21/2013       1900 Census page for Eli Shelton and John Lampkin families.
7/6/2013       Complete re-upload
6/28/2013       Added Lamar County History section.
6/19/2013       Rewrote marriage page and this page to HTML5 standard.
4/29/2013 Obituaries for Charles Gilliam and Ruby Lee Humbers.
4/13/2013 1860 census page for Daniel and Malissa Fowler family. Obituary for Benny Wayne Hester.
3/30/2013 Obituary for J. A. Shackelford, Jr.
12/31/2012 Obituary for Larry Hopper.
12/30/2012 Obituary for Glenn McDaniel.
12/29/2012 Obituary for Mary "Tillie" Johnson.
12/28/2012 Uploaded all 1940 census images for Lamar County by precinct.
11/22/2012 Obituaries for Kelcy Hankins, Kenneth Wayne Hankins, Clovis Bobo, Willie Hester, Lavader Jones Ayers, Joan Baswell, Howard Collins,
11/21/2012 Obituaries for Lucille Gilliam,Milner JohnsonGene Graham, Jeremy Turner, and Addie Lucille Arrington.
11/20/2012 Obituary for Lois Street.
11/19/2012 Obituary for Douglas Brock.
11/18/2012 1930 census source for James Edward and Ora Robertson family. Complete re-upload.
11/4/2012 Complete re-upload with complete redesign of photo pages.
11/3/2012 Obituary for Pelina Perkins Lowery.
10/31/2012 Obituary for James Floyd Mordecai.  Photo of Ludie Galloway Mason.
10/26/2012 Obituary for Cauzine Blanton Carey.
10/21/2012 Obituaries for Loudell McCullough, Fred McDaniel, and Hattie Pearl Reed.  Complete re-upload.
10/19/2012 Obituaries for A. C. Falkner, Sheila Kay Jones, Ernest Pennington, Jewelene Pennington, and Bernice Butler.
10/18/2012 Obituary for Ralph Edward Thomas, Sr.
10/17/2012 Obituaries for William Howard Hopper and Charles Henry Graham.
10/16/2012 Obituary for Syble Dolly Guyton.
10/14/2012 1900 census page for Thomas Ezra Redus family.  Obituary for Chelsie Ray McDaniel.
10/13/2012 Obituaries for Ora Cook Jordan, and Troy F. Cook, Ruth Bobo Cribbs, Mary Gertrude Cook Perkins.
10/6/2012 Obituaries for Hester Falkner Fowler and Onnie Berks Butler.
10/5/2012 Obituary for Vaudean Price Bolton.
8/11/2012 1900 census page for Napoleum Jordan family.
8/10/2012 1900 census page for Wiley Falkner family.
7/29/2012 Complete re-upload.
7/24/2012 1910 census page for Napoleum Jordan family.
7/23/2012 1910 census page for Francis Cash family.
7/22/2012 Obituary for Jo Ann Crawford.
7/15/2012 1920 census page for Lockard Jordan and James Claudious Smith families.
  Added obituaries for Cloyce McDaniel, Sammie Lee Elliott, and Henry Reed Falkner
7/14/2012 1900 census page for James & Biddie Crawford and John M. McGee families.
7/9/2012 1900 census for James Milton Robertson family.
7/8/2012 Complete re-upload.  Obituaries for Mary E. Roberson (1958), Lucy Katherine Dawkins (1963), Lart Robertson (1963), and Ivie Lee Mitchel (2012).
7/6/2012 1900 census page for Thomas/Mary Jones, Mark Ferguson family, and Henry Martin Robertson family.
7/5/2012 Started Friendship South Baptist Church Cemetery page.
7/4/2012 Obituaries for Ida Dobbins Sartor Jordan, Joe Jordan, Bernard Jordan, Claxton Jordan, Nannie Lou Gilliam,
7/3/2012 Obituaries for Zora Robertson Cole, Jessie Henry Robertson, James A. Cole, J. B. Stafford, Jr., Essie Robertson Cole, and Reese Mitchell.
7/2/2012 Obituary for Clarence Adair.
7/1/2012 1900 census for John and Ida Cole family.
6/27/2012 Obituaries for Elmer Lethan Wheeler, Melba Wheeler, Ellie Barnes Jenkins Price, and Hosea Ayres.
6/24/2012 1910 census for Burrell H. Falkner and John G. Williams families.
5/19/2012 1930 census for William Lafayette Gilliam and William Smiley Wheeler families.
5/18/2012 1860 census pages for David R. Redus and Jason Guin families.
