Samuel B REDUS
My Relationship : 5th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: James REDUS , Jr
  • Mother: Sarah CHALFANT
  • Birth: 1 May 1797, Virginia
  • Death: 28 Feb 1870, Martinsville, Copiah County, Mississippi
  • Burial: Ellington-Redus Cemetery, Copiah County, Mississippi
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1850 Mississippi Rankin County Page 79

    Redus Family bible shows death 2/28/1870; other records said 2/27/1870
    * Title: Samuel B. Redus/Martha Wilson Hutton Family Bible
    Author: Annie Tait Jenkins, daughter of Pearl Chaffin Jenkins, who keptin
    contact with my grandmother Attilee Redus Bell.
    Submitter: Julie Rambo 15 Jan 2002 email: Julie Rambo rambord@juno.comvia
    Patrick Thomson,
    Text: NOTES: This second-hand transcription of a bible record from th
    e family of Samuel Redus and his wife Martha Wilson Hutton was mostprobably
    done by Annie Tait Jenkins or her mother, Pearl Chaffin (Redus)Jenkins. Pearl
    Chaffin Redus was a daughter of James Chaffin Redus andhis 2nd wife Harriet
    Ann Nenson. James Chaffin Redus was a son of SamuelRedus/Martha Wilson Hutton.
    Martha Wilson Hutton was a daughter ofLeonard Hutton and Mary Berry. Mary
    Berry was a daughter of James Berryand Elizabeth McCutchen. While there are
    some transcription errors inthis handed down record, the value of this record
    establishes death datesfor both James Berry [1804] and his first wife,
    Elizabeth (McCutchen)Berry [1790] and identifies most of the Mary
    Berry/Leonard Huttonchildren and their marriages. On-going research into the
    Berry/Huttonfamily verifies and expands the information from the Redus/Hutton
    biblepages. (see for
    aphotograph of Pearl Chaffin Redus and her daughter, Annie Tait Jenkins)

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    Ancestors of Samuel B REDUS

                      /-James REDUS , Sr
            /-James REDUS , Jr
            |         \-Catherine PARSONS
    Samuel B REDUS
            \-Sarah CHALFANT

    Descendants of Samuel B REDUS

    1 Samuel B REDUS
      =Martha Wilson HUTTON  Marriage: 2 Dec 1819, Livonia, Washington County, Indiana
          2 James Chaffin REDUS
            =Martha Washington MCMILLAN  Marriage: 28 Oct 1841
                3 Catherine Jane REDUS
                  =Michael J. MASSENGILL  Marriage: 5 Apr 1866, Copiah County, Mississippi
                      4 Laura MASSENGILL
                        =William L. CATCHING
                      4 Thomas Kent MASSENGILL
                      4 William Henry MASSENGILL
                      4 Kate MASSENGILL
                      4 May MASSENGILL
                        =Richard J. CATCHING
                      4 Floy MASSENGILL
                        =Egbert Eustance BURKS  Marriage: 9 Sep 1903, Copiah County, Mississippi
                3 Laura Ann REDUS
            =Harriet Ann NENSON  Marriage: 10 Jul 1849, Leake, Mississippi
                3 Harriet Ann Hutton REDUS
                3 Josephine Grizzela REDUS
                  =James Oscar DODDS  Marriage: 8 Jan 1872, Copiah County, Mississippi
                      4 Redus DeKalb DODDS
                        =Maude MEANS
                      4 Mary Ella DODDS
                        =L. A. ELLISON
                      4 William Edward DODDS
                      4 Elizabeth DODDS
                      4 Oscar DODDS
                      4 James Chaffin DODDS
                        =Everetta May FULLER  Marriage: 3 Oct 1923, Mansfield, Scott County, Arizona
                3 Samuel William Dixon REDUS
                  =Annie BERTRON  Marriage: 4 Aug 1880
                      4 Oscar Aaron REDUS
                      4 Ottollie Bertron REDUS
                      4 May REDUS
                        =Harrison Randolph GLENNON , Sr  Marriage: 15 Jun 1912
                            5 Francis GLENNON
                            5 Ottlie GLENNON
                            5 Phillip T GLENNON
                            5 Harrison Randolph GLENNON
                            5 William Redus GLENNON
