James Franklin REDUS
My Relationship : 3rd Great Grandfather
  • Father: Henry Morgan REDUS
  • Mother: Abbie Elizabeth MOLLOY
  • Birth: 5 Aug 1834, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Death: 14 Jun 1903, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Burial: Old Mount Nebo Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1850 Alabama Fayette County Beat 4 Division 16 no. 2
    Census - 1860 Mississippi Oktibbeha County Page 68
    Census - 1870 Alabama Sanford County Precinct 1 Page 1
    Census - 1880 Alabama Lamar County Beat 1 District 134 Page 33
    Census - 1900 Alabama Lamar County Vernon District 43 Page 13A
    Death Certificate (see below)
    Obituary, "The Lamar Democrat", June 24, 1903, Page 4
    Tribute, "The Lamar Democrat", August 5, 1903, Page 4

      Summary of Census Information
              Years # Child. # Child.     Father Mother
      Name Relation Age Birthdate Married Born Living Occupation Born Born Born


    Alabama Fayette County

    Redus, Henry M.   44           TN    
    Redus, Jane   32           AL    
    Redus, James F.   15           AL    
    Redus, William D.   11           AL    
    Redus, Thomas B.   9           AL    
    Redus, Chilsee L.   7           AL    
    Redus, Lydia L.   6           AL    
                                                                      *With parents Henry Morgan and Jane Redus.  The area they lived in was part of Fayette County
                                                                        at that time.



    Mississippi Oktibbeha County
