Nicholas Daniel MASON
My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 3 Times Removed
  • Father: George Washington MASON
  • Mother: Rebecca Jane GARDNER
  • Birth: 10 Jun 1900, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Death: 31 Aug 1932
  • Burial: Wesley Chapel, Detroit, Lamar County, Alabama
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  • Sources
  • World War I Draft Registration Card
    Census - 1910 Alabama Lamar County Millville District 61 Page 8A
    Census - 1920 Alabama Lamar County Henson District 43 Page 6B
    Census - 1930 Mississippi Monroe County Beat 2 District 9 Page 8A

    Birth date taken from Bible record. William Isom Isbell said that he knew Nick
    Mason and that he married a Pennington. He may have been married a second
    time. Helen said that Nick had his leg cut off by a train and Marie Ewing said
    it was probaby a small one they used in the mines. He used a wooden leg. Marie
    wrote that Nick "got his leg cut off in a coal mine at Carbon Hill, Al. He
    used a wooden leg some. But he had a factory made leg also. He called it his
    Sunday leg. We visited them and Evie's parents. I remember drinking out of a
    gorde dipper the water was in a cedar bucket on a shelf on the back porch."
    Nick lived at Greenwood Springs. There is no stone at his grave

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    Ancestors of Nicholas Daniel MASON

                                /-Edmund MASON
                      /-James MASON
                      |         \-Rebecca Elizabeth WOODS
            /-George Washington MASON
            |         |         /-James L ROBERTSON
            |         \-Elizabeth ROBERTSON
            |                   \-Martha Ann
    Nicholas Daniel MASON
            \-Rebecca Jane GARDNER

    Descendants of Nicholas Daniel MASON

    1 Nicholas Daniel MASON
      =Evie PENNINGTON
          2 Carl Daniel MASON

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