                      4 James Bertron REDUS
                        =Mary MEYERS  Marriage: 15 Jun 1920, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
                            5 James Bertron REDUS Jr
                            5 Mary Hunter REDUS
                3 Mary Elizabeth REDUS
                  =Frank MORRISON  Marriage: 7 Dec 1879, Hazelhurst, Mississippi
                      4 Ernest Redus MORRISON
                        =Annie STEVENSON
                      4 Hattie Mary MORRISON
                        =George Franklin GILLIAM  Marriage: 29 Aug 1900, Cordell Washita County, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
                3 Lula Jane REDUS
                  =Martin Luther BURTON  Marriage: 28 Dec 1887
                      4 James Chaffin BURTON
                      4 Luther BURTON
                      4 Reuben Chaffin BURTON
                      4 John W. BURTON
                3 Pearl Chaffin REDUS
                  =William Nathan JENKINS
                      4 James Chaffin JENKINS
                      4 William Nathan JENKINS , Jr
                      4 Annie Tait JENKINS
          2 Leonard Hutton REDUS
            =Antoninette H. RAWLS  Marriage: 22 Jan 1855, Copiah County, Mississippi
                3 Leonard Hutton Samuel REDUS
                  =Adda Lena (or Leana) BUFFINGTON  Marriage: 25 Jan 1882, Ida Grove, Iowa
                      4 Hope REDUS
                        =Robert William BARKER  Marriage: 23 Dec 1912, Santa Anna , Orange County, California
                            5 Adda BARKER
                            5 Avis BARKER
                              =Chauncey Stewart IRVINE
                3 Augustus Kemper REDUS
                3 Martin Wiley REDUS
                3 James Rawls REDUS
          2 Sarah Ann REDUS
          2 Mary Lucinda REDUS
            =Jameson ELLINGTON  Marriage: 22 Dec 1852, Copiah County, Mississippi
                3 John Anthony Quitman ELLINGTON
                  =Emma W. ALLEN  Marriage: 9 Oct 1879
                  =Susan A. WILSON  Marriage: 1 Feb 1893
                3 Mary Helena ELLINGTON
                  =Artemas L. PAEGLER  Marriage: 23 Mar 1873
                3 Susan Grizella ELLINGTON
                3 Robert Jameson ELLINGTON
                  =Minnie Ann HENSON  Marriage: 3 Sep 1891
                3 Lizzie ELLINGTON
                3 Martha Elizabeth ELLINGTON
                  =Thomas P. ALLEN  Marriage: 26 Nov 1874
                  =I.Z. ALLMAND
          2 Martha Emily REDUS
          2 Elizabeth Ann REDUS
            =William A. MCQUEEN  Marriage: 7 Mar 1844
                3 Nettie MCQUEEN
                3 Jim MCQUEEN
                3 Ann MCQUEEN
                3 Martha Jane MCQUEEN
                3 Mary Alice MCQUEEN
                3 Catherine Hutton Redus MCQUEEN
                  =James H. MEEK
                3 Sarah Grizzella MCQUEEN
                  =George BATTON
                3 Samuella Margaret MCQUEEN
                  =Haley PAGE
                3 Virginia MCQUEEN
                3 Sam MCQUEEN
          2 Robert Dixon REDUS
            =Anna Jeffries MORGAN  Marriage: 1 May 1851, Monroe County, Mississippi
                3 Robert Kemper REDUS
                3 Lizie Ann REDUS
          2 Samuel Berry REDUS
            =Asenath L. TILLMAN
            =Rebecca Jane MARTIN  Marriage: 12 Jan 1854, Copiah County, Mississippi
                3 Elizabeth REDUS
                  =Frank MEYERS
                3 Berry Frank REDUS
                  =Geneva Ann BENNETT  Marriage: 26 Aug 1884, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
                      4 Inez Van Aradel REDUS
                        =Robert ARNOLD  Marriage: 27 Apr 1905, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
                            5 Robert Redus ARNOLD
                            5 Fred Leighton ARNOLD
                            5 Richard Marion ARNOLD
                              =Virginia PENLAND
                            5 Elma Van Aradel ARNOLD
                              =Hugh F MCWILLIAMS
