James F. REDUS
My Relationship : 4th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: James W REDUS
  • Mother: Lydia MORGAN
  • Birth: 9 Mar 1801, Grainger County, Tennessee
  • Death: 17 Jul 1864, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Burial: Reported to be buried at Old Mt. Nebo, Lamar County, Alabama. Unmarked.
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1850 Alabama Fayette County Beat 4 Division 16 Page 16b
    Census - 1860 Alabama Fayette County Western Division Page 70


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    From "Memiors of Hattie Ellen Taylor Redus
    March 29, 1954

    "Father Redus' two uncles, Jimmy and Miller Redus were hanged by the Tories because they thought they had money. Uncle Jimmy was alone at the old "Grandma" Ward place. Mr. Mose Denman and a black man went next day, cut the rope and took his body down, burying it in his garden on planks. Later he was moved to Mt. Nebo Cemetery. A note on a tree by his body said "Death to anyone who took him down." Mr. Denman, a brave man, risked his life to bury him. The same night Uncle Miller Redus was with his two girls at the old "Combs" place and he was hung also. Lucy and Jennie were threatened as they tried to hold their father. One Tory slung one of the girls off the porch by her hair. One girl stayed by his body while the other went and got Sis Pennington to go miles in the night to get help to take their father down. Most all of the men were gone to war. Mr. Pennington was hanged. Mr. Guin and wife found him hanging in the woods. I can remember both Lucy and Jenny Redus. They married Penningtons and brought their families often to Furnace Church."

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    Order appointing William A. Williams the legal guardian of the minor children of J. D. Williams in the matter of the estate of J. F. Redus, deceased.

    December 28, 1869, Order Book 1, Page 35, Lamar County, Alabama Probate Office


    Estate of Redus, William Williams
    Letters of Guardianship
    State of Alabama
    Sanford County

    I Thomas Morton Judge of Probate Court of said County hereby certify that letters of Guardianship on the 28th day of December 1869 were granted to William A Williams of said County who has given bond and qualified as such and is authorized to be guardian after the minor heirs of J D Williams in the Estate of James Redus deceased.

    Given under my hand at office the 28th day of December 1869
    T. Morton Judge of Probate

      William A. Williams was the father of James David Williams.  J. D. Williams first married Perlina and then Jennie Caroline Redus, both the daughters of James F. Redus.  Perlina died in 1860 and J.D. Williams in 1870.

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    Ancestors of James F. REDUS

                                /-James REDUS , Sr
                      /-James REDUS , Jr
                      |         \-Catherine PARSONS
            /-James W REDUS
            |         \-Martha HUTTON
    James F. REDUS
            \-Lydia MORGAN

