Rufus Flennie MITCHELL
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: George Russell MITCHELL
  • Mother: Jane SMITH
  • Birth: 12 Oct 1889, Fayette County, Alabama
  • Death: 20 Apr 1927, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    Cause: Banti's Disease
  • Burial: Graceland Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1900 Arkansas Greene County Spring Grove Township District 35 Page 6A

    Ancestors of Rufus Flennie MITCHELL

                      /-James MITCHELL
            /-George Russell MITCHELL
            |         |         /-Thomas ALLEN
            |         \-Martha ALLEN
            |                   \-Nancy FOSTER
    Rufus Flennie MITCHELL
            \-Jane SMITH

    Descendants of Rufus Flennie MITCHELL

    1 Rufus Flennie MITCHELL
      =Elizabeth Louisa HERCHER  Marriage: 16 May 1920, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
          2 Emil Littleton MITCHELL
            =Nina GEORGE
                3 George Raymond MITCHELL
                  =Kathy Dianne CLOAR
                      4 Allison Cloer MITCHELL
                        =Charles Phillip VINES
                      4 Amanda Lee MITCHELL
                        =Jeffrey Scott SHARP
                  =Sheila Joy MOORE
                3 James Edward MITCHELL
                  =Shannon Graham DILLARD
                      4 Emma Elizabeth MITCHELL
                      4 Anne Wallace MITCHELL
          2 George Edward MITCHELL
            =Louise LOWERY
            =Peggy AUTRY
          2 Opal Juanice MITCHELL
            =Elbert Ansley EVANS

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