My Relationship : 5th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: James REDUS , Jr
  • Mother: Sarah CHALFANT
  • Birth: 18 Jan 1787, New Garden Township, Chester County, Pennsalvania
  • Death: 23 Jul 1858, Wren, Monroe County, Mississippi
  • Burial: Union Presbyterian Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1850 Mississippi Monroe County Western Division Page 45

    Aaron was four years old when his parents moved to Wythe County,Virginia. His
    father purchased four hundred acres of land on the LittleReed river near the
    present city of Wythe revile, VA. In 1808, hisfather James A. Redus, bought
    333 acres of land on the south side of theNew River at the head of Bingaman's
    Branch. He paid $1,000 to Williamand Unity Carter. The land had an operating
    lead mine on it which isstill producing. Because of a cloudy title, Aaron's
    father sold the landin 1814 and bought 55 acres of land in the newly opened
    Indiana Territorynear the city of Livonia, Washington County. Aaron and his
    brother Joeldid not move to Indiana as both had sweethearts and did not want
    to leavethem behind. Aaron married Lucy Ann Oglesby on February 28, 1816
    inGrayson Co., VA. Lucy Ann's grandfather, James Cole married FannieChisman
    Wills. Through the Wills connection (five generations back) ourown great
    great grandmother, Lucy Ann Oglesby Redus is related by directlineage to Mary
    Martiau and Lt. Col. John Hasbrook, progenitors of GeorgeWashington. Aaron
    and Lucy Ann moved to Indiana shortly after gettingmarried. They lived near
    his parents. Their first three children wereborn there. Aaron's half
    brothers, William, Thomas and James migratedfrom Pennsylvania to the
    Ala.-Tenn border to settle on Chickasaw Indianland about 1795 They probably
    wrote and encouraged him to move theretoo. They left Indiana about 1820 and
    migrated down the Ohio and Tenn.Rivers by barge to the Muscle Shoals area near
    Athens, Al. He purchasedland there and raised cotton. He also was a merchant
    going into themercantile business with Samuel Tanner, whose son, Peterson
    Tanner,married his daughter, Sarah Chaffin Redus.
    Migrating with three young children (all under three) had to have been a very
    trying experience for Aaron and Lucy Ann. Their forth through 13th children
    were born in Athens, Alabama.
    In about 1850, Aaron and Lucy Ann decided to move to Monroe
    County,Mississippi. their two oldest children Elizabeth and Sarah, had
    marriedso they stayed behind in Athens, Al. Lucy and Aaron purchased land
    inAberdeen, Mississippi and raised cotton. A great great Grandson ofAaron,
    Sam Crawford ( Mary Louise Redus's grandson), was farming theproperty at last
    account. Aaron Redus was made a Master Mason in aMasonic Lodge in Athens,
    Ala. He was an elder in the CumberlandPresbyterian church in Aberdeen, Miss,
    and was wealthy. Aaron Redus diedJuly 18, 1858 and is buried in the Union
    Presbyterian Church Cemeteryhalfway between Aberdeen and Okolona, Ms. The
    family plot is enclosedwith an ornate iron fence and gate with Aaron Redus's
    name on it.
    Aaron Redus's Will
    I Aaron Redus of the County of Monroe and the State of Mississippi, beingof
    sound mind and disposing memory, but calling to mind the uncertaintyof this
    life with the certainty of death which must not be far from myadvance age,
    have this 27th day of February in the year of our Lordeighteen hundred and
    fifty eight, made and appointed this my last willand testimony, with the view
    of disposing of my estate, which I haveaccumulated by the helping hand of a
    kind providence. In the firstplace, after my decease I wish my estate both
    real and personal to besold on a credit of twelve months by my executors, and
    being advised thatexecutors and administrators are prohibited by law from
    being purchasersat their own sales, I do hereby except it as my desire and
    fullyauthorize them or either of them to be unrestrained, but to be
    freebidders as others at my sale, because they are legatees and I havedirected
    by property be sold rather than to undertake a division myself.That my
    children may in this way divide my estate and suit themselvesbetter than I
    could myself do it. It is my desire that my son Jamesshall have out of my
    estate $500., my son Luther W. shall have onethousand dollars, John one
    thousand, William one thousand and my sonGeorge one thousand dollars. The
    remainder of my estate I desire shallbe equally divided between my sons and
    daughters now living, and mygrandchildren, Lucy & Molly, daughters of Augustus
    F. Redus, deceased andMary, Martha, Taliferro and Thomas Burnett, children of
    my daughterSilveria Coats, deceased. I wish to be understood that I have
    alreadyadvanced to some of my sons a portion of the specific legacies
    abovementioned, and during my life time may advance the balance to them,
    orsome of them and shall leave their notes or receipts for the benefit
    andguidance of my Executors in settling up my estate. I wish the sum comingto
    my son James in accordance With the provisions of this will be subjectto the
    supervision of Executors for his benefit. Lastly I hereby appointMilton
    Crawford, Thomas W. Baker, and William Redus, executors of this mylast will
    and testimony. Given under my hand and seal this date and yearabove mentioned
    signed in the presence of each other and the presence ofand at the request of
    the Testator.