    Descendants of James F. REDUS

    1 James F. REDUS
      = CATHERINE  Marriage: 1826, Alabama
          2 David R. REDUS
            =Martha Jane MAHAN  Marriage: 19 Feb 1852, Fayette County, Alabama
                3 William James REDUS
                  =Emily J LAMAN  Marriage: 7 Dec 1874, Independence County, Arkansas
                      4 Mary Sinna REDUS
                      4 Alta Z REDUS
                        =Johnnie ANDERSON  Marriage: 18 Nov 1894, Sharp County, Arkansas
                            5 Oscar ANDERSON
                              =Rachel GILBREATH  Marriage: Cave City, Sharp County, Arkansas
                                  6 Autry Durant ANDERSON
                3 Henry Thomas REDUS
                  =Mallessie Jane PULLIAM  Marriage: 20 Nov 1884, Ripley County, Missouri
                      4 Maudie REDUS
                        =Rufus FOSHEE  Marriage: 26 Jul 1903
                            5 Myrtle FOSHEE
                              =Vernon Andrew REED  Marriage: 2 Jan 1921, Okemah, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma
                            5 Dena Opal FOSHEE
                            5 Lowell FOSHEE
                      4 David William REDUS
                        =Parlee BLACKWELL  Marriage: 14 Sep 1910, Gatewood, Missouri
                            5 Bethel REDUS
                              =Loretta MILLER  Marriage: 10 Mar 1937, Oregon County, Missouri,
                                  6 Erma Lee REDUS
                                    =William Cletis HUDSON  Marriage: 14 Jan 1957, Ripley County, Missouri
                                        7 Charlotte Lee HUDSON
                                        7 Donna Jean HUDSON
                                        7 Billie Darren HUDSON
                                        7 Bobbie Gary HUDSON
                                        7 James Allen HUDSON
                                        7 Evelyne HUDSON
                                  6 Bethel J REDUS
                                    =Linda Louise SAULSBURY  Marriage: 10 Apr 1965, Saint Louis, Missouri
                                        7 Helen Louise REDUS
                                        7 Cynthia Ann REDUS
                                  6 Larry Dean REDUS
                                    =Joyce Faye COONCE
                                        7 Kevin Dean REDUS
                            5 Ethel Mae REDUS
                            5 Effie J REDUS
                              =Earl OAKLEY
                                  6 Robert Gene OAKLEY
                                    =Diane MANZ  Marriage: 19 Feb 1965
                                  6 William Ray OAKLEY
                                    =Cheri JENKINS
                            5 William REDUS
                              =Ora Ellen GRIFFIN  Marriage: 2 Aug 1941
                                  6 Mary Lee REDUS
                                    =Richard MILLER
                                  6 Leveda Mae REDUS
                                    =Avon MCCAMEY
                                  6 Billy Dale REDUS
                                  6 Max Edward REDUS
                                    =Kathy JINRIGHT  Marriage: 20 May 2005
                                  6 Dottie Jean REDUS
                                  6 Charles Dwight REDUS
                                    =Karen Sue SMITH
                                  6 Markel Delano REDUS
                                  6 Beverly Annette REDUS
                            5 Jesse Samuel REDUS
                              =Peggy SULLIVAN  Marriage: 13 Sep 1947
                            5 Leamon Roy REDUS
                              =Violet Wanetta JONES  Marriage: 1947
                                  6 Marvin Roy REDUS
                                    =Phyllis Darlene BUCKLEY
                                        7 Marie Darlene REDUS
                                  6 Michael Gene REDUS
                                    =Karen BUCKMASTER
                        =Clara Etta ARNOLD  Marriage: 29 Oct 1933
                            5 Wilma Maxine REDUS
                              =Ivan YARBER  Marriage: 23 Oct 1952, Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas
                                  6 Sandra Kay YARBER
                            5 Addie Mae REDUS
                              =Ernest Ray BLACK
                            5 Anna Lee REDUS
                              =Wayne Lee MOORE
                                  6 Gary Wayne MOORE
