Peter COLE
My Relationship : Husband of 2nd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Birth: 22 Jul 1846, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Death: 23 May 1924, Carney, Oklahoma
  • Burial: Carney Cemetery, Carney, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
  • now

    Peter was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and lived most of his life in
    Missouri. They lived several years in Versailles, Missouri, near St. Joseph,
    Missouri. he was a farmer and raised cows, horses, and lots of sheep.
    They were devoted christians, Baptist by faith, and he was a deacon in the
    church and on the board of directors. He was also on the school board.
    He had blue eyes and wore a mustache.
    In 1918 or about that time, they moved to Carney, Oklahoma and lived around
    there a few years. they returned to Ripley County, Missouri a short time and
    Perlina died and was burined at New Home Church Cemetery, Gatewood, Missouri.
    Peter moved back to Oklahoma where he died on 23 May 1924 and was buried in
    Carney Cemetery, Oklahoma.

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    Descendants of Peter COLE

    1 Peter COLE
      =Nancy Perlina Catherine REDUS  Marriage: 30 Aug 1881, Morgan County, Missouri
          2 John Robert COLE
            =Stella T. WADLEY
          2 William Harrison COLE
            =Nancy Belle GILLAHAND
            =Eliza CLINE
            =Minnie Faye SMITH
          2 Nannie LeElla COLE
            =Everett HAGAR
          2 Benjamin Franklin COLE
            =Maud RANDOLPH
          2 Rose Etta COLE
          2 Sarah Jane COLE
            =James Edmond GAZAWAY
          2 Verda May COLE
            =Charles Harrison DOUGLAS

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