Arlando Burton GILLIAM
My Relationship : 3rd Cousin 3 Times Removed
  • Father: Lucious Franklin GILLIAM
  • Mother: Margaret Elizabeth GODFREY
  • Birth: 18 Dec 1907
  • Death: 17 Aug 1973
  • Burial: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
  • now

    Ancestors of Arlando Burton GILLIAM

                                          /-Howell GILLIAM
                                /-John GILLIAM
                                |         \-Unknown
                      /-James Copeland GILLIAM
                      |         \-Lucinda W. CANNON
            /-Lucious Franklin GILLIAM
            |         \-Frances Edaline CLINE
    Arlando Burton GILLIAM
            \-Margaret Elizabeth GODFREY

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