5/10/2012 Added photo and burial info for Clarence Stanley Redus. Added 1880 census for Abraham Lincoln Gilliam family.
4/15/2012 Added grave marker photos for Judge R. L. and Amanda Bradley, Judge S. G. and Lilly Pearl Johnson, Vernon Cemetery.
3/23/2012 1860 Census for Howell Gilliam.  Obituary for Trannie Cooper Gilliam Johnson.
3/4/2012 Added complete photo transcription for Springfield Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery
2/23/2012 Obituary for Jean Gayle Ayres, Shiloh Methodist Cemetery.
2/19/2012 Complete re-upload.
2/12/2012 Complete re-upload.
2/11/2012 Added New Prospect Cemetery page (Monroe County, Mississippi) for Virginia (Redus) and her son Luther D. Pennington's family.
2/6/2012 Marriage for Robert Box & Elmyra Pennington.
1/7/2012 1930 Census for Onnie Hall family.
12/29/2011 Obituary for Trezie Ray Sizemore.
10/16/2011 Added 1860 census page for Thomas G. and Mary Jones family.
10/9/2011 1860 census for Peter and Mary Gilliam family.
10/7/2011 1860 census for William Williams and William Corder families.
10/3/2011 Obituary for Bobby Gene Mason.
9/21/2011 Rows 9, 11, and 12 to Emmaus Cemetery.
9/16/2011 Complete re-upload
  1860 Census for Lockhart Lampkin family
8/14/2011 Complete re-upload.
8/13/2011 1920 census page for Carver & Daisy Shelton family
8/7/20111 Added row 10 to Emmaus Cemetery
7/24/2011 1900 census page for Francis M. Fowler and Samuel Houston Hankins families.
7/23/2011 Added complete photo transcription for Morton Chapel Cemetery.
7/10/2011 1900 Census page for John G. Williams and Brazzora Falkner families.  John G. Williams first wife was Ceraphinia Redus.
7/4/2011 Added row 8 to Emmaus Cemetery
7/1/2011 Obituaries for Margie Edna Guyton, Reba Crowe, Kathleen Stafford, Shiloh (Pinhook) Cemetery.
6/30/2011 Added excerpt concerning Lamar county from "Alabama As It Is, or The Immigrant's and Capitalist's Guide Book To Alabama" to history page.
6/28/2011 Re-upload of family tree database.
6/27/2011 Obituary for Mattie Lee Mitchell.
4/11/2011 Added 1840 census for Howell Gilliam.
4/5/2011 Added various snapshots of Old Corinth Church Cemetery.
4/2/2011 Updated links section.
3/25/2011 Added row 6 to Emmaus Cemetery.
3/10/2011 Started page for Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery
3/4/2011 Page 31 of Jones County Marriage Book.
3/3/2011 Obituary for Jim Wheeler. Page 32 of Jones County Marriage Book (William Street/Margaret F. Guin and Robert M. Cooper/Nancy Vaughn).
3/1/2011 Marriage license for James Garfield Falkner & Margaret Cornelia Varnon.
2/27/2011 Added Row 5 to Emmaus Cemetery.
2/25/2011 Obituary for John Henry Gilliam.  Land patents for Burrel Lanier Falkner, 30279, 36316, 37265.  Added 1910 census for George
  Washington Mason family.  Obituary for Pauline Wallace.
2/23/2011 Obituary for George Dewey Falkner.  Obituaries for Lionel B. McDaniel and Margaret Falkner Rainwater.
2/19/2011 Obituary for William Claudus Mason.
12/31/2010 Obituary for Johnny Parker.
12/5/2010 Land Patent for Isaac McClendon
12/4/2010 Obituary for Addie Lee Price-Smith, 1952 Shiloh. Obituary for Henry Robinson, 1951.
11/18/2010 Marriage for J. M. Harrison & Beunavista Ward
10/31/2010 Obituary for William Lee Pennington.
7/29/2010 Obituary for Louisa (Mitchell) McDaniel from 1890
6/7/2010 Added "R" page for Civil War Pension Book.
6/6/2010 Land patents for Peter C. Wheeler and Adeline Robertson.
5/30/2010 Land Patent for Henry Morgan Redus.
5/20/2010 Death certificate for Joe Rob Redus.