                                  6 Keith Wesley MOORE
                                  6 Gayle Lynn MOORE
                            5 Birdie Melissa REDUS
                              =Horace Eugene BLACKWELL
                            5 Alice Marie REDUS
                              =Ronald Elvin HUDSON
                                  6 Julie Ann HUDSON
                                  6 Owen Lee HUDSON
                      4 Everett Sherman REDUS
                        =Jeanette Rachel RILEY  Marriage: 31 Jul 1910, Gatewood, Missouri
                            5 Raney REDUS
                              =Vesta TUCKER
                                  6 Kenneth Duane REDUS
                                  6 Flora Jeanette REDUS
                                  6 Carmen Wayne REDUS
                                    =Brenda Kay CARROLL
                                        7 Travis Wayne REDUS
                                        7 Tony Joe REDUS
                                  6 Dennis Gayle REDUS
                                    =Carol Ann HOPPER
                                        7 Carl Patrick REDUS
                                  6 Gary Lane REDUS
                            5 Maudie A REDUS
                              =Rex B DODD
                                  6 Ina Bea DODD
                                    =Jess STEVENS
                                  6 Shirley Mae DODD
                                  6 Tommy Lee DODD
                                    =Linda POE
                            5 Freeman Eulis REDUS
                              =Getella BEST
                                  6 Jewell Dean REDUS
                                    =James F ANGLIN
                            5 Leona REDUS
                              =Leaman Roy HUDSON
                                  6 Leroy HUDSON
                                  6 Louis Dale HUDSON
                                    =Donna POE
                                  6 Raymond Leon HUDSON
                                  6 Christopher Lynn HUDSON
                                  6 Lonnie Ray HUDSON
                                    =Donna Ruth ARMSTRONG
                            5 Tony REDUS
                              =Pauline FINCH  Marriage: 18 Mar 1947, Randolph County, Arkansas
                                  6 Jerry REDUS
                                  6 Donald REDUS
                                  6 Tonnetta REDUS
                            5 Henry Thomas REDUS
                        =Nancy Ann ARNOLD  Marriage: 27 Feb 1930
                            5 Virgil Lee REDUS
                              =Geneva Lee RICHARDS
                            5 Clarence Thomas REDUS
                              =Opal Pauline BROWN  Marriage: 5 Dec 1949, Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas
                                  6 Larry Dale REDUS
                                    =Brenda LYNCH
                                        7 Danny REDUS
                                        7 Kathy Ann REDUS
                                  6 Marilyn Jeanette REDUS
                                    =Orville DIXON
                                  6 Joanna Lynn REDUS
                                  6 Dirk Lee REDUS
                                  6 Tommy Steven REDUS
                            5 Bennie Sherman REDUS
                              =Ruth Mae CATES  Marriage: 25 Mar 1953
                                  6 Gaylia Ruth REDUS
                                    =Ronald David ROWLAND  Marriage: 13 Oct 1972, Camp LeJuuene, Virginia
                                  6 Jeffrey Dewayne REDUS
                                  6 Bennie Sherman REDUS Jr
                            5 Johnny REDUS
                              =Linda DEMOSS  Marriage: 6 Apr 1958, Bakersfield, California
                            5 Mary Ann REDUS
                              =Boyd Lavon HOLDCROFT
                            5 Joseph Lee REDUS
                              =Sandra SEAMON
                                  6 Joseph Walter REDUS
                                  6 Delta Dawn REDUS
                            5 George Truman REDUS
                              =Viola KENNER
                                  6 George Truman REDUS Jr
                                  6 Myra Lynn REDUS
                                  6 Karla Ann REDUS
                            5 Etta Dean REDUS
                              =Gary KELLY
                            5 Virgie Lavern REDUS
