Martin Luther REDUS
My Relationship : 3rd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: Samuel Albert REDUS
  • Mother: Francis Olivia RANDALL
  • Birth: 15 Aug 1893, Wesson, Copiah County, Mississippi
  • Death: 9 Nov 1974, Logan County, Oklahoma
  • Burial: Morris Heights Cemetery, Orlando, Logan County, Oklahoma
  • now

    Ancestors of Martin Luther REDUS

                                                    /-James REDUS , Sr
                                          /-James REDUS , Jr
                                          |         \-Catherine PARSONS
                                /-Samuel B REDUS
                                |         \-Sarah CHALFANT
                      /-Samuel Berry REDUS
                      |         \-Martha Wilson HUTTON
            /-Samuel Albert REDUS
            |         \-Rebecca Jane MARTIN
    Martin Luther REDUS
            \-Francis Olivia RANDALL

    Descendants of Martin Luther REDUS

    1 Martin Luther REDUS
      =Opal WEST  Marriage: 2 May 1925, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
          2 Rheba Dee REDUS
            =Doanld Thurlow RISNER
                3 Claudia Jane RISNER
                3 Lyle Thurlow RISNER
            =William Earl CURRIER
          2 Betty Jane REDUS
            =Walter Sam BLAKE

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