    Signed: R.M. Rogers Signature of Aaron Redus
    Signed: W.M. Allen and his (seal)
    Marriage records , Grayson Co., VA (Marriage Register 1, p. 10, fromxerox
    of original):
    Joel Redus Caty English Nov 25 1815
    Aaron Redus Lucy Oglesby Feby 27 1816
    [Broderbund Family Archive #317, Ed. 1, Census Index: U.S. SelectedCounties,
    1850, Date of Import: Jul 20, 1998, Internal Ref.#1.317.1.26625.18]
    The following was found in Probate file 918, Aberdeen, Monroe
    County, Mississippi
    Aug 16, 1858.... W. A. Tucker, Judge of Probate Court of Monroe
    County, State of Mississippi ordered that Aaron Redus' will as
    recorded in Book 11, page 647 will be executed with Thomas W.
    Baker and William Redus as testors.
    September 8, 1858..... State of MS, Monroe County: To the
    Sherriff of said County: We command you to cite John Redus,
    George Redus, Milton Crawford & Mary S. his wife, Mary Burnett,
    Martha Burnett, Taleafero Burnett & Thomas Burnett minors to
    appear before our Probate Court of Monroe County, at the Court
    House thereof, at Aberdeen on the first Monday of October next,
    then and there to answer the petition of Tho Baker & Wm Redus
    Executors of the Will of Aaron Redus deceased for sale of the
    real and personal estate of aforesaid deceased and show cause if
    ever they can why the same should not be sold as directed in the
    will of said deceased and as prayed for.
    And further, to do and suffer such things as shall be ordered by
    said Court in the premises, and have them and there this writ.
    Signed by Hon W. A. Tucker, presiding Judge of said Court the 1st
    Monday of September 1858. Issued this 8th day of September 1858
    Wm Elkin, Clerk.
    September 8, 1858..... State of MS, Tishomingo County: To the
    Sherriff of said County: We command you to cite Suches (?) W.
    Redus to appear before our Probate Court of Monroe County, at the
    Court House thereof, at Aberdeen on the first Monday of October
    next, then and there to answer the petition of Tho Baker & Wm
    Redus Executors of the Will of Aaron Redus deceased for sale of
    the real and personal estate as directed in the will of said
    deceased and show cause if he they can why the prayer of said
    petition should not be appointed.
    And further, to do and suffer such things as shall be ordered by
    said Court in the premises, and have them and there this writ.
    Signed by Hon W. A. Tucker, presiding Judge of said Court the 1st
    Monday of September 1858. Issued this 8th day of September 1858
    Wm Elkin, Clerk.
    October 5, 1858.....Paper from the Justice of the Peace stating
    the a notice was posted in the Aberdeen newspaper, "The Weekly
    Conservative" on Sept 11, 1858, Sept 18, 1858, Sept 25, 1858, and
    Oct 2, 1858 the following notice:
    CITATION NOTICE: To Jas Hines and Elizabeth his wife, Peterson
    Tanner and Sarah his wife, James W. Redus, Joseph R. Gates
    guardian of Molly Redus and Lucy Redus, and all other persons in
    any manner interested in the real and personal Estate of Aaron
    Redus dec'd.
    You are cited to appear before the Probate Court of Monroe
    County, Miss., on the first Monday in October next to answer the
    petition of Thomas F. Baker and Wm Redus, executors of the will
    of said deceased for sale of his real and personal Estate as
    directed in said will, and show cause. In any you can why the
    prayer thereof should not be granted. By order of the Court.
    Signed E. G. Elkin, Cl'k.
    November 19, 1858....Claim sent to Elkin, Clerk of Probate Court
    of Monroe County: This day personally appeared A.J. Gillespie of
    the firm of Clark and Gillespie who made oath that the above
    attached account of $27.42 against Aaron Redus is just and true
    as stated and that no part of the money stated to be due has been
    paid or any security or satisfaction given for the same. Sworn
    to and subscribed before me this 19th Day of November 1858.
    Signed by Elkin, and A. J. Gillespie.
    (The attached paper has the firm name printed in bold, like a
    piece of letterhead would be if it were in today's time. It is
    clearly a "running account" of purchases made from the Clark and
    Gillespie store. The items are handwritten on the invoice.) The
    account attached reads:
    Jany 31.. 2 grs Let paper $.30
    April 17..2# shot $.25
    April 17..1# powder $.50
    April 17..1 gr let paper $.30
    May 1.....1 Set knives and forks $3.00
    May 1 ....1 set cups and saucers $1.25
    May 1.....Tobacco $0.65
    May 1.....1 Tea Pot $1.25
    May 14....1 well bucket $1.25
    May 14....1 BB bucket $1.25
    July 23...7 yrds Velvet $5.25
    July 23...6 yrds Domish $1.50
    July 23...7 yrds black silk fringe $5.25
    July 23...7 yrds white fringe $2.63
    July 23...5 yrds jckt muslin $2.50
    July 23...1 pr tucks $1.00
    July 23...1 /2 coffin screws $0.19
    The total of all this was $27.42
    September 13, 1858.....Recorded in Book 13, page 681 the 13th day
    of September 1858..... the inventory and appraisal of Aaron
    Redus' estate. The appraisal was done by Lemmuel Shell, James
    White and William Page. (The inventory and appraisal is very
    detailed...I am not going to list everything here because I also
    have the papers stating what was sold and auction and the prices
    each item brought.) Appraisal paper reads as follows:
    The State of Mississippi, Monroe County
    Before me Hiram Moore one of the acting Justices of the Peace in
    and for said county, personally appeared the above named Lemmuel
    Shell, James White, and Wm Page who made oath that they will well
    and truly, without partiality or prejudice, value and appraise
    the goods, chattels, and personal Estate of Aaron Redus deceased,
    so far as the same shall come to their sight and knowledge, and
    that they will, in all respects perform their duty as appraisers
    to the best f their skill and judgement.
