My Relationship : 4th Great Grandfather

From the memoirs of Hattie Ellen Taylor Redus:
"Lillian Oleta was born at the Bass Place on July 26, 1899. We lived here
eight years and I loved it."
"In a field east of our house was a little cemetery with eight graves marked
only by stones. Charlie's Grandfather Ferguson, his daughter and her child
were buried here. His Grandmother Ferguson was buried at Mt. Zion, across
Yellow Creek. The waters were up when she died and she could not be buried by
her husband. Charlie and I cleaned off weeds and briars and cared for the
graves while we were there. I imagine it is being cultivated now. People were
too poor to buy monuments during and after the Civil War."
- Last child born 1848 and doesn't appear on the 1850 Census. Probably died
between 1848 and 1850.

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Descendants of FERGUSON

      2 Henry FERGUSON
      2 James A FERGUSON
        =Eliza Clementine MOLLOY  Marriage: 26 Jul 1859, Alabama
            3 Bascom L FERGUSON
            3 James William Murry FERGUSON
              =Lona Saphronia DUNCAN
                  4 Lillah Kedron FERGUSON
                  4 Mary Vella FERGUSON
                  4 John Keifer FERGUSON
                    =Frances WILLARD
                        5 Hewitt Brooks FERGUSON
                  4 Clemmie Lizzie FERGUSON
                  4 Albert Gann FERGUSON
                  4 Frank Leslie FERGUSON
                    =Sadie MCCRARY
                  4 Annie Jane FERGUSON
                  4 James Heard FERGUSON
                  4 W. Price FERGUSON
              =Lillie MCREYNOLDS
                  4 Ruby FERGUSON
                  4 Vester FERGUSON
                  4 Robert Molloy FERGUSON
                  4 Charlie Dean FERGUSON
                    =Ruby H SHEPHERD
                  4 Fannie Mae FERGUSON
                    =Roy WEATHERS
      2 Huldia Orlena Elizabeth FERGUSON
        =James Franklin REDUS  Marriage: 20 Dec 1855, Crossville, Lamar County, Alabama
            3 James Henry REDUS
              =Nancy Clementine GARTMAN  Marriage: 13 Oct 1879, Shiloh United Methodist Church, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Myrton Emmett REDUS
                    =Iuna A YOUNGBLOOD  Marriage: 20 Jan 1920, Pickens County, Alabama
                        5 Irma Jean REDUS
                          =Leon JOHNSON
                  4 Ozie L REDUS
                    =Thomas Lafayette DOWDLE
                        5 Gracie L. DOWDLE
                        5 Maurine DOWDLE
                  4 Annie Idena REDUS
                  4 Effie Livert REDUS
                    =William James MATTOX  Marriage: 30 Jun 1909, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                        5 James Lewis MATTOX
                        5 John Redus MATTOX
                  4 Lula Belle REDUS
                  4 James Wesley REDUS
                    =Minnie Alberta CASH  Marriage: 8 Aug 1911, Caledonia, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                        5 James Wesley REDUS Jr
                          =Carol Gloria SWEEPER
                              6 James Henry REDUS
                        5 Mamie Jo REDUS
                          =Ralph Bernard BARNEKO
                        5 Mary Ann REDUS
                        5 Hilda REDUS
                  4 Charley Hays REDUS
                  4 Lovis A REDUS
                    =William Word MILLIGAN  Marriage: Oct 1915
                  4 Ruby May REDUS
                    =James Grady PENNINGTON
                        5 James Grady PENNINGTON Jr
                        5 Gladys PENNINGTON
                        5 George M PENNINGTON
                  4 Fannie Pearl REDUS
                  4 Gertrude M REDUS
            3 William Gan REDUS
              =Bertie DENMAN  Marriage: 16 Dec 1886, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Brice REDUS
                    =Mary O. JOYNER  Marriage: 31 May 1917, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                    =Irene JOYNER  Marriage: 28 Dec 1919, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                        5 Vesta I REDUS
                        5 Brice REDUS Jr
                        5 Doris E REDUS
                  4 Gertrude REDUS
                    =Loamie PRIDMORE
                        5 Pauline PRIDMORE
                        5 Gerald PRIDMORE
                        5 Maggie Lee PRIDMORE
                  4 Glen Franklin REDUS
                    =Mary Beatrice SHELTON
                        5 Dwight Denman REDUS
                          =Shirley CHADWICK  Marriage: 12 May 1972
                        5 Lovie Jean REDUS
                          =Cyril Leroy FUQUA  Marriage: 28 May 1942, Colombus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                              6 Gwendolyn FUQUA
                              6 Cyril Victor FUQUA
                        5 Banks H REDUS
                        5 Toxey Hulett REDUS
                  4 Norma REDUS
                  4 Infant Daughter REDUS
                  4 Paul William REDUS
                    =Kittie Mae YOUNGBLOOD
                        5 Juliette REDUS
                        5 William Roland REDUS
                        5 Nonie Lane REDUS
                  4 Lockie REDUS
