John Columbus MITCHELL
My Relationship : 3rd Great Grandfather
  • Father: James MITCHELL
  • Mother: Martha ALLEN
  • Birth: 10 Nov 1845, North Carolina
  • Death: 5 Jul 1919, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Burial: Shiloh (Pinhook) Methodist Church Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1850 Georgia Gordon Division 12 Page 124
    Census - 1860 Alabama Fayette County Middle Division Page 85
    Census - 1880 Alabama Lamar County District 132 Page 9
    Census - 1900 Alabama Lamar County Ridge District 56 Page 9A
    Census - 1910 Alabama Lamar County Ridge Beat District 72 Page 8A

    John Columbus Mitchell entered the Confederate Army in April, 1862 at the
    Fayette County, Alabama, courthouse and served
    as a Private with Company K, 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment in the Shenandoah
    Valley area of Virginia with General Thomas
    "Stonewall" Jacksons command,and served in the battles of Williamsburg, Seven
    Pines, Seven Days Battle around Richmond,
    South Mountain, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville,and Gettysburg.
    Company K was known as the "Looxapalila
    Guards" after the river that flows through Lamar County
    His unit was returned to Alabama or South Georgia for a short time in late
    1863 or early 1864, but was detailed to the battle of
    Atlanta and Jonesboro, Georgia in the spring and summer of 1864. His unit was
    with General John Bell Hoods command as the
    Army moved from Georgia to Tennessee, and was involved in the battle of
    Nashville, Tennessee in December, 1864. Private
    John Columbus Mitchell absented himself from his unit from December, 1864,
    until he was captured and paroled at LaGrange,
    Tennessee, in May, 1865 after the war had ended.
    It is thought that Private John Columbus Mitchell was a blacksmith in the
    Confederate Army and that he received an injury to one
    of his eyes from a hot metal chip while smiting.

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    John Columbus Mitchell Grave Marker, Shiloh Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama

    Ancestors of John Columbus MITCHELL

            /-James MITCHELL
    John Columbus MITCHELL
            |         /-Thomas ALLEN
            \-Martha ALLEN
                      \-Nancy FOSTER

