Adda Lena (or Leana) BUFFINGTON
My Relationship : Wife of 2nd Cousin 5 Times Removed
  • Birth: 19 Jan 1863, Washington Township, Pennsylvania
  • Death: Feb 1938, San Rafael, California
  • dd

    Hope was born on the 22 August 1885 in Ida Grove, Iowa. She was so tiny when
    she was born she would fit into a shoe box and she stayed very petite as she
    grew up. She died 11 June 1954 in San Francisco, California. When her mother
    was widowed, she returned to her own family and moved to Los Angeles with
    them. Adda met and married Lewis Cheesman Hulbert, a commercial artist, on
    August 29, 1891. Adda and Lewis had one son named Chauncey who was called
    Chad. Lewis died on September 14, 1907 in Los Angeles.
    Adda and son, Chad, moved to Alameda, California and resided near Hope. She
    eventually moved back to Los Angeles to keep house for her brother WIlliam,
    who was now a widower. She suffered a small stroke shortly after her brother
    William died in 1931 and moved to Larkspur, CA to be with her daughter, Hope.
    Adda was on the plump side, but she had a certain elegant look and always
    wore beautifully finished clothes. She was an accomplished seamtress, quilter
    and did lovely embroidery and various handwork. She read her Christian
    Science Bible faithfully.

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    Descendants of Adda Lena (or Leana) BUFFINGTON

    1 Adda Lena (or Leana) BUFFINGTON
      =Leonard Hutton Samuel REDUS  Marriage: 25 Jan 1882, Ida Grove, Iowa
          2 Hope REDUS
            =Robert William BARKER  Marriage: 23 Dec 1912, Santa Anna , Orange County, California
                3 Adda BARKER
                3 Avis BARKER
                  =Chauncey Stewart IRVINE

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