    Sworn to, and Subscribed before me this 3rd day of September 1858.
    Signed by Moore, Shell, White, and Page.
    We the undersigned appraisers do certify that the sheet hereunto
    annexed contains our appraisement of all the goods, chattels, and
    personal Estate of A. Redus deceased, so far as the same have
    come to our sight and knowledge, amounting to Seventeen Thousand
    Eight hundred and Seventy Eight dollars and fifty cents the above
    warrant of appraisement and oath. Given under our hands and
    seals this 3rd Day of September 1858. Signed Shell, White, Page.
    I will say at this time that the following things were included
    in the appraisal: spades, shovels, plows, double trees, single
    trees, blacksmith tools and bellows, iron, weeding hoes, grubbing
    hoes, buggy, cows, yoke of oxen, yearlings, sheep, sows, best
    pork pigs, hogs, mules, ox wagon, bushels of wheat, bushels of
    oats, fodder, horse mill, gin band, wheat Thrasher, grind stone
    and crank, crop cut saw, saws, files, wrenches, hammers, axes,
    demijohns, barrels, jars, pails, candle molds, wash stand with
    pitcher and bowl, 4 different entries for bedsteads and
    furniture, lady's work stand, bureau and glass, secretary and
    books, clock, window curtains, old trunk, six cane bottom chairs,
    bedstead stick, 4 tables, wardrobe, candle stand, smolthing
    irons, cupboard, wash pan, water bucket, kitchen furniture, and
    Value of Negroes:
    Little Tom...1116.00
    Andy......... 716.00
    Rosana & child...700.00
    Ester........ 533.00
    Henry........ 666.00
    Adaline & Joe..1300.00
    Nana & Wilson...966.00
    Jane & Ellen....750.00
    Calep ..........416.00
    Mary Ann........350.00
    November 19 and 20, 1858......Everything in the above appraisal
    was sold. The itemized state of who purchased what items totals
    to $30,578.69. Along with the itemized statement of items sold
    was this statement from Tho Baker and Wm Redus:
    The above sale of A. Redus was made agreeable to provision of the
    will agreeable and under the Probate Court on the 19th and 20th
    days of November 1858 in all respects that be strictly compiled
    with the said Will & order of said Court in all things in making
    said sale. Sworn to & subscribed before me the 3 January 1859,
    Signed by Morgan, clerk, and by Tho Baker and Wm Redus,
    Obiturary for Aaron Redus
    Mr. Editor, permit me to occupy a small place in your column to record
    the death of Aaron Redus, Esq., a worthy and aged citizen of Monroe
    County, Mississippi, who died on the 23rd. of July 1858 after a
    protracted illness from a bronchial infection.
    Mr. Redus was born in the state of Pennsylvania on the 18th. of January
    1778, and was consequently 80 years, six months and five days old at the
    time of his death. He was principally raised in Virginia where he married.
    Leaving Virginia, he next settled in Indiana, and afterwards moved to
    Alabama where he resided for thirty years; but being lured by the
    inviting and productive soil of Ms and desiring to seek a home for his
    large family where the earth yielded a richer and more abundant harvest
    for the husbandman, he was again induced to sunder the ties of friendship
    that had long been existing between neighbors and friends, and he is next
    seen with his force felling the forest that led men to the place where
    now stands the lonely mansion from which husband, wife, sons, daughters
    once happy and united, have been borne to the solemn confines of the tomb.
    How sad the reflections must be to the few remaining brothers and sisters
    when they cast their minds back a few years, before death's relentless
    hand had laid it ponderous weight upon father and mother, Augustus,
    Thomas, Siberina, Caroline and Martha, and the thought is too melancholy.
    The last illness of Mr. Redus was almost entirely without pain, and he
    seldom if ever complained. Like the noiseless wave of the ocean he
    quietly sunk into the great busom of eternity to await the voice of the
    archangel who shall summon all who are in their graves to come forth at
    the great day of accounts, "when the secrets of all hearts shall be made
    He had been a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church for thirty
    years, and from his consistent orderly walk we have reason to believe
    that he had reaped the reward of the righteous.
    He had never held any post of distinction, but was a man of no ordinary
    mind. He was a philosopher and mechanic by nature, as two articles
    written by him on the ATLANTIC GULF STREAM and the CONSTRUCTION OF THE
    WAGON clearly demostrate. It was the privilidge of this writer to read
    these articles some time since furnished by the deceased, and he was
    forcibly struck with his philosophical reasoning in the former and
    mechanical skill in the latter. But the hand and pen that committed these
    ideas to paper and thus transmitted to posterity in an enduring form now
    he cold and motionless. As he launched his feeble bark out upon the
    boundless and fathomless sea of eternity, the last echo that resounded
    back across the gloomy waters was "I am almost one and oh am I happy!"
