• Death: 27 May 1893, Lamar County, Alabama
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    Vernon Courier, June 8, 1893 AN OCTOGENARIAN - MARTIN PENNINGTON died on May
    the 27 at this home four miles from Vernon in his 81st year. He was married in
    1839 to MARTHA TACKET, and they lived for 56 years on the old homestead where
    he died. His wife survives him. Seventeen children blessed their union,
    thirteen of whom are living. He left 79 grand-children and 10
    great-grand-children. He was a member of the Baptist Church for a number of
    years, and was a good and useful citizen. His remains were laid to rest in
    Friendship burying ground on the 28th of May, in presence of a large number of
    relatives and friends.

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    Descendants of Martin PENNINGTON

    1 Martin PENNINGTON
      =Martha Jane TACKETT  Marriage: 1839
          2 Elizabeth PENNINGTON
            =Elijah Vespucious LOWERY  Marriage: 1 Mar 1867
          2 Daniel William PENNINGTON
            =Martha Josephine HOLLIS
                3 McKanley PENNINGTON
                3 Addie M. PENNINGTON
                3 Aaron Moses PENNINGTON
                  =Mary Priscilla FINCH
                      4 Murray Quillen PENNINGTON
                        =Betty Earlene JOHNSON
                            5 Trilbia Ray PENNINGTON
                            5 James Murvin PENNINGTON
                            5 Leathal Quillan PENNINGTON
                  =Mary Cipheria PENNINGTON  Marriage: 29 Nov 1905
                      4 Ruby G. PENNINGTON
                        =Onnie L HALL
                            5 Redus HALL
                              =Martha Ann JONES  Marriage: 26 Jan 1974
                            5 L. D. HALL
                              =Georgia Lee FRANKS
                                  6 James Earl HALL
                                    =Brenda WRIGHT
                            5 Infant Son HALL
                      4 Jake PENNINGTON
                        =Edna G
                        =Wilma Adine CARR  Marriage: 9 Oct 1927
                            5 Herbert? PENNINGTON

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