                            5 Elizabeth LeMayne ARNOLD
                              =Van Michael DAVIDSON
                            5 Edward Perry ARNOLD
                              =Mary Margaret RAWLS
                            5 William Franklin ARNOLD , Sr
                              =Margaret BOYETT  Marriage: 27 Jun 1945, Blakely, Early County, Georgia
                            5 James Davis ARNOLD
                              =Helen Louise KELLY
                      4 Allie Davis REDUS
                      4 Eddie Perkins REDUS
                        =Mary Bell THOMPSON  Marriage: 24 Aug 1912, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
                            5 John Franklin REDUS
                            5 Eddie Perkins REDUS , Jr
                              =Carol MCKENZIE
                            5 Katherine Geneva REDUS
                              =Riley BARLOW
                                  6 Mary Kathy BARLOW
                            5 Robert Benjamin REDUS
                              =Hazel Emilene GREELY
                            5 Samuel Thompson REDUS
                              =Wilberine CARTER
                            5 Mary Gretchen REDUS
                              =Homer Andrew SHIPLEY
                            5 Betsy Ross REDUS
                              =Robert Dale INSKEEP
                            5 Davis Anding REDUS
                              =Evelyn Lottie PRICE  Marriage: 11 Jan 1947
                                  6 Mary Lou REDUS
                                  6 Rick REDUS
                                  6 Jack REDUS
                      4 Katherine Geneva REDUS
                        =Lewis DURR  Marriage: 16 Oct 1909, LaGrange, Texas
                      4 Franklin Bennett REDUS
                      4 Rebecca Melissa REDUS
                        =Benjamin Ellsworth GREEN  Marriage: 31 Aug 1921, McLain, Greene County, Mississippi
                            5 Geneva Bennett GREEN
                              =Gordon Howard SHATTLES
                            5 Thomas Benjamin GREEN
                              =Carmen C DAVIS
                            5 Katherine Fairley GREEN
                              =Felix Marion FERRELL  Marriage: 20 Nov 1949, McLain, Greene County, Mississippi
                            5 Martha Etoile GREEN
                              =James Ellison MAULDIN  Marriage: Jan 1952
                            5 Mary Frances GREEN
                              =Aubrey Lee FREEMAN
                            5 Samuel Redus GREEN
                              =Mary RYLEE  Marriage: Aug 1960
                      4 Hazel Kirk REDUS
                        =Arthur LEVI  Marriage: 25 May 1923, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana
                            5 Peggy Ann LEVI
                            5 Arthur LEVI Jr
                      4 Lora Matherson REDUS
                        =Robert David GARNER  Marriage: 19 Nov 1918, Gulfport, Harrison County, Mississippi
                            5 Ann Redus GARNER
                            5 Betty Redus GARNER
                              =Austin WHITE
                                  6 Marcia Kirk WHITE
                                  6 Marilyn Kay WHITE
                      4 Jefferson Davis REDUS
                        =Madge BRUNCH  Marriage: 25 Sep 1925, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
                            5 Mary Louise REDUS
                              =David Clifton COLLIER  Marriage: 1 Jun 1948
                            5 Frank Rudolph REDUS
                              =Constance Lou GARBER
                                  6 Michelle REDUS
                                  6 Susanne B REDUS
                            5 Gloria Sue REDUS
                              =Stewart Sherman SOWERS
                                  6 Susan SOWERS
                                  6 Leslie SOWERS
                            5 Charles Raymond REDUS
