William Pitt ROBERTSON
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: James Milton ROBERTSON
  • Mother: Jancyan LOFTIS
  • Birth: 15 Feb 1868
  • Info from Allison M. Saxman (Birth date from James Milton Family Bible)
  • (Date and Place unknown)
  • Sources
  • Census - 1900 Alabama Lamar County Vernon District 43 Page 13B

    Ancestors of William Pitt ROBERTSON

                      /-William Pitt ROBERTSON Jr
            /-James Milton ROBERTSON
            |         \-Margaret UNKNOWN
    William Pitt ROBERTSON
            \-Jancyan LOFTIS

    Descendants of William Pitt ROBERTSON

    1 William Pitt ROBERTSON
      =Rachel M E FERGUSON  Marriage: 18 Aug 1887, Lamar County, Alabama
          2 Jessie Henry ROBERTSON
            =Martha Ellen HARPER  Marriage: 2 Jun 1912, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Dovie R ROBERTSON
                  =Travis PENNINGTON
                3 Anna Lucille ROBERTSON
                  =R. D. DAVIS  Marriage: 5 Apr 1945, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 Jewelene ROBERTSON
                  =Ernest Gray PENNINGTON
                3 William Henry ROBERTSON
                  =Della Willene ROBERTSON
                3 Robert Lewis ROBERTSON
          2 Frances ROBERTSON
          2 Frank Milton ROBERTSON
            =Myrtle THOMPSON
                3 Infant Daughter ROBERTSON
          2 Lula Elma ROBERTSON
            =Ira Timothy ATKINS  Marriage: 30 Mar 1915, Lamar County, Alabama

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