5/19/2010 Death certificate for Henry Redus, son of William Jefferson and Josie Redus
5/17/2010 WWI Draft Card for Edward Robertson
  1930 Oklahoma census for George Mings family
  Death Certificate for John Lewis Redus, son of Henry Morgan Redus
4/3/2010 Complete photo-transcription of Old Corinth Church Cemetery
3/28/2010 Added Row 3 to Emmaus Cemetery
3/19/2010 Added Row 10 to Sailor Cemetery
3/18/2010 Obituaries for Blanche Barnes Pennington and Laura Overton Pennington, both buried Shiloh (Pinhook)
3/16/2010 1900 census page for Thomas Edward and Charles Henry Redus families.
3/15/2010 Added 1880 census page for Andrew Jackson & Zilpha (Redus) Pennington
3/14/2010 Added row 2 to Emmaus Cemetery.
3/10/2010 Started Emmaus Cemetery page, added row 1.
  1920 census page for James J. Mitchell, Mollie Gilliam, and Albert Harris families.
3/6/2010 Compete photo transcription for Hollis Family Cemetery, including grave of 3rd Great Grandfather, Elijah Mason.
  Obituary for Robert Samuel Gilliam.
3/5/2010 1910 census page for Soloman Hall.  Added row 9 to Sailor Cemetery
3/2/2010 Marriage licenses for Thomas C. Mitchell & Nancy Deborah, and Benjamin F. Weathers & Mary A. McDaniel.
3/1/2010 1850 census page for Mark Hall family.  Marriage licenses for Charles H. Taylor & Elizabeth Yearby,
  Charles H. Taylor & Debee Ann Brown, B. W. Tarwater & Mary Jane Mason, J.J. Street & Sarah J. Abbott,
2/28/2010 Census page for Solomon Hall family.
2/24/2010 Obituaries for Dexter Taylor, Dewey Mitchell, Charles H. Taylor and Francis Taylor.
2/11/2010 1870 census page for Frances Mobley Johnson Hall.  1930 census page for Nick Mason.  1880 pages for Mark and Albert Hall
2/10/2010 Obituary for Ola Francis Williams Taylor, Shiloh.
  1930 census for Elves & Delia Wayman.  1900 census for Garland Robertson & James Peter Gilliam.
  1850 census pages (1 and 2) for Samuel and James Redus
2/7/2010 1910 census page for Oklahoma Robertsons/Mings.  Obituary for Laura Kaye Mitchell.  1900 page for George Mitchell family.
  1900 census page (1 2) for Harris and Mitchell.  1900 page for Mings.  1930 page for Elvis Mings & family
2/6/2010 1910 census page and 1930 census page for Charlie Wayman
  1920 census page for George Mings family
  1920 census pages for Charlie Wayman and family
2/5/2010 1930 census page for James Almer Robertson
  1900 census page for Charlie & Melissa Robertson Wayman
2/2/2010 Obituary for Lavoy Mitchell Malone Raderchak
  1930 Census page for James Albert & Ed Robertson.
  Draft Card for William Davis Robertson
2/1/2010 1900 and 1930 Census pages for William & Katie Robertson. 
1/30/2010 WWI Draft Registration Cards for George Elvis Mings and William Harvey Mings.  1910 Census Page for Eliza Jane (Wallace) Robertson.
1/28/2010 1920 Oklahoma census page for Eliza Jane (Wallace) Robertson
1/8/2010 Obituaries for John Belton Wheeler, W. G. Middleton ( died 1898, not related), Albert Chesley Jones, Mary Ida Faulkner Sawyers,
  Willie T. Jones, Lellie Cele Brewer Falkner, Edna Ray Jones, Victor Jones, Steven Loyal Mitchell, Sam McDaniel
  Marriage license for James Mitchell Adair & Minnie Alberta Ward
1/4/2010 Obituaries for Edwin Wallace McGee, Peter W. Honnell (died 1897, not related), Maturie West (died 1897, not related),
  Clarence Bradley Williams,
12/26/2009 Obituary for Florence Mason
  Complete re-upload of updated database and links.
12/24/2009 Added row 7 and 8 to Sailor Cemetery
12/20/2009 Obituaries for Laura Pennington Williams, Bessie Wheeler Ayres, Nancy Ellen Johnson Hall, Ada Hall, and Frances Russell Greer.