                              =Marilyn MULLINS  Marriage: 15 May 1954, Clayton, New Mexico
                                  6 David Clifton REDUS
                                  6 Charles Christopher REDUS
                                  6 Michael REDUS
                            5 Jefferson Davis REDUS Jr
                        =Lillian K. SMITH  Marriage: 6 Jan 1983, Artesia, Eddy County, New Mexico
                      4 Samuel Abner REDUS
                      4 Doris Ann REDUS
                        =Jack TODD  Marriage: 1 Jan 1942, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
                3 Samuel Albert REDUS
                  =Francis Olivia RANDALL  Marriage: 1 Oct 1885, Wesson, Mississippi
                      4 Frank Glover REDUS
                        =Hattie Clark WALKER  Marriage: 9 Oct 1910, Hartshorne, Oklahoma
                            5 Katie Clark REDUS
                              =Hugh H. SWANINGER  Marriage: 22 Aug 1934, Dickens, Dickens County, Texas
                              =Charles COX
                            5 Albert Henry REDUS
                              =Eloise FURRY  Marriage: 24 Nov 1938, Santa Ana, California
                                  6 Sandra Gail REDUS
                                  6 Bruce Allen REDUS
                                  6 Linda Kay REDUS
                                  6 Lorraine REDUS
                      4 Albert Ray REDUS
                        =Nina May GUYTON  Marriage: 17 Jun 1914, Hartshorne, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
                            5 Anita Mae REDUS
                              =Dow Richard WHITE  Marriage: 25 Mar 1936, Fayetteville, Arkansas
                                  6 Richard Clint WHITE
                                  6 Neil Ray WHITE
                                  6 Hilary Don WHITE
                                  6 Nina Gail WHITE
                      4 Beatrice Ruth REDUS
                        =William E. TURNER  Marriage: 21 May 1910, Hartshorne, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
                            5 William Claude TURNER
                            5 Hazel Elsie TURNER
                      4 Martin Luther REDUS
                        =Opal WEST  Marriage: 2 May 1925, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
                            5 Rheba Dee REDUS
                              =Doanld Thurlow RISNER
                                  6 Claudia Jane RISNER
                                  6 Lyle Thurlow RISNER
                              =William Earl CURRIER
                            5 Betty Jane REDUS
                              =Walter Sam BLAKE
                      4 Ruby Olevia REDUS
                        =William Henry BOAN  Marriage: 11 Apr 1915
                            5 Henry Redus BOAN
                      4 Rebecca Adeline REDUS
                        =Guss Cicero KILGORE  Marriage: 19 May 1917
                            5 Paul Ree KILGORE
                            5 Virgil Gus KILGORE
                            5 Wilma Jean KILGORE
                3 Laura Perkins REDUS
                  =Joseph E. MYERS  Marriage: 1 Jan 1896, Wesson, Mississippi
                      4 Lois Irene MYERS
                        =William Leroy TURNER , Sr.
                      4 Arthur Redus MYERS
                        =Willie RAWLS
                3 Katherine G. REDUS
                  =John Alonzo RIDDLE  Marriage: Meridian, Mississippi
          2 William Coleman REDUS
          2 Jane Maria REDUS
          2 Martha Grizella REDUS
            =James H. MEEK  Marriage: 18 Aug 1858, Copiah County, Mississippi
                3 Charles MEEK
                3 Calvert MEEK
                3 Blanche Marie MEEK
                  =Thomas KEARNEY
                      4 Mamie KEARNEY
                      4 Bess KEARNEY
                      4 James Meek KEARNEY
                      4 Charles Redus KEARNEY
                3 Maude MEEK
      =Mary Ann RICHARDSON  Marriage: 27 Oct 1862

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