My Relationship : 6th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: Crispen SHELTON
  • Mother: Letitia
  • Birth: ABT. 1737
  • Death: ABT. 1789
  • dd

    Abraham Shelton's will prob. Pitts. Co, Va in 1789. Crispen and WilliamShelton
    Exec. Will book 11 p 182.
    Abraham probably came to Halifax (now Pitts.) Co. before 1767, as he wason the
    tax list for that year. Sheriff of Pitts. Co in 1784.

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    Ancestors of Abraham SHELTON

                      /-Ralph SHELTON
            /-Crispen SHELTON
            |         \-Mary CORSPEN
    Abraham SHELTON

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    1 Abraham SHELTON

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