                              =Ronald Wesley HAYES
                      4 Martha Ellen REDUS
                        =Nick INGRAM  Marriage: 31 Jul 1910
                            5 Pearlie May INGRAM
                              =Cecil Edward WILLIAMS
                      4 Charles Floyd REDUS
                        =Lydia INGRAM  Marriage: 8 Aug 1916
                            5 Nova Rosetta REDUS
                              =Willie Everett LANE
                                  6 Willie Eugene LANE
                              =Carl Columbus REED
                            5 Norvell Audie REDUS
                              =Beatrice Evalina MCDONALD
                                  6 Nora Evalina REDUS
                            5 Loren Thomas REDUS
                              =Margaret BARNES
                            5 Cleta Mae REDUS
                              =Jerry Wayne PACE
                                  6 Jerry Wayne PACE Jr
                              =Floyd Raymond MCDONALD
                            5 Leeta Ilene REDUS
                              =John Lorenzo DORTON
                              =John Lincoln ARBUCKLE
                            5 Wanda Maxine REDUS
                              =Elbert GIFFORD
                            5 Charles Wilburn REDUS
                              =Jo Ann ROBERTS
                                  6 Vicki Renee REDUS
                                  6 Tony Lynn REDUS
                            5 Velma Lorene REDUS
                              =Ronnie WALDO
                                  6 Kent Allen WALDO
                                  6 Brian Todd WALDO
                                  6 Ronnie WALDO Jr
                      4 Alice REDUS
                      4 Elsie Mae REDUS
                        =Boyd INGRAM  Marriage: 25 Apr 1920
                            5 Henry Olen INGRAM
                            5 James Troy INGRAM
                      4 Samuel Ezra REDUS
                        =Hannah Margaret GOFORTH  Marriage: 30 Jul 1921, Perkins, Oklahoma
                            5 Leamon Ernest REDUS
                              =Elvira  Marriage: 5 Feb 1949, Kitigen, Germany
                                  6 Tom Steven REDUS
                            5 Freaman Edel REDUS
                              =Mae FLESHNER
                            5 Lillie Florine REDUS
                              =Junior LaVerne MONROE  Marriage: 7 Oct 1944, Oklahoma
                            5 George Thomas REDUS
                              =Allene CARR  Marriage: 30 May 1964, Tulsa, Oklahoma
                                  6 Sandy REDUS
                                  6 Christy REDUS
                                  6 George Thomas REDUS Jr
                                  6 Randy Eugene REDUS
                                  6 Ricky Dean REDUS
                            5 James Edward REDUS
                              =Pauline BREWSTER
                                  6 Rebecca Ann REDUS
                                  6 Mark Randall REDUS
                            5 Donald REDUS
                        =Ione HOOD  Marriage: 16 Jul 1965
                      4 Zelpha REDUS
                        =Robert BARNARD
                        =Auvy MASSEY  Marriage: 29 Oct 1923, Randolph County, Arkansas
                      4 Bertha REDUS
                        =Cecil TURNER  Marriage: 19 Oct 1924, Randolph County, Arkansas
                            5 Cecil TURNER , Jr.
                  =Ellen MASSEY
                3 Nancy Perlina Catherine REDUS
                  =Peter COLE  Marriage: 30 Aug 1881, Morgan County, Missouri
                      4 John Robert COLE
                        =Stella T. WADLEY
                      4 William Harrison COLE
                        =Nancy Belle GILLAHAND
                        =Eliza CLINE
                        =Minnie Faye SMITH
                      4 Nannie LeElla COLE
                        =Everett HAGAR
                      4 Benjamin Franklin COLE
                        =Maud RANDOLPH
                      4 Rose Etta COLE
                      4 Sarah Jane COLE
                        =James Edmond GAZAWAY
                      4 Verda May COLE
                        =Charles Harrison DOUGLAS
                3 McClellan C REDUS
                  =Susan O'NEAL  Marriage: 7 Aug 1884, Ripley County, Missouri
                      4 Newton Edward REDUS
                        =Ruth P. MERCER
                            5 Cegil Con REDUS