    Descendants of John Columbus MITCHELL

    1 John Columbus MITCHELL
      =Rachael Elizabeth GILLIAM  Marriage: 1865, Fayette County, Alabama
          2 William Oscar MITCHELL
            =Nancy Serena THOMAS  Marriage: 6 Nov 1890, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Mellie Izora MITCHELL
                  =William Jessie WHEELER  Marriage: 9 May 1920, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Albert Eldon WHEELER
                        =Annie Laura OVERTON
                            5 Carolyn Sue WHEELER
                              =James Earl ESTES
                              =Jesse Raymond COLEY
                              =Billy Ray GILPIN
                            5 William Eldon WHEELER
                              =Linda Sue BRADFORD
                            5 Barbara Ann WHEELER
                              =Ronald BLAYLOCK
                                  6 Burk Wayne BLAYLOCK
                                    =Judy CRAWFORD
                                        7 Tiffany BLAYLOCK
                                        7 Tyler Wayne BLAYLOCK
                                  6 Sherry Denise BLAYLOCK
                            5 Edwin Phil WHEELER
                              =Shirley HAWKIN
                            5 Harold D WHEELER
                              =Patricia JENKINS
                              =Freda Otts MCCLENDON
                            5 Patricia Ann WHEELER
                              =Robert Earl TURNER
                                  6 William Jeremy TURNER
                              =Ricky HUDSON
                                  6 Justin HUDSON
                                    =Julie STORY
                                        7 Danya HUDSON
                            5 Linda Marie WHEELER
                              =Stanley HUBBERT
                      4 Melvin Carr WHEELER
                        =Virginia Dare PENNINGTON
                            5 Janice Kay WHEELER
                            5 Carol Jean WHEELER
                              =James Thomas SMITH
                            5 Sandra Sue WHEELER
                            5 Kenneth Carr WHEELER
                              =Patry WHITEHEAD
                3 Joseph Murray MITCHELL
                  =Hattie Mae Belle WHEELER  Marriage: 14 Jul 1915
                      4 Edna Adine MITCHELL
                        =Gilbert Woodrow MAY
                            5 Ralph Edward MAY
                              =Kathleen Ann PRIOR
                            5 Joyce Ann MAY
                              =Larry Douglas PRIOR
                                  6 Oliver Warren PRIOR
                                  6 Trevor Phillip PRIOR
                                  6 Gilbert Woodrow PRIOR
                                  6 Brittany Rosa PRIOR
                                  6 Nathan Wyatt PRIOR
                            5 Doris Sue MAY
                              =Gregory Mark SEE
                      4 John Thomas MITCHELL
                        =Cloris PRATER
                      4 L.D. MITCHELL
                        =Mattie Lee HUDSON  Marriage: 19 Jan 1946, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Larry Dean MITCHELL
                              =Carolyn Sue NAPPER
                                  6 William Christopher MITCHELL
                                    =Kim LANGFORD
                                  6 Jonathan Craig MITCHELL
                                  6 Jason Chad MITCHELL
                              =Vickie PHILLIPS  Marriage: 5 Jun 1993, Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi
                            5 Patsy Elaine MITCHELL
                              =Rex Maxie HOLLIS  Marriage: 21 Dec 1968, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Keith Lee MITCHELL
                              =Nedra Jane RICKMAN
                      4 Katie Lavern MITCHELL
                        =John Troy PATE  Marriage: 2 Jan 1944, Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi
                            5 Troy LaDon PATE
                              =Betty Watson GLOVER  Marriage: 15 Dec 1973, Prattville, Alabama
                            5 Anita Kay PATE
                              =Henry Albert ERWIN
                              =Julian David SAUL
                                  6 Matthew Jason SAUL
                                  6 Andrea Mitchelle SAUL
                            5 Wendell Wayne PATE
                              =Pamela RUSSELL
                            5 LaJuana Gay PATE
                              =James Ray MARKHAM  Marriage: 27 Apr 1975
                            5 Mitchell Shane PATE
                            5 Timothy Wade PATE
                              =Carolyn DAVIS
                      4 Sennie Lavoy MITCHELL
                        =John David MALONE  Marriage: 6 Jul 1946, Fayette County, Alabama
                            5 David Randall MALONE
                              =Ruby Elizabeth SWAIN
                            5 Lynda Carroll MALONE
                              =Darrell Wade HULL  Marriage: 24 Jun 1968
                                  6 Tammie Faye HULL
                                    =Johnathan Wayne SMITH
                                        7 Caleb Wayne SMITH
                                        7 Daniel Wade SMITH
                                  6 Darrell Wade HULL Jr
                                    =Leslie KIDWELL
                            5 Rhonda Sharon MALONE
                            5 Teddy Gene MALONE
                              =Sandra Kay EADS
                                  6 Stacy Michelle MALONE
                                    =Allen WHAL
                                  6 Major Brandon MALONE
                                    =Heather HAMILTON
                              =Carla GARNER
                            5 Regina Faye MALONE
                              =Robert Douglas CAMERON
                                  6 Rhonda Sharron CAMERON
                                    =Jay Allen HARMON
                                        7 Jacob Oliver HARMON
                                        7 Jessie David HARMON
                                        7 Jayme Allyn HARMON
                                  6 Kelley Nichole CAMERON
