William Madison REDUS
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 6 Times Removed
  • Father: William Penn REDUS
  • Mother: Rebecca HODGES
  • Birth: 13 Jan 1814, Giles County, Tennessee
  • Death: 8 Aug 1862, St Helena Parish, Louisanna
  • Burial: Antioch Cemetery, Elkmont, Limestone County, Alabama, Elkmont, Limestone, Alabama
  • now

    Contracted Yellow Fever while serving in the Confederate service with the35th
    Ala. Volunteers in Company G. He died in St Helena Parish, LA atthe home of
    Mr. Hiram Williams
    Some records show his middle name to be Matthew.

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    Ancestors of William Madison REDUS

                                /-James REDUS , Sr
                      /-James REDUS , Jr
                      |         \-Catherine PARSONS
            /-William Penn REDUS
            |         \-Martha HUTTON
    William Madison REDUS
            \-Rebecca HODGES

    Descendants of William Madison REDUS

    1 William Madison REDUS
      =Parnella D. ATKINSON  Marriage: 18 Jan 1841, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
          2 Josephine Ann REDUS
            =Felix Garrison WILSON Dr.
                3 Ola Redus WILSON
                3 Mattie Ella WILSON
                3 John Silvers WILSON
                3 Rossie Virginia WILSON
                3 William Madison WILSON
                3 Robert Lee WILSON
                3 David Joel WILSON
          2 Robert Lutellus REDUS
            =Mary Jane HUTCHESON  Marriage: 19 Oct 1871, Rutledge, Morgan County, Georgia
                3 Mattie Lillian REDUS
                  =John Robert HOLLEY  Marriage: 12 Mar 1890, Elkmont, Limestone County, Alabama
                      4 Marvin Leutelis HOLLEY
                        =Elizabeth FOX  Marriage: 27 Jul 1912
                      4 Harry E. HOLLEY
                      4 Johnnie Robert HOLLEY
                        =Nannie Bell PENICK
                      4 Viola Jewell HOLLEY
                        =Johnnie GAUGHT
                      4 Leo Bettis HOLLEY
                      4 Clarence Redus HOLLEY
                      4 Hazel Bernice HOLLEY
                3 Katy REDUS
                3 Evelyn REDUS
                3 James William REDUS
                  =Vera Calchloe UNGER
                      4 Donnell REDUS
                3 Harry Cleveland REDUS
                  =Mary Helen ALSTOTT  Marriage: 16 Oct 1907
                      4 Robert Lee REDUS
                        =Geraldine WELCH
                            5 Martha Ann REDUS
                      4 John Cleveland REDUS
                        =Louise SCOTT
                      4 David Jackson REDUS
                        =Dora Grace PARSONS
                            5 David Jackson REDUS Jr
                      4 Harry Arthur REDUS
                        =Charlotte Pauline HOOVER  Marriage: Feb 1944, Shawnee, Oklahoma
                            5 Marylyn REDUS
                            5 James Bruce REDUS
                              =Cherry Sue BREWSTER
                            5 Harry Arthur REDUS , Jr
                            5 Diane REDUS
                        =June PURIFOY  Marriage: 23 Jul 1966, Tulsa, Oklahoma
                      4 Mary Helen REDUS
                        =Ralph Russell DAILEY
                            5 Jackie Lynn DAILEY
                      4 Joseph REDUS
                        =Margaret BROWN
                3 Ella Mae REDUS
                  =Phillip Bradley DEANE  Marriage: 18 Dec 1907, Denton, Texas
                3 Bertha Ophelia REDUS
          2 William Ceralvo Franklin REDUS
            =Delia Wallace PETTY  Marriage: 23 Dec 1874, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Rosie Lee REDUS
                3 Rorah Vandergrift REDUS
                3 Kelsay McClarie REDUS
                3 Rossie Edith Critz REDUS
                3 Garland Wallace REDUS
                  =Anna Corinne MANGUM  Marriage: 18 Nov 1909
                      4 Mary Virginia REDUS
                      4 Henry Garland REDUS
                3 Mary Elquin REDUS
                  =Culver Marcellus HILLIS  Marriage: 8 Oct 1914
                      4 Ruth HILLIS
                      4 Marcella June HILLIS
                3 Willis Vaughn REDUS
                3 Alvis Pettey REDUS
                3 Clydus REDUS
                3 India Ruth REDUS
                  =Charles Archie YARBROUGH
                      4 Mary Paul YARBROUGH
                        =Philip A IRWIN
                      4 David Phillip YARBROUGH
                      4 Jane Redus YARBROUGH
                        =Johnston E DUNCAN
          2 Casteria Virginia REDUS
            =Willis Basil VAUGHAN  Marriage: 11 Feb 1869, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Floy Wray VAUGHN
                  =Gilbert Rowe SMITH
                3 Tula David VAUGHN
                3 Elizabeth Pearl VAUGHN
                  =Mason BOOTH
                3 Jessie Beatrice VAUGHN
                  =Issac Lynn SMITH
          2 Mariah REDUS
            =Samuel Milton James WITTY  Marriage: 17 Feb 1875, Limestone County, Alabama
                3 Redus WITTY

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