  Added marriage license for Jessie M. Graham & Nancy E. Wallace
  Added row 5 & 6 to Sailor Cemetery
12/18/2009 Added 1870 Sanford (Lamar) County census page for Bluford & Mariah (Mitchell) McDaniel, and Sarah R. Gartman families
12/12/2009 Added rows 3 and 4 to Sailor Cemetery
12/8/2009 Obituaries for William Polk and Ida V. Smith Williams.  Great Grandson of Mahala Redus, both buried Shiloh (Pinhook)
11/1/2009 Obituary for Susan Melissa Seay, died January 31, 1896
10/26/2009 Added row 2 to Sailor Cemetery
10/21/2009 Obituary for Mary M. Spann from 1890
  Obituary for Fannie Ward, buried at Sailors Cemetery, from 1915
10/18/2009 1870 Census page for Mary L. Blair, wife of Berry Q. Wallace
  Obituary for J. M. Morris, buried in Shiloh (Pinhook)
10/16/2009 Marriage License for A. J. Montgomery & M. A. Redus, haven't id'd this Redus yet
  Marriage license for John G. Williams & Sarah H. Redus
  Marriage license for Albert Hall & Mandy J. Robertson
10/12/2009 Added administration of estate of Wesley A. Shelton, 1869
10/11/2009 Deed from John Franklin Bass to Charles Clark Redus, 1903
10/8/2009 Found Order giving guardianship of J.D. Williams minor children to William A. Williams in the matter of the estate of
       J.F. Redus, deceased, in 1868.  Assume this to be James F. Redus, son of James W. Redus, who was killed in 1864.
  Obituary for Virginia Falkner Waldon, died 2005.  G-G-G Granddaughter of James W. Redus
  Found deed for land sold by A. J. & Malinda Wheeler to J. F. Redus, December 16, 1886. Area west of Shiloh & Mt Zion Churches.
  Obituary for Flaudie Mitchell Wheeler
10/2/2009 Obituary for Gary Fern Sizemore
9/28/2009 Added photos for Carole Anne Redus and Henry Wood Redus & Anna Belle Catledge on their wedding day, 1936
  Obituaries for James Lewis Hollis and Marion Travis Taggart
9/9/2009 Added grave marker for Laura U. McDaniel, daughter of Bluford & Louisa Mitchell McDaniel from Mt. Zion Cemetery
  Wondering why people worry about the posting of SSN's for dead people.  They're dead, people, they're dead!
  Did complete re-upload.
9/5/2009 Obituary for Redus Gilliam.  Don't know how related.
  Obituary for M. Paul Gilliam.  Don't know how related.
  Added articles on Vernon history to History page
  Added page 39 of Civil War Pension Book to military page.
  Obit for Mollie Eliz. (Vice) Gilliam. Don't know how related. Obit from 1/25/1950, no death date given, & marker says death 7/17/1950
  Marriage of Bluford McDaniel & S. I. Watson
8/31/2009 Obituary for John Thomas Mitchell
  Marriage of B.V. McDaniel & Alice Weathers
  Obituary for David Crockett Hall
  Obituary for Rama M. Thomas, 1910.
  Obituary for Wallace C. Gilliam.  Still don't know how related.
8/8/2009 Added 2 land patents for GGG Grandfather Thomas G. Jones
8/7/2009 Added 5 graves to Mount Zion Cemetery Page.
8/3/2009 Consolidated all obituaries onto one page.
7/29/2009 Added obituary for Mary L. Ayres.  No relation but collecting obituaries for all older burials at Shiloh (Pinhook).
  Added 5 burials to Mt. Zion
7/26/2009 Added J.W. Ferguson & Mattie Easter marriage to marriage page. Haven't id'ed them yet.
7/25/2009 Added Isaac Dickerson Falkner & M. E. Wheeler marriage.  Both buried at Mt. Zion
  Added pages 45, 46, and 47 to old Jones County marriage book on marriages page.
7/24/2009 Finished South Carolina Baptist Church Cemetery photo transcription.
  Added Burrel Stanton Falkner obituary
  Added Thomas W. Cline & Margaret Gilliam marriage.
7/21/2009 Added some grave photos and an aerial map to Old Nebo Cemetery.  Started on a cemetery layout map.
  Photographed all of South Carolina Baptist Church Cemetery.  Uploaded half of them.
7/20/2009 Added Row A and Row B to Shiloh Cemetery
7/19/2009 Updated several Redus's from Hazlehurst Cemetery transcription
  Added 3 grave photos to Old Nebo.


Added Row 1 to Shiloh Cemetery, 13 graves
Added Row 2 to Shiloh Cemetery, 18 graves
Added Rowan Cemetery, Lowndes County, Mississippi, to main cemetery page.
Added more detail on cemetery map.
Added two tributes to James H. Faulkner's personal page
7/11/2009 Added children of Ralph Washington & Buena Vista Redus.
Added Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi to main cemetery page.
Added Helen E. Glasgow Price, wife of Delmus Price, daughter of Claude & Beulah Glasgow.
7/10/2009 Added 1870 census page for Burrel L. Falkner family.