                                        7 Cameron Jordan LAMANA
                                  6 Joseph David CAMERON
                              =Anthony Dale HAMM
                            5 Tammie Mae MALONE
                              =Rhodney Wayne BUSSY
                                  6 Tyler Wayne BUSSY
                        =Richard Allen RADERCHAK  Marriage: 7 Feb 1982
                      4 Billy Gene MITCHELL
                        =Ruby Gray MOORE  Marriage: 28 Aug 1947
                            5 Lytheda Mae MITCHELL
                              =Edward Bryan BARNES
                            5 Doyle Gene MITCHELL
                              =Pattey Ann WARD
                            5 Vonda Ann MITCHELL
                              =Richard Byron SANDERS
                      4 Earnestine MITCHELL
                      4 Joe Wayne MITCHELL
                        =Martha Raye MCKAY  Marriage: 6 Jul 1956
                      4 Jerry Kenneth MITCHELL
                        =Dorothy Mollie ROBERTS  Marriage: 28 Nov 1964
                            5 Jerry Kenneth MITCHELL
                3 John Harvey MITCHELL
                  =Cassie Myrtle WALLACE  Marriage: 8 Feb 1919
                      4 Mava Lois MITCHELL
                        =Minter Dale REDUS Jr  Marriage: 30 Dec 1942
                            5 Ronald Earl REDUS
                              =Belva Jean PRICE  Marriage: 6 Mar 1964, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                  6 John Mitchell REDUS
                                  6 Timothy Dale REDUS
                                    =Tina PERKINS  Marriage: 1 Dec 2001
                                  6 Rachel Lynn REDUS
                                    =Bobby Joe WHEELER Jr  Marriage: 3 Sep 1989, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                        7 Bobby Joe WHEELER III
                                        7 Hillary Mason WHEELER
                                    =Kenny WHITE
                                        7 Kenlyn Reanna WHITE
                                  6 James Paul REDUS
                            5 Roger Kyle REDUS
                              =Doris Carol BUTLER  Marriage: Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                  6 Roger Kyle REDUS ,Jr
                                  6 Marsha Carol REDUS
                                    =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1994
                3 Icie Floy MITCHELL
                  =Thomas Howell TAGGART  Marriage: 15 Dec 1926, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Miles H TAGGART
                        =Carol Mae JAKEL  Marriage: 12 Jun 1949, Spokane, Washington
                            5 Heidi Magdalene TAGGART
                            5 Heather Michelle TAGGART
                            5 LaLonnie Lee TAGGART
                              =Robert DUCKWORTH  Marriage: 3 Oct 1981, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
                      4 Marilyn Trellis TAGGART
                        =Betty Jo TRULL
                            5 Tony TAGGART
                            5 Todd TAGGART
                            5 Tim TAGGART
                            5 Kevin TAGGART
                            5 Marty TAGGART
                      4 Marion Travis TAGGART
                        =Virginia O'MARY
                            5 Marion Travis TAGGART Jr
                      4 Lovie C. TAGGART
                      4 Doris Evelyn TAGGART
                        =Dan SPRINGFIELD
                      4 Betty TAGGART
                        =Robert E HOWE
                            5 Betty Carolyn HOWE
                              =William Lawson INGRAM
                3 Lula Adine MITCHELL
                  =Robert Ira MCREYNOLDS  Marriage: 7 Feb 1930, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Clara Blanch MCREYNOLDS
                        =Andrew Pete CICERO
                            5 Pamela Clarette CICERO
                            5 Andrew Pete CICERO
                              =Donna LuAnn PATTERSON
                      4 Bobby Ray MCREYNOLDS
                        =Rachel Virginia GUNNELLS  Marriage: 24 Dec 1955
                      4 Arnold Gay MCREYNOLDS
                        =Lavada Faye MCCOY
                            5 Susan Carol MCREYNOLDS
                              =Ronald Timothy MITTENZWAI
                            5 Laurie DeAnn MCREYNOLDS
                              =Ronald LAROCK
                              =Harry Jame MITCHELL
                      4 Betty Lou MCREYNOLDS
                        =Johnny Leobert BROCK
                            5 Mack Anthony BROCK
                              =Carolyn Sue CANTRELL
                                  6 Michael Adam BROCK
                                    =Angela Christina ROBINSON
                                        7 Taylor Raye BROCK
                                        7 Alyia Destany BROCK
                                        7 Abigail Grace BROCK
                                  6 Charles Steven BROCK
                                    =Angela Lea CARROLL
                                        7 Dawson Lee Steven BROCK
                            5 Betsy Luann BROCK
                              =Tony Marlin SMITH
                                  6 Kevin Ross SMITH
                                  6 Mitchell Tyler SMITH
                                  6 Brian Lee SMITH
                                    =Heather Marie BLACKBURN
                                        7 James Ashton SMITH
                                        7 Joshua Clark BLACKBURN
                            5 Katherine Marie BROCK
                              =Anthony Teague TAYLOR
                                  6 Hannah Katherine TAYLOR
                                  6 Anne Marie TAYLOR
                                  6 Jack Ryan TAYLOR
                      4 William Agee MCREYNOLDS
                        =Martha Lou WHITE
                            5 Timothy Ira MCREYNOLDS
                              =Cynthia BRITNELL
                                  6 Derek MCREYNOLDS
                              =Sandra Franklin ROGERS
                            5 Tammy Annette MCREYNOLDS
                              =Glen BARDON
