Elizabeth Jane BOWDRY
My Relationship : Wife of 1st Cousin 6 Times Removed
  • Birth: 12 Oct 1832, North Carolina
  • Death: 12 Oct 1881, Booneville, Prentiss County, Mississippi
  • Burial: Blackland Cemetery, Prentiss County, Mississippi
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1860 Mississippi Tishomingo County Page 31
    Census - 1870 Mississippi Prentiss County Township 4 Range 6 Page 24

    According to her son, Mary Elizabeth "Jane" Bowdry was only four feet 10 inches
    tall. She however was a very forceful person. She loved to entertain and was
    a perfectionist when it came to baking. He said that she would sift her flour
    through a silk cloth. If the cake was not perfect, she would give it to him
    and his companion who was a Negro slave the same age he was. He said that he
    (Gus) and Jim would hide and wait for about 20 minutes after she put one in
    the oven and then slam the kitchen door real hard to make it fall.
    According to Gus, during the civil war, the Union soldiers took all of their
    horses and cattle. Jane accepted this as an act of war, but one day she went
    to her Mothers to can jelly. The worked too late and when it came time for
    her to go home her father (it could not have been her father since he had been
    dead for a number of years--it was probably a brother who was a doctor) who
    had been allowed to keep his horse since he was the local doctor, insisted
    that she take his horse. She promised to return it at dawn. At dawn, she
    went to saddle the horse only to find that the Union soldiers had taken it
    during the night. She put on her bonnet and walked to the Union camp and
    demanded to see the General. She told him she wanted the horse returned
    immediately. She had borrowed it and had promised to return it and return it
    she would. The General ordered the horse returned.

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    Descendants of Elizabeth Jane BOWDRY

    1 Elizabeth Jane BOWDRY
      =Luther Warren REDUS  Marriage: 28 Nov 1853, Corinth Mississippi, Old Tishomingo Co, Ms
          2 William Augustus REDUS
            =Mary Frances JUMPER  Marriage: 1882, Prentiss County, Mississippi
                3 Lizzie REDUS
                3 Willie Belle REDUS
                  =Charles Walker JUMPER  Marriage: 25 Oct 1904, Cooper, Delta County, Texas
                      4 Flora JUMPER
                        =Arthur Cleon ANDERSON  Marriage: 27 Aug 1932, Lufkin, Texas
                      4 Andrew J JUMPER
                      4 Lillie Mae JUMPER
                        =Julius Rexford WEAVER
                      4 Eugene Wilson JUMPER
                        =Edith Mae WILLIAMSON
                      4 Lancing Granville JUMPER
                      4 Charles Walker JUMPER Jr.
                3 Minnie Frances REDUS
                  =James Andrew GOLDEN  Marriage: 25 Sep 1904, Lamar County, Texas
                      4 John William GOLDEN
                      4 Mary Lee GOLDEN
                      4 Mattie Irene GOLDEN
                      4 Annie Gertrude GOLDEN
                      4 Ida Mae GOLDEN
                      4 Jimmie Mildred GOLDEN
                3 Luther James REDUS
                  =Mary Pearl KOWALSKI  Marriage: 1907/1940
                  =Blanche POOL  Marriage: 2 Feb 1912
                3 Hubert Burton REDUS
                  =Jimmy Mildred DENTON  Marriage: 15 Oct 1911
                      4 Virginia Arlene REDUS
                        =B F CLARK
                3 Horace David REDUS
                  =Bessie Irene GOLDEN  Marriage: 25 Sep 1913, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                      4 Willie Bess REDUS
                      4 Horace Burton REDUS
                        =Robbie Nell JORDAN  Marriage: 26 Dec 1939
                            5 Horace Burton REDUS Jr
                            5 Penelope REDUS
                            5 Richard Lynn REDUS
                            5 Pamela REDUS
                      4 Mary Elizabeth REDUS
                        =George Leroy O'CONNOR
                            5 Spencer Leroy O'CONNOR
                            5 Gary Richard O'CONNOR
                              =Mary KULCHAK
                      4 Thelma Alice REDUS
                        =Frank A BYERS
                      4 Laura Frances REDUS
                        =Jahrenr Peyton LUTES
                            5 Patricia LUTES
                            5 Don Allen LUTES
                      4 William Vernon REDUS
                        =Sarah Frances HAVEY  Marriage: 4 Nov 1952
                            5 John Michael REDUS
                            5 William David REDUS
                            5 Teresa Lynn REDUS
                3 Richard Irwin REDUS
                  =Virginia Belle SHANNON  Marriage: 17 Sep 1917, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                      4 Minnie Belle REDUS
                        =Gerald BURNSED
                            5 David BURNSED
                            5 Terry BURNSED
                      4 William Richard REDUS
                      4 L. J. REDUS
                        =Darrell POWELL
                            5 Mickey REDUS
                            5 Larry REDUS
                            5 Belinda REDUS
                              =Jimmy Don BROWN
                      4 Vera Jo REDUS
                        =George Wilson THOMPSON
                            5 Sandra Kay THOMPSON
                              =Paul Monroe BABB
                            5 George Richard THOMPSON
                      4 Hubert Blaylock REDUS
                        =Christine Elizabeth JONES  Marriage: 18 Jun 1945
                      4 Edgar Lyndol REDUS
                        =De Loria CANIDA  Marriage: 10 Jun 1950, Paris, Texas
                3 Marcus Dewitt REDUS
                  =Ernest PARISH  Marriage: 17 Mar 1920, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                      4 William Walter REDUS
                        =Jo Ann HAMLETT
                      4 Wilma Eunice REDUS
                        =Benny JULIUS
                      4 Marcus Duane REDUS
                        =Margaret Elizabeth PRICHARD  Marriage: 27 Sep 1946
                3 Ruth Esther REDUS
                  =Truman Miles DANIEL  Marriage: 24 Jul 1920, Clarendon, Donley County,  Texas
                      4 Ruth Evelyn DANIEL
                        =R. W. MCVAY , Jr  Marriage: 6 Oct 1937, Brookston, Lamar County, Texas
                      4 Truman Redus DANIEL
                        =Vida Dorothy RUTLAND
                      4 Betty Joan DANIEL
                        =Joe Dwight WEEMS  Marriage: 13 Sep 1947, Lubbock, Texas
                      4 Sue Eileen DANIEL
                        =Keith Del ALBEE  Marriage: 1960

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