Robert Kelcy FRANKS
My Relationship : 2nd Great Grand Uncle
  • Birth: 22 Nov 1869, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Death: 26 Mar 1945, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Burial: Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama

  • Robert Kelcy and Margaret Thomas Franks lived on their farm of 109 acres about
    five miles northeast of Vernon Alabama. It is not known if Robert bought the
    farm or if it was a gift from Margaret's parents, John Key and Rebbecca
    Robert was farmer, growing all kinds of crops, fruits and vegetables adapted
    to this area. After the death of his wife, Margaret in 1916, with six
    children at home to raise, and a heavily mortgaged farm, he let Ogden and
    Sons, of Sulligent, have the farm for the debt and moved just West of the
    Crossville Community where he farmed and saw milled for a year. He then moved
    to near Yellow Creek, northeast of the Fellowship Baptist Church, where he
    farmed and saw milled during 1917and 1918. He then moved to one mile east of
    Vernon, alongside of Highway 18 East, on the Young Turner place to run a grist
    mill and did some farming, where he stayed until the fall of 1924. From there
    he moved to the Levi Maddox place to farm and run a grist mill for Sam Lollar,
    east of Crossville. In 1927 he moved to the Robert Harrison house to farm and
    operate a grist mill. In 1929 he moved to the Young Shelton farm. He brought
    the John F. Hankins place and lived there until his death.
    Robert Kelcy Frank was married second to Martha Ann Lowery.

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    Descendants of Robert Kelcy FRANKS

    1 Robert Kelcy FRANKS
      =Margrette Rebecca THOMAS  Marriage: 17 Nov 1892, Lamar County, Alabama
          2 Emma Adeline FRANKS
            =W. Sebert LAMB  Marriage: 1907/1939
            =Jb DEVIN  Marriage: 1908/1939
            =DeRoy RICHARDSON  Marriage: 1908/1939
            =John Pendergrass MCGEE  Marriage: 1 Oct 1916,  
                3 John Pendergrass MCGEE Jr
          2 Rosa Rebecca FRANKS
            =Martin LAWRENCE  Marriage: 16 Oct 1916
                3 Raymond Theo LAWRENCE
                3 Marie LAWRENCE
                3 Bobby Joe LAWRENCE
                3 Ralph LAWRENCE
                3 Mildred LAWRENCE
                3 Mary LAWRENCE
          2 Arthur Bryan FRANKS
            =Matbell Walden LYNN  Marriage: 2 Dec 1940
          2 Bertie Mae FRANKS
          2 Raymond Newton FRANKS
          2 Thomas Murphy FRANKS
            =Magnolia LAWRENCE  Marriage: 2 Nov 1924
                3 Eula Mae FRANKS
                  =Lennie Ray DUBOSE
                      4 John Thomas DUBOSE
                      4 Carol Renee DUBOSE
                3 Johnnie B FRANKS
                3 Infant FRANKS
                3 Arvel Gray FRANKS
                3 Jewell Rae FRANKS
                3 Maggie Lois FRANKS
                3 Wylodie FRANKS
                3 Judith FRANKS
                  =Lewis Milford CUNNINGHAM
                      4 Max CUNNINGHAM
                      4 David CUNNINGHAM
                      4 Glenn W CUNNINGHAM
          2 Bailey Franklin FRANKS
            =Dorothy Lee WOODS
                3 Robert Franklin FRANKS
                3 William Cecil FRANKS
                3 Brenda Jeanne FRANKS
                3 Linda Lee FRANKS
            =Maggie Lucille WOODS  Marriage: 24 Jan 1926
                3 Thomas Cecil FRANKS
                  =Marylan Lydia BRUSS
                      4 Thomas William FRANKS
                3 Ruth Dell FRANKS
                  =Harold Dean WHITLEY
                      4 Dianna Kathleen WHITLEY
                        =Robert Fred JOHNSON
                      4 Joan Leigh WHITLEY
          2 Ruby Gray FRANKS
          2 Tura Fay FRANKS
            =Kermit Bankhead ROBERTSON
                3 Peggy Jean ROBERTSON
                  =Leonard Eugene ELLIOTT  Marriage: Aug 1961, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Gary Lane ELLIOTT
                      4 Alan Eugene ELLIOTT
                3 Robert Huston ROBERTSON
                  =Betty Ruth SPENCER
                3 Jo Ann ROBERTSON
                  =H L ROBINSON
                      4 Jason Todd ROBINSON
                        =Andlyn Paige SANDERS
                      4 Monica Fay ROBINSON
                3 David Kermit ROBERTSON
                  =Nina Ellan ELLIOTT
                      4 Abby Celeste ROBERTSON
                      4 Jarred ROBERTSON

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