    May the sod that enshrines him be sanctified by many a tear of affection.
    Aberdeen, Mississippi
    August 4,1858

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    Union Presbyterian Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi

    Ancestors of Aaron REDUS

                      /-James REDUS , Sr
            /-James REDUS , Jr
            |         \-Catherine PARSONS
    Aaron REDUS
            \-Sarah CHALFANT

    Descendants of Aaron REDUS

    1 Aaron REDUS
      =Lucy Ann OGLESBY  Marriage: 28 Feb 1816, Grayson County, Virginia
          2 Elizabeth Oglesby REDUS
            =James Harrison HINE  Marriage: 16 May 1837, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Julius Franklin HINE
                  =Laura AMBRESTER  Marriage: 10 Dec 1872, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Rebecca HINE
                  =James H. GRAY  Marriage: 3 Dec 1867, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Silas Aaron HINE
                  =Lavina HUGHES
                3 William James HINE
                  =Mary Pickett BARNETT  Marriage: 5 Oct 1874
                3 Mary Temperance HINE
                3 Roswell Roscoe HINE
                3 Sallie Bettie HINE
                  =Henry Barksdale COLLIER  Marriage: 15 Oct 1877
                3 Thomas Edward HINE
                  =Kate WATTS  Marriage: 15 Jul 1885
                3 Mattie Lou HINE
                  =George Granberry MILES  Marriage: 20 Feb 1884
                      4 Margaret MILES
                        =Noble SEAY
                            5 Elizabeth Ann SEAY
                              =James Ralph MOORE
                                  6 James Ralph MOORE Jr
                            5 Martha Nobel SEAY
                              =Revis Oscar JONES
                            5 Margaret Miles SEAY
                              =Richard Westley COMPTON
          2 Sarah Chaffin REDUS
            =Peterson TANNER  Marriage: 12 Jun 1834, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Samuel TANNER
                  =Sarah E. BEATY
                3 Martha Ann TANNER
                  =Washington L. NELSON  Marriage: 3 Jan 1857, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Edwin TANNER
                  =Lucretia CAIN  Marriage: 5 Oct 1859, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Mary Louisa Frances TANNER
                3 Peterson Redus TANNER
                3 Lucy Ann TANNER
                  =William Aiken DEWOODY  Marriage: 5 Sep 1860, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                  =James Sterling PORTER  Marriage: 2 May 1871, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 George William TANNER
                  =Maria Lula BENTON  Marriage: 1871
                3 Elizabeth Josephine TANNER
                  =John McAllister RUSSELL  Marriage: 1866, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Sarah Chaffin TANNER
                  =Luke F. MITCHELL
                3 Thomas Jefferson TANNER
                3 Walter TANNER
                3 Ella TANNER
                  =Charles Edward HATCHETT
                  =Walter F. DAVIS  Marriage: 6 Oct 1874, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Baby TANNER
          2 Mary Louise REDUS
            =Milton CRAWFORD  Marriage: 23 Apr 1843, Monroe County, Mississippi
                3 Peter McIntosh CRAWFORD
                  =Mamie HAUGHTON
                  =Samella Word PETERS  Marriage: 15 Aug 1872
                3 Mary Barnett CRAWFORD
                  =Robert Overton HARRIS
                3 George Habersham CRAWFORD
                  =Sarah Frances BAKER  Marriage: 9 Dec 1879
                3 Augusta Twiggs CRAWFORD
                3 Alice Forsythe CRAWFORD
          2 Augustus Franklin REDUS
            =Ann Elizabeth COCKE  Marriage: 12 Dec 1844, Mississippi
                3 Ann REDUS
                3 Lucy Ann REDUS
                  =William H. GARDNER  Marriage: 20 Dec 1877, Mobile, Alabama
                      4 Kate GARDNER
                        =John R. HAGEN
                3 Marion REDUS
          2 Silbernia REDUS
            =Talliaferro Baugh BURNETT  Marriage: Monroe County, Mississippi
                3 Mary Elizabeth BURNETT
                3 Martha Ann BURNETT
                3 Talliaferro Baugh BURNETT , Jr
                  =Laura MCLEMORE
                3 George BURNETT
            =James COATS  Marriage: 15 Mar 1855
          2 Caroline Minerva REDUS
          2 James Ware REDUS
            =Leah MCGEE  Marriage: Jan 1855, Bossier, Bossier Parish, Louisiana
                3 Mary Susan REDUS
                  =Alexander Hamilton HURT  Marriage: 13 Dec 1877, Medina County, Texas
                      4 Maggie Ida HURT
                      4 Dora Elizabeth HURT
                        =Alexander STEVENSON  Marriage: 20 Apr 1904
                      4 John Beauford HURT , Sr
                        =Cora Belle MCVEA  Marriage: 11 Dec 1911
                      4 James Ira HURT