                              =Lucy Ann
                                  6 Kenneth Eldon REDUS
                            5 Jack REDUS
                            5 Zilna REDUS
                      4 Luther Cecil REDUS
                        =Louvina COTHAM
                            5 Ben O. REDUS
                              =Lorene GAMBILL
                            5 Ruth REDUS
                            5 Leonard REDUS
                      4 Lee Roy REDUS
                        =Samantha E. HUDSON  Marriage: 1920, Tryon, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
                      4 Ona REDUS
                        =Wade GAZAWAY  Marriage: 14 Nov 1917, Chandler, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
                            5 Hazel GAZAWAY
                            5 Harmon GAZAWAY
                            5 Wanda GAZAWAY
          2 Jennie Caroline REDUS
            =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 29 Jun 1861, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 James W. WILLIAMS
                3 Robert Edward Lee WILLIAMS
                  =Elva Jane LOCKE  Marriage: 29 Jun 1891, Mississippi
                      4 Henry Hart WILLIAMS
                      4 Clarence Clifford WILLIAMS
                      4 Lennie Lee WILLIAMS
                      4 Daniel Dewitt WILLIAMS
                      4 Minnie Mae WILLIAMS
                      4 Jessie James WILLIAMS
                        =Hazel SHANKLE  Marriage: Texas
                      4 Warner Wilburn WILLIAMS
                  =Katie Lee TAYLOR  Marriage: ABT 1905, Carroll County, Mississippi
                3 George W. WILLIAMS
                3 Susie Catherine WILLIAMS
                  =John C. BENNETT  Marriage: 11 Oct 1903, Mississippi
            =S. A. CORDER  Marriage: 12 Nov 1874
          2 Mahala Catherine REDUS
            =Benjamin F. TOWNSEND  Marriage: 1853
                3 Savannah A. TOWNSEND
                  =John Wesley ROBERSON  Marriage: 12 Dec 1871
                3 Hiram Jefferson TOWNSEND
                  =Annie Oakley DARBY  Marriage: 1879, Lauderdale County, Alabama
                3 James H. TOWNSEND
                  =Nipsie Jane HALL  Marriage: 30 Dec 1894
          2 Melissa Emelia REDUS
            =Henry C. MAHAN
                3 Nancy Elvira Catherine MAHAN
                  =John Riley PARKER
                3 Moriah Marilla MAHAN
                  =John Henry BOYD  Marriage: 30 Sep 1880, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Joseph Andrew BOYD
                3 William H. Lincoln MAHAN
                3 Melissa A. J. MAHAN
                  =Andrew Jackson DALTON  Marriage: 8 Nov 1883
                3 James T. MAHAN
                  =M. C. SOUTHERLAND  Marriage: 23 Feb 1890, Garland County, Arkansas
                3 Abraham Brown MAHAN
                  =Lulu SHOCKLEY  Marriage: 8 Sep 1890, Garland County, Arkansas
                3 Laura Luella MAHAN
                  =Robert Newit PITTMAN  Marriage: 29 May 1885, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas
                      4 Ruby Luella PITTMAN
          2 Thomas J REDUS
          2 James W. REDUS
            =Susan Virginia MATTHEWS  Marriage: 8 Jul 1860, Carroll, Mississippi
          2 Perlina L REDUS
            =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 14 Feb 1855, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 William W. WILLIAMS
                3 Melissa J. WILLIAMS
                3 Perlina E. H. WILLIAMS
                  =Benjamin Franklin BLAYLOCK  Marriage: 12 Jan 1876
          2 William M. REDUS
            =Mary E. MODGLEN  Marriage: 24 Jul 1867, Union County, Illinois
                3 Roy REDUS
                      4 Pearl REDUS
                      4 Clarence REDUS
                      4 Arie REDUS
                      4 Ruby REDUS
                      4 Wille REDUS
          2 Margaret Adaline REDUS
            =James MOLLOY  Marriage: ABT 1859, Fayette County, Alabama
                3 Elmira MOLLOY
                3 George Frank MOLLOY
            =Martin Luther LINDSEY  Marriage: 30 Sep 1870, Alabama
                3 Frank LINDSEY
                3 Almus G. LINDSEY
                3 Izorra LINDSEY
          2 Washington Jackson REDUS
            =Mary Elizabeth MAHAN  Marriage: 14 Apr 1861, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 Lucretia Clementine REDUS
                  =Joseph CRIM  Marriage: 9 Jan 1881, Ripley County, Missouri
                      4 Eddy Franklin CRIM
                        =Cora RUTLEDGE