                      4 Elwanda Sue MCREYNOLDS
                        =Joseph Berger ODOM
                            5 Joseph Berger ODOM
                            5 Lance Ira ODOM
                        =Wilmer PAUL
                3 Infant Son MITCHELL
          2 James Albert MITCHELL
            =Minnie A. WATSON  Marriage: 6 Feb 1890
                3 Marvin MITCHELL
                3 Hettie MITCHELL
                3 Dessie MITCHELL
                3 Eva Mae MITCHELL
                  =Edward C MILLER  Marriage: 21 Dec 1932, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Lela Arizona MITCHELL
                  =Samuel REEVES
                      4 Lorraine REEVES
                      4 Kathleen Marie REEVES
                      4 Earline REEVES
                      4 Elaine REEVES
          2 Biddie Alice MITCHELL
            =Henry Ellis CRAWFORD  Marriage: 30 Jun 1898, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Lona Mae CRAWFORD
                  =Alfred HUNTER
                3 Rosa Lee CRAWFORD
                3 James Roosevelt CRAWFORD
                  =Lena WHEELER  Marriage: 1921/1951
                      4 James Douglas CRAWFORD
                        =Clauzell HOWTON
                            5 Judy CRAWFORD
                              =Burk BLAYLOCK
                      4 William Flavious CRAWFORD
                        =Dorothy BOMAN
                            5 William Douglas CRAWFORD
                3 Addie Lou CRAWFORD
                3 Henry CRAWFORD
                3 John CRAWFORD
          2 Hiram Luther MITCHELL
            =Clementa HYMAN  Marriage: 1894/1927
                3 Mary Juanita MITCHELL
                  =Bobby CROSSLEY
                  =Max REEVES
            =Lula CRAWFORD  Marriage: 30 May 1899, Home of Bride's Father, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Arthur LaFayette MITCHELL
                  =Clara A MCNEESE  Marriage: 14 Apr 1931
                      4 Erwin L MITCHELL
                      4 Sarah MITCHELL
                        =James Kelly MORTON
                            5 James Erwin MORTON
                            5 Diane MORTON
                            5 Debbie MORTON
                3 Luther Marvin MITCHELL
                3 Audie Mae MITCHELL
                  =Mack GILLIAM
                      4 Annistee GILLIAM
                3 Eloise MITCHELL
                  =Cecil ADAIR  Marriage: 15 Aug 1925, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                      4 Bobby W. ADAIR
                      4 Avis ADAIR
                3 Ruby Lee MITCHELL
                  =Garvin MCNEESE  Marriage: 24 Dec 1922, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 Rollie Reese MITCHELL
                  =Evelyn PARKER  Marriage: 3 Sep 1940, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Lula Gayle JOHNSON
                        =Paul JOHNSON
                      4 Glenda MITCHELL
                        =William Cliff NEWTON
                            5 Timothy Allen NEWTON
                              =Rita CARROLL
                                  6 Cameron NEWTON
                3 Charles Dennis MITCHELL
                  =Martha Nan MATHIES
                      4 Frederick Samuel MITCHELL
          2 Margaret Pearl MITCHELL
            =James Davis WHEELER  Marriage: 21 Nov 1895, Home of John Coulmbus Mitchell M.D. McGee officiating
                3 John Belton WHEELER
                  =Mabel WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1913/1946
                      4 Fannie Mae WHEELER
                      4 Mary WHEELER
                      4 Earline WHEELER
                      4 Marie WHEELER
                      4 Hazel WHEELER
                      4 Thelma Jo WHEELER
                        =James T GORDON
                            5 Jerry GORDON
                            5 Bill GORDON
                            5 Patricia GORDON
                            5 Deborrah GORDON
                            5 Beth GORDON
                3 Bessie P. WHEELER
                  =Grady Lee AYRES  Marriage: 1916/1947
                      4 Hosea Lee AYRES
                        =Mable WILLIAMS
                            5 Mary AYRES
                            5 David Earl AYRES
                            5 Robert AYRES
                            5 Jack AYRES
                            5 John AYRES
                            5 Barbara AYRES
                      4 Carl AYRES
                      4 Gladys Pearl AYRES
                        =William Wheeler KISER Jr
                        =Walter Calvin STEVENS
                      4 James Earl AYRES
                        =Elinor MATHEWS
                      4 Millard Cecil AYRES
                      4 Wanda Jean AYRES
                        =Alton Ray KIRKLEY  Marriage: 8 Jul 1949, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                            5 Ronnie Dale KIRKLEY
                            5 Rabon David KIRKLEY
                            5 Betty Jean KIRKLEY
                            5 Danny Ray KIRKLEY
                3 Thomas Tandy WHEELER
          2 John LaFayette MITCHELL
            =Emma Jane COLE  Marriage: 15 Jul 1906, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Essie Ophelia MITCHELL
                  =Clarence Bradley WILLIAMS  Marriage: 4 Dec 1928
                      4 Sephyr Dean WILLIAMS
                        =Jimmie Ray COLLINS
                        =William Glenn WALLACE
                      4 Redus Wayne WILLIAMS
                        =Imogene MCGEE  Marriage: 1 Jun 1957, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Sharon Denise WILLIAMS
                3 Flaudie Etma MITCHELL
                  =Hezzie Carl WHEELER  Marriage: 26 Dec 1933
                      4 James Lowell WHEELER
                        =Jessie Mae SHELTON
                      4 Farrell Wade WHEELER
                        =Anna Faye WHEELER
                3 Winfred H MITCHELL
                  =Winnie STOKES
                      4 Yvonne MITCHELL
                        =Stephen CUSTARD
                      4 Ravon MITCHELL
                3 Loventrice MITCHELL
                  =Samuel Harvey HUNTER  Marriage: 14 Oct 1939, Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama

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