                        =Jane SCHNEIDER
                      4 Florence HURT
                      4 Leila May HURT
                        =Joe Monroe DUNLOP
                      4 Bernice Estelle HURT
                        =Charles Elsworth LOCKWOOD  Marriage: 10 Jan 1920
                      4 Goldie Georgia HURT
                        =John Albert MERCER  Marriage: 6 Feb 1920, San Antonio, Texas
                3 Ida Jane REDUS
                  =Henry Gray SHANKS  Marriage: 31 May 1882, Medina County, Texas
                      4 Eva G. SHANKS
                        =Amos JOHNSON
                      4 Emma Lou SHANKS
                        =Fred Daniel GLEASON  Marriage: 14 May 1917, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
                      4 Henry Gray SHANKS , Jr
                      4 Leah SHANKS
                      4 Ida Gray SHANKS
                        =William GARRETT
                      4 George Howard SHANKS
                        =Mary Audrey GUNTER  Marriage: 9 May 1916
                      4 Alvin Redus SHANKS
                        =Estella NORTON
                      4 Carroll SHANKS
                      4 Jewell N. SHANKS
                        =Beatrice M. BEDFORD  Marriage: 1 Jan 1923
                      4 Homer Green SHANKS
                3 Johnnie REDUS
                  =Thomas Murphy DAVIS
                3 James Ware REDUS Jr
                  =Annie Emma RADICKE  Marriage: 27 Dec 1903, Karnes County, Texas
                      4 James Radicke REDUS
                        =Rosa RUIZ
                            5 Rosalie REDUS
                        =Estella L. GERDES
                            5 Roger REDUS
                            5 James Leroy REDUS
                            5 Estella Lorene REDUS
                            5 Edna Mae REDUS
                            5 Charles Edward REDUS
                            5 Alvin Leon REDUS
                      4 Cora Cordelia REDUS
                        =William Edward DROMGOOLE
                      4 Edna Evelyn REDUS
                      4 Alberta Lucille REDUS
                        =Arthur E. MENN
                        =Claude Leroy FIELDER
                      4 Alvin Allison REDUS
                        =Lois Florene BLACKERBY
                            5 Clint REDUS
                            5 Stanley REDUS
                            5 Michael REDUS
                            5 Beverly REDUS
                            5 James D. REDUS
                                  6 Stephen M REDUS
                                  6 James Darrell REDUS
                            5 Billy REDUS
                            5 Brenda REDUS
                      4 William Wayne REDUS
                      4 Wayman Woods REDUS
                        =Iris Audrey FARQUE
                            5 Janice Marie REDUS
                      4 Ira Ervin REDUS
                        =Mae CUSTER
                            5 Elizabeth Anne REDUS
                      4 Clarence Stanley REDUS
                      4 Alton Ware REDUS
                        =Lenora Emma CRANE  Marriage: 20 Dec 1947, Kleberg County, Texas
                            5 Karen Lee REDUS
                            5 Alton Ware REDUS Jr
                            5 Robert Michael REDUS
                              =Valerie A BARNES  Marriage: 7 Nov 1981, Kleberg County, Texas
                            5 Kay Lynn REDUS
                              =Dennis E MAHAN  Marriage: 2 Jul 1980, Travis County, Texas
                            5 Sandra Dianne REDUS
                              =James A CARAWAY  Marriage: 1 May 1983, Kleberg County, Texas
                      4 Gus Elder REDUS
                3 Estelle REDUS
                  =Claude Bolton FOWLER  Marriage: Corpus Christi, Texas
                      4 Delta FOWLER
                      4 Claude Estelle FOWLER
                      4 Viola FOWLER
                3 George Albert REDUS
                  =Georgia MORRIS
                      4 Delma Schmidt REDUS
                        =Annie Lora RUMFIELD  Marriage: 7 Mar 1928
                            5 Armenta Jo REDUS
                              =Andrew Jacob ARMSTRONG
                            5 Georgia Loetta REDUS
                              =Glendale JONES
                                  6 Gary Alan JONES
                                  6 Greta Glenice JONES
                                  6 Greg JONES
                3 Edna Ellen REDUS
                  =Frank Henry RHEW  Marriage: 22 Nov 1899, Corpus Christi, Texas
                      4 Austin Redus RHEW
                      4 Armenia RHEW
                        =Clarence W. LORD  Marriage: 8 Apr 1944, San Francisco, California
                      4 Irene RHEW
                      4 Frank Henry RHEW
                        =Elizabeth BRADFIELD
          2 Luther Warren REDUS
            =Elizabeth Jane BOWDRY  Marriage: 28 Nov 1853, Corinth Mississippi, Old Tishomingo Co, Ms