                      4 Haston L. CRIM
                      4 William Laugher CRIM
                      4 May Nona CRIM
                      4 Sophie Terry CRIM
                      4 Adrian Brian CRIM
                      4 Jessie Washington CRIM
                        =Hope TYSON
                      4 Amy Lou CRIM
                3 Elmer REDUS
                  =Angie WARD
                  =Rosa O'NEAL  Marriage: 29 Apr 1890, Ripley County, Missouri
                      4 Fred Orin REDUS
                        =Floy BAGWELL
                            5 Nuel Eugene REDUS
                              =Thelma Jean BOWEN
                                  6 Freddie Glen REDUS
                                  6 Robert Gene REDUS
                                  6 Ronnie Gene REDUS
                                  6 Darrell REDUS
                              =Mae BAILEY  Marriage: 1967
                3 Nancy C. REDUS
                  =Levi STUBBLEFIELD
                3 James Frank REDUS
                  =Mary P. ROBERTS  Marriage: 23 Sep 1891
                      4 Della REDUS
                        =Neal BARNETT  Marriage: 20 Jan 1914, Perry, Tennessee
                      4 William Luther REDUS
                        =Hazel Irene MAIMBOURG  Marriage: 14 Nov 1936
                        =Maude BACKUS  Marriage: 5 Jul 1960
                      4 Sallie REDUS
                        =Harry FREW
                      4 Nellie REDUS
                        = OSBORN
                      4 Lessie REDUS
                        =Elvis Lee PULLIAM  Marriage: 8 Apr 1928, Bristow, Oklahoma
                      4 Essie REDUS
                        =Jimmie Earnest Earl DACY
                      4 Lillie Jane REDUS
                3 Taylor REDUS
                3 John Edgar REDUS
                  =Martha BLOODWORTH  Marriage: 27 Jan 1898, Ripley County, Missouri
                  =Mary Elizabeth FISHER  Marriage: 10 Oct 1905
                      4 Arthur Edgar REDUS
                        =Ruby W
                      4 Chester Bernard REDUS
                      4 Homer Onel REDUS
                        =Ruby Marie ISBELL
                      4 Pauline REDUS
                      4 John REDUS
                      4 Elmer Clyde REDUS
                        =Mary Violet BINGHAM  Marriage: 19 Jun 1972
                      4 Raymond Robert REDUS
                      4 Ralph Washington REDUS
                        =Buena Vista YOUNG  Marriage: 26 Dec 1942, Vaughn, New Mexico 
                            5 William R REDUS
                            5 Unie E REDUS
                            5 Rita Faye REDUS
                            5 Gene D REDUS
                            5 Ellen Ray REDUS
                3 Joseph R. REDUS
                  =Mary KENNEDY  Marriage: 10 Aug 1902, Coweta, Oklahoma
                      4 Writy Washington REDUS
                        =Della Mae BYERS  Marriage: 15 May 1930, Chandler, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
                      4 Olive Mae REDUS
                        =Virgil Ellis CAMREN  Marriage: 26 Jul 1926
                      4 William Chester REDUS
                        =Ruby Frances TROOK  Marriage: 30 Sep 1930
                            5 Ruth Ellen REDUS
                              =David Nuell EATON
                      4 Dorothy Helen REDUS
                        =Elmo LIVECY
                3 Melissa REDUS
                  =Sam GOODMAN
                      4 Opal GOODMAN
                        =Lem PULLIAM  Marriage: 1921
                3 Arthur REDUS
                  =Artely COTHAM  Marriage: 27 Jul 1906
                      4 Lela REDUS
                        =Louis STAFFORD
                      4 Neil Clyde REDUS
                      4 Perry Arthur REDUS
                        =Ollie Mae WILLARD
                            5 Edward Cleo REDUS
                              =Marcia Lee MONDIER
                                  6 Joi REDUS
                                  6 Perry Edward REDUS
                            5 Vivian Irene REDUS
                            5 Geraldine REDUS
                              =Burnis Dewayne PEACOCK
                            5 Margaret Jean REDUS
                              =Billy Ray DAVIDSON
            =Sarah Clyde CROSS  Marriage: 10 Jun 1895, Ripley County, Missouri
                3 Dewey REDUS
                3 Onel Hubert REDUS
                  =Ona ENGELKEN
      =Nancy MURPHY

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