                    =Charles LOGAN
                  4 Herndon Dwight REDUS
                    =Christine BARLAR
                        5 William Michael REDUS
                        5 Jennifer REDUS
                        5 James Ronald REDUS
            3 George Robert REDUS
            3 John Wesley REDUS
            3 Lydia L. J. REDUS
              =Benjamin Franklin WRIGHT  Marriage: 29 Dec 1887, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                  4 Ethel B WRIGHT
                  4 John F WRIGHT
                  4 Vernice E WRIGHT
                  4 Mervin L WRIGHT
                  4 William M WRIGHT
                  4 Thomas Henry WRIGHT
                  4 B WRIGHT
                  4 Mary WRIGHT
                  4 Paul WRIGHT
                  4 Charley WRIGHT
            3 Charles Clark REDUS
              =Hattie Ellen TAYLOR  Marriage: 6 Nov 1889, Home of Brides Father, G. B. Taylor, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Floy Olga REDUS
                    =James W. WILSON
                    =David Lee LAWRENCE  Marriage: 10 Apr 1914
                  4 Edna Earl REDUS
                    =James Belton YOUNGBLOOD  Marriage: 4 May 1915
                        5 Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD
                        5 Charles YOUNGBLOOD
                  4 Lillian Oleta REDUS
                    =Ivy Chalmers ATKINS  Marriage: 9 Oct 1917, Ethelsville, Alabama
                        5 Oleta ATKINS
                  4 Lola D. REDUS
                  4 Flora Ellen REDUS
                    =James Elnathan RICHARDS  Marriage: 20 Jun 1931
                  4 Charla Mae REDUS
                    =Robert Fulmer HILL  Marriage: 11 Jul 1933, Millport, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Georgia Louise REDUS
            3 Daniel Dale REDUS
              =Pearl SHELTON  Marriage: 13 Oct 1895
                  4 Minter Dale REDUS
                    =Betty Mae LAMPKIN  Marriage: 18 Oct 1920, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                        5 Minter Dale REDUS Jr
                          =Mava Lois MITCHELL  Marriage: 30 Dec 1942
                              6 Ronald Earl REDUS
                                =Belva Jean PRICE  Marriage: 6 Mar 1964, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                    7 John Mitchell REDUS
                                    7 Timothy Dale REDUS
                                      =Tina PERKINS  Marriage: 1 Dec 2001
                                          8 Daniel Dale REDUS
                                          8 Timothy Luke REDUS
                                    7 Rachel Lynn REDUS
                                      =Bobby Joe WHEELER Jr  Marriage: 3 Sep 1989, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                          8 Bobby Joe WHEELER III
                                          8 Hillary Mason WHEELER
                                                9 Isabella Rayne WHEELER
                                                9 Tatum Case WHEELER
                                      =Kenny WHITE
                                          8 Kenlyn Reanna WHITE
                                    7 James Paul REDUS
                                      =Monica Lashea HIGDON
                              6 Roger Kyle REDUS
                                =Doris Carol BUTLER  Marriage: Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                    7 Roger Kyle REDUS ,Jr
                                    7 Marsha Carol REDUS
                                      =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1994
                        5 Robert Earl REDUS
                          =Helen Ruth CRIBBS  Marriage: 30 Apr 1944, West Point, Mississippi
                              6 Mary Rena REDUS
                                =George Choya LUCAS
                                    7 Jeremy LUCAS
                                      =Penelope Ann PLUMMER
                              6 Robert Earl REDUS Jr
                                = THOMAS
                                    7 Wendy Katherine REDUS
                                      =Michael KALLAHER  Marriage: 17 Mar 1995, Homewood, Jefferson County, Alabama
                  4 Henry Wood REDUS
                    =Anna Belle CATLEDGE  Marriage: 22 Sep 1936, Central Methodist Church, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                        5 Carole Anne REDUS
                  4 Joe Price REDUS
                    =Bessie THOMPSON  Marriage: 22 May 1933
                        5 Daniel Gregory REDUS
                          =Betty S HOLLIDAY  Marriage: Jun 1957, Lamar County, Alabama
                              6 Dawn REDUS
                              6 Sandra REDUS
                              6 John REDUS
                              6 Holly REDUS
                  4 Abbie Lucille REDUS
                    =Lewis William MARSHALL  Marriage: 8 Jul 1945
                    = MCCRUMMER
                  4 Hattie Lou REDUS
                    =Orman Chester DAVIDSON
                  4 Frank REDUS
                  4 Evelyn Pearl REDUS
                    =William Rufus BLACK  Marriage: 22 Sep 1939, Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama
            3 Thomas Ezra REDUS
              =Maud TAYLOR  Marriage: 3 Apr 1898
                  4 Glenice Geneva REDUS
                    =Marvin Cooper GRIFFIN
                        5 Wayne Cooper GRIFFIN
                    =Jess Ervin SHELTON
                  4 Lester Loren REDUS
                    =Sadie May SMITH
                        5 Eleanor Laurin REDUS
                  4 George Ezra REDUS
                    =Ernestine MORRIS
                        5 George Ezra REDUS Jr.
                          =Wanda Faye CADE
                              6 Georgia Marie REDUS
                  4 Olive Muriel REDUS
                    =James Morris NICKLES
                  4 Carl Edward REDUS
                  4 Virginia Nell REDUS
                    =Malcom Neal MCLEOD
            3 Edward Bently REDUS
              =Della G MARCHBANKS  Marriage: 5 Mar 1903, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Robbie M REDUS
                  4 Irma M REDUS
                    =Frazier ADAIR
                  4 Martha Elizabeth REDUS
                    =Charles Herbert TROW
                    =John WILKES
                  4 Marjorie D REDUS
                    =Curry MCDONALD
                  4 Edward Bently REDUS Jr
      2 Mark Albert FERGUSON
            3 Rachel M E FERGUSON
              =William Pitt ROBERTSON  Marriage: 18 Aug 1887, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 Jessie Henry ROBERTSON
                    =Martha Ellen HARPER  Marriage: 2 Jun 1912, Lamar County, Alabama
                        5 Dovie R ROBERTSON
                          =Travis PENNINGTON
                        5 Anna Lucille ROBERTSON
                          =R. D. DAVIS  Marriage: 5 Apr 1945, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                        5 Jewelene ROBERTSON
                          =Ernest Gray PENNINGTON
                        5 William Henry ROBERTSON
                          =Della Willene ROBERTSON
                        5 Robert Lewis ROBERTSON
                  4 Frances ROBERTSON
                  4 Frank Milton ROBERTSON
                    =Myrtle THOMPSON
                        5 Infant Daughter ROBERTSON
                  4 Lula Elma ROBERTSON
                    =Ira Timothy ATKINS  Marriage: 30 Mar 1915, Lamar County, Alabama
        =Francis Elizabeth KEMP  Marriage: 15 Jan 1871, Lamar County, Alabama
            3 James J FERGUSON
              =Maggie J SHELTON  Marriage: 3 Mar 1895, Lamar County, Alabama
                  4 James L FERGUSON
                  4 Jinnie N FERGUSON
            3 Livonia J. FERGUSON
              =Elmer Mert SPRINGFIELD
                  4 James Albert SPRINGFIELD
                    =Cora GODFREY
                  4 Daniel Woods SPRINGFIELD
                    =Josie Lee DOBBINS
                        5 Billy Jackson SPRINGFIELD, Sr
                  4 Infant Daughter SPRINGFIELD
                  4 Ola Mae SPRINGFIELD
                    =James Avery HOPPER
                  4 Millie Belle SPRINGFIELD
                    =William O PRESSON
                  4 Nellie Gray SPRINGFIELD
                    =Noah D ROBERTSON
                        5 Ezra Lee ROBERTSON
                        5 Daniel Clay ROBERTSON
                        5 Nellie Jean ROBERTSON
                          =Lindley BEATTY  Marriage: 24 Dec 1951, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                  4 Infant Son SPRINGFIELD
                  4 Infant Son SPRINGFIELD
                  4 Infant Daughter SPRINGFIELD
            3 Leona Bell FERGUSON
              =William Jeptha CASH  Marriage: 2 Jan 1902, Lamar County, Alabama
            3 Nina Tibitha FERGUSON
              =Albert Chesley JONES
                  4 Lavader JONES
                    =Noah Clifton AYRES
                        5 Anna Grace AYRES
                        5 Maudine AYRES
                  4 Leslie Littleton JONES
                    =Lulie COLE
                        5 Infant Son JONES
                        5 Maxine JONES
                  4 Lovie Bell JONES
      2 Margaret L A FERGUSON
        =David Thomas WHEELER  Marriage: 15 Mar 1877
            3 Mary Alice WHEELER
              =Thomas Leon CRAWFORD
                  4 Beulah Mae CRAWFORD
                    =Claude N. GLASGOW
                        5 Helen Edree GLASGOW
                          =Delmus H. PRICE
                              6 Donna PRICE
                              6 Bob PRICE
                              6 Danny PRICE
                        5 Robert Thomas GLASGOW
                        5 J. D. GLASGOW
                        5 Linda GLASGOW
                  4 Woods CRAWFORD
                    =Lola SORRELLS
                        5 Jo Ann CRAWFORD
                  4 Doris CRAWFORD
            3 Rachel Orlena WHEELER
              =Lucius Sherrod WOFFORD
            3 Julia Frances WHEELER
            3 Liza Octavia WHEELER
              =Benjamin S. HOLLIS
            3 Eula C. WHEELER
              =Olen T. JACKSON

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