                3 William Augustus REDUS
                  =Mary Frances JUMPER  Marriage: 1882, Prentiss County, Mississippi
                      4 Lizzie REDUS
                      4 Willie Belle REDUS
                        =Charles Walker JUMPER  Marriage: 25 Oct 1904, Cooper, Delta County, Texas
                            5 Flora JUMPER
                              =Arthur Cleon ANDERSON  Marriage: 27 Aug 1932, Lufkin, Texas
                            5 Andrew J JUMPER
                            5 Lillie Mae JUMPER
                              =Julius Rexford WEAVER
                            5 Eugene Wilson JUMPER
                              =Edith Mae WILLIAMSON
                            5 Lancing Granville JUMPER
                            5 Charles Walker JUMPER Jr.
                      4 Minnie Frances REDUS
                        =James Andrew GOLDEN  Marriage: 25 Sep 1904, Lamar County, Texas
                            5 John William GOLDEN
                            5 Mary Lee GOLDEN
                            5 Mattie Irene GOLDEN
                            5 Annie Gertrude GOLDEN
                            5 Ida Mae GOLDEN
                            5 Jimmie Mildred GOLDEN
                      4 Luther James REDUS
                        =Mary Pearl KOWALSKI  Marriage: 1907/1940
                        =Blanche POOL  Marriage: 2 Feb 1912
                      4 Hubert Burton REDUS
                        =Jimmy Mildred DENTON  Marriage: 15 Oct 1911
                            5 Virginia Arlene REDUS
                              =B F CLARK
                      4 Horace David REDUS
                        =Bessie Irene GOLDEN  Marriage: 25 Sep 1913, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                            5 Willie Bess REDUS
                            5 Horace Burton REDUS
                              =Robbie Nell JORDAN  Marriage: 26 Dec 1939
                                  6 Horace Burton REDUS Jr
                                  6 Penelope REDUS
                                  6 Richard Lynn REDUS
                                  6 Pamela REDUS
                            5 Mary Elizabeth REDUS
                              =George Leroy O'CONNOR
                                  6 Spencer Leroy O'CONNOR
                                  6 Gary Richard O'CONNOR
                                    =Mary KULCHAK
                            5 Thelma Alice REDUS
                              =Frank A BYERS
                            5 Laura Frances REDUS
                              =Jahrenr Peyton LUTES
                                  6 Patricia LUTES
                                  6 Don Allen LUTES
                            5 William Vernon REDUS
                              =Sarah Frances HAVEY  Marriage: 4 Nov 1952
                                  6 John Michael REDUS
                                  6 William David REDUS
                                  6 Teresa Lynn REDUS
                      4 Richard Irwin REDUS
                        =Virginia Belle SHANNON  Marriage: 17 Sep 1917, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                            5 Minnie Belle REDUS
                              =Gerald BURNSED
                                  6 David BURNSED
                                  6 Terry BURNSED
                            5 William Richard REDUS
                            5 L. J. REDUS
                              =Darrell POWELL
                                  6 Mickey REDUS
                                  6 Larry REDUS
                                  6 Belinda REDUS
                                    =Jimmy Don BROWN
                            5 Vera Jo REDUS
                              =George Wilson THOMPSON
                                  6 Sandra Kay THOMPSON
                                    =Paul Monroe BABB
                                  6 George Richard THOMPSON
                            5 Hubert Blaylock REDUS
                              =Christine Elizabeth JONES  Marriage: 18 Jun 1945
                            5 Edgar Lyndol REDUS
                              =De Loria CANIDA  Marriage: 10 Jun 1950, Paris, Texas
                      4 Marcus Dewitt REDUS
                        =Ernest PARISH  Marriage: 17 Mar 1920, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
                            5 William Walter REDUS
                              =Jo Ann HAMLETT
                            5 Wilma Eunice REDUS
                              =Benny JULIUS
                            5 Marcus Duane REDUS
                              =Margaret Elizabeth PRICHARD  Marriage: 27 Sep 1946
                      4 Ruth Esther REDUS
                        =Truman Miles DANIEL  Marriage: 24 Jul 1920, Clarendon, Donley County,  Texas
                            5 Ruth Evelyn DANIEL
                              =R. W. MCVAY , Jr  Marriage: 6 Oct 1937, Brookston, Lamar County, Texas
                            5 Truman Redus DANIEL
                              =Vida Dorothy RUTLAND
                            5 Betty Joan DANIEL
                              =Joe Dwight WEEMS  Marriage: 13 Sep 1947, Lubbock, Texas
                            5 Sue Eileen DANIEL
                              =Keith Del ALBEE  Marriage: 1960
          2 Thomas Jefferson REDUS
          2 Martha A. REDUS
          2 John REDUS
            =Sallie MCLAMORE  Marriage: 11 Dec 1859, Medina City, Texas
                3 William Hugh REDUS
                3 Mary Jenette REDUS
                  =Pleasant Ernest MCANELLY
                      4 Ernest Eugene MCANELLY
                        =Ivy MCKAMEY  Marriage: 22 Aug 1907
                      4 Redus Rocellus MCANELLY
                        =Ada Dennis COLEMAN  Marriage: 16 Aug 1911
                      4 Wayman Welder MCANELLY
                      4 Eldo Alwyn MCANELLY
                        =Eunice BANKS  Marriage: 2 Sep 1936, Medina County, Texas
                      4 Homer Cornelius MCANELLY
                      4 Gladden Clyde MCANELLY
                        =Hallie Laura NIXON  Marriage: 12 Jan 1913, Nixon Family Home, Yancey, Guadalupe County, Texas
                      4 Paul DeSha MCANELLY
                      4 Stanley Marshall MCANELLY
