Marion Gay MCGEE
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 2 Times Removed
  • Father: William Allen MCGEE
  • Mother: Ola Mae WALLACE
  • Sources
  • Census - 1940 Alabama Lamar County Trulls Precinct Page 1

    Ancestors of Marion Gay MCGEE

                      /-Peter Wheeler MCGEE
            /-William Allen MCGEE
            |         \-Sarah Margaret SIMS
    Marion Gay MCGEE
            |                             /-Samuel WALLACE
            |                   /-John T WALLACE
            |                   |         \-Nancy PARTING
            |         /-Toliver Davis WALLACE
            |         |         \-Sarah E ST JOHN
            \-Ola Mae WALLACE
                      |         /-Thomas G JONES
                      \-Mary Jane JONES
                                \-Mary C MCGOHAH

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