Noble Olive COLE
My Relationship : 3rd Cousin 2 Times Removed and Husband of 3rd Cousin 2 Times Removed
  • Father: James A COLE
  • Mother: Beaula Essie ROBERTSON
  • Birth: 22 Dec 1919
  • Death: 28 Sep 2002
  • Burial: Millport City Cemetery, Millport, Lamar County, Alabama
  • now

    Ancestors of Noble Olive COLE

                                          /-John Russell COLE Sr
                                /-Lewis Thomas COLE
                                |         \-Elizabeth THOMAS
                      /-John R COLE
                      |         \-Elvy LOCKE
            /-James A COLE
            |         \-Ida VERNON
    Noble Olive COLE
            |                             /-William Pitt ROBERTSON Jr
            |                   /-James Milton ROBERTSON
            |                   |         \-Margaret UNKNOWN
            |         /-John Thomas ROBERTSON
            |         |         \-Jancyan LOFTIS
            \-Beaula Essie ROBERTSON
                      \-Mary Ann Francis NOBLE

    Descendants of Noble Olive COLE

    1 Noble Olive COLE
      =Loy Bea PRATER
      =Loy Bea PRATER

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