                        =Helen Howard STAFFORD  Marriage: 16 Oct 1926
                3 Lucy Wills REDUS
                3 John Otis REDUS
                  =Laura Belle ASHER  Marriage: Oct 1888, Laura Belle Asher
                      4 Mary Belle REDUS
                        =Jack Ryan GROUNDS  Marriage: 16 Feb 1906
                            5 Cora Belle GROUNDS
                              =Henry DOERR  Marriage: 17 May 1932
                            5 Hazel Naomi GROUNDS
                              =William CONWAY
                              =Walter Larkin MAPLES
                            5 Walter Grounds GROUNDS
                            5 Jack Redus GROUNDS
                              =Estalene YOUNG
                              =Mary Kathryn ALLEN
                            5 John Otis GROUNDS
                              =Ruby Cornelus HOPPER
                            5 Mary Jane GROUNDS
                      4 Baby REDUS
                      4 John Clement REDUS
                        =Hazel Anne SLATER  Marriage: 7 Sep 1913, Devine, Medina County, Texas
                            5 Martha Faye REDUS
                            5 John Clement REDUS Jr
                              =Edwina Lee BRANTLY  Marriage: 1945
                                  6 Elizabeth Ann REDUS
                                    =Charles H NEWELL
                            5 Mildred Elaine REDUS
                              =Ernest Whitson BROOKS
                                  6 Althea Jean BROOKS
                                    =Ronald RICHARDSON
                                  6 Randall Ellis BROOKS
                                    =Jo Ann ANTONETTE
                            5 Sallie Belle REDUS
                              =John Taylor SIMPSON
                              =Homer MANGHAM
                            5 Geneva REDUS
                              =Jack THORNTON
                                  6 Tommy THORNTON
                                  6 Dennis Ray THORNTON
                            5 Mary Nell REDUS
                            5 William Otis REDUS
                              =Betty Lou WUNEBURGER
                                  6 Susan Elaine REDUS
                                    =Bruce Harlan BECK  Marriage: 26 Aug 1972, Bexar County, Texas
                                        7 Julie Suzanne BECK
                                        7 Bryan William LEYENBECK
                                    =Lawrence BUENTELLO  Marriage: 1996
                                  6 William Glenn REDUS
                                    =Mary Annette THOMAS
                                        7 Leah Annette REDUS
                                          =Jay CLEARY
                                              8 Daniel William CLEARY
                                              8 Ethan Joseph CLEARY
                                        7 Rebekah Lynn REDUS
                                          =Jason RAY  Marriage: 2009
                                              8 Evan Thomas RAY
                                        7 Aaron William REDUS
                            5 George Matthew REDUS
                              =Kathleen Feely DAVIS
                                  6 George Matthew REDUS Jr
                                    =Donna Lynn BENNETT
                                        7 George Matthew REDUS III
                                  6 Clifford Lee REDUS
                                    =Phyllis Ann DANNELLY
                                        7 Christopher Lee REDUS
                                        7 Justin Aaron REDUS
                                  6 Kathy Ann REDUS
                                    =Robert C WARNER
                                        7 Joel Christian WARNER
                                        7 Emily Kate WARNER
                                        7 Luke Benjamin WARNER
                                  6 Bonnie Marie REDUS
                                  6 Kitty Sue REDUS
                                    =Charles Todman JONES
                                        7 Abbie Rebecca JONES
                                        7 Charles Matthew JONES
                            5 Guy Dewayne REDUS
                              =Loretta Mozell PERKINS
                                  6 Robert Dewayne REDUS
                                  6 Joe Mark REDUS
                            5 Charles Levine REDUS
                              =Beverly Jean KENT  Marriage: 28 Nov 1948, Tyler, Texas
                                  6 Frances Ann REDUS
                                    =Mike PULLIN
                                        7 Keri Dean PULLIN
                                        7 Brandi Danielle PULLIN
                                  6 Charles Kent REDUS
                                  6 John Andrew REDUS
                                    =Ruth Rhea HILL
                                        7 Andrea Rhea REDUS
                                          =Benjamin Lee HICKOK  Marriage: 5 Apr 2008
                                        7 Meridith Hill REDUS
                                  6 Kelly Dawn REDUS
                                    =Edward Lee BENNETT
                                        7 Blair Elyse BENNETT
                                  6 James Earle REDUS
                                    =Susie COX
                                  6 Heather Ann REDUS
                                    =Wayne OSBORNE
                                        7 Travis OSBORNE
                            5 Joe Rob REDUS
                            5 Clifford Keith REDUS
                              =Lorene Delores PROBST
                            5 Jack REDUS
                            5 Allen Ray REDUS
                              =Cathy FISHER
                      4 Iona Kie REDUS
                      4 Marcellus Ahser REDUS
                      4 Otis Matthew REDUS
                        =Dorothy Alice EDGAR
                            5 Faye Joy REDUS
                              =Richard ELLMER
                            5 Robert Matthew REDUS
                              =Carole Sue GRIFFIN
                                  6 Susan Eileen REDUS
                      4 Elizabeth Allena REDUS
                        =Raybon CADENHEAD  Marriage: 10 Mar 1934, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
                            5 Billie Rhea CADENHEAD
                            5 Laura Fern CADENHEAD
                            5 Bretta Ann CADENHEAD
                            5 Mary Ruth CADENHEAD
                3 Robert Moore REDUS
                  =Julia RAMSEY  Marriage: 22 Mar 1893
                      4 Robert Raymond REDUS
                        =Marguerite Elizabeth HESTER  Marriage: 27 Dec 1915, Pearsall, Frio County, Texas
                            5 Nettie Elizabeth REDUS
                              =Anthony Ray PETRI
                                  6 Christopher Dan PETRI
                            5 Kathryn Ray REDUS
                              =William Baxter BYWATERS
                      4 Elmer Lou REDUS
                        =Lelia HARDEMAN
                        =Theresa GROFF
                            5 Burleigh Lou REDUS
                              =Rheta Ann OAKLEY
                                  6 Steven Ray REDUS
                                    =Belinda Lynn RUSCO
                                        7 Shelia REDUS
                                  6 Barbara Jean REDUS
                                    =Don WEST
                                        7 Theresa Jean WEST
                                        7 Rheta Ann WEST
                                        7 Anna Marie WEST
                                  6 Bernice Elizabeth REDUS
                                    =David CRUZ
                                  6 Brenda Louise REDUS
                                    =Michael PALMA
                                        7 Michael Paul PALMA
                                  6 Beverly Ann REDUS
                                    =Edward HALL
                                  6 Betty Marie REDUS
                                  6 Stuart Louis REDUS
                                    =Roxanne OLIVER
                                        7 Joshua Louis REDUS
                                        7 Megan Rochelle REDUS
                                        7 Christopher REDUS
                                  6 Stanley James REDUS
                            5 Vera Lee REDUS
                      4 Fannie Willa REDUS
                        =Alexander THOMPSON
                            5 Frances THOMPSON
                              =Peter STOY
                        =Jack NEWSOME
                        =David MCCOWAN
                      4 Juanita Lucille REDUS
                        =Kenneth Wesley NICKERSON  Marriage: 6 Jun 1919
                3 Elizabeth Lee REDUS
                  =Caleb Marshall THOMPSON  Marriage: 1 Sep 1895, Devine, Texas
                      4 Charles Marshall THOMPSON
                        =Myrtle KILLOUGH  Marriage: 22 Dec 1918
                      4 Carrol Redus THOMPSON
                        =Margaret HAWKINS  Marriage: 4 Jun 1925
                            5 Carol Hawkins THOMPSON
                              =Charles G. CROUCH
                      4 Ethel Florence THOMPSON
                      4 Gladys Ray THOMPSON
                        =Thomas Harold ANDREWS , Sr
                      4 George William THOMPSON
                3 James Presley REDUS
                3 Sallie John REDUS
                  =Jasper Alanson CRAWFORD  Marriage: 26 Dec 1897
                3 Lena Love REDUS
                  =William Montgomery WILLIAMSON  Marriage: 3 Jan 1904, Devine, Texas
                      4 Lucille WILLIAMSON
                        =William Norris BLAKENEY
                      4 William Montgomery WILLIAMSON Jr
                        =Oletta POTTER
                      4 Jane WILLIAMSON
                        =William Delmon HERRING
                3 Fannie Laura REDUS
          2 William REDUS
            =Calphuernia GREENWOOD
                3 William Calhoun REDUS
                  =Celia Charity CRUTCHFIELD  Marriage: 2 Feb 1896, Francisco, Texas
                      4 William Evans REDUS
                        =Mary Katherine HODGES  Marriage: 8 Jun 1922
                            5 Marianna REDUS
                              =Robert G BEAN
                            5 Elizabeth Jane REDUS
                              =John C PRESSWOOD
                                  6 Barbara Joyce PRESSWOOD
                      4 Chesley Lewis REDUS
                        =Constance Lucille LESTER  Marriage: BEF 1931
                            5 William Robert REDUS
                            5 Sue Catherine REDUS
                              =Charles WHITTINGTON
                                  6 Ronald WHITTINGTON
                                  6 Charlene WHITTINGTON
                                  6 Keith Allen WHITTINGTON
                            5 Constance Lucille LESTER Jr
                              =Dean CARLISLE
                        =Ruth Tehleen MONTGOMERY  Marriage: 2 Apr 1949
                            5 Mabel Cecilia REDUS
                      4 Edith REDUS
                        =Ira Curtis PRIEST  Marriage: BEF 1926
                            5 Ira Curtis PRIEST Jr
                              =Evalie GIBSON
                      4 Juliet REDUS
                3 Aaron. REDUS
                  =Cornelia Susan DONALDSON
                      4 Blanche Marie REDUS
                        =Harlan R. PAYNE  Marriage: Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico
                        =Silvanus Jack HEATHER  Marriage: 15 Dec 1923, Lordsburg, Hidalgo County, Nm
                3 Roscoe REDUS
                  =Matilda SPETTLE
                  =Ruby TERRELL  Marriage: 24 Apr 1901
                      4 Carmen REDUS
                        =Cecil M. HARVEY  Marriage: 11 Aug 1921
                            5 Cecil M HARVEY Jr
                              =Christine CALLAWAY
                            5 Roscoe Robert HARVEY
                              =Jean BOWMAN
                3 Greenwood REDUS
          2 George Washington REDUS
            =Annie Kie MCLEMORE  Marriage: 24 Dec 1865, Medina City, Texas
                3 Louis A. REDUS
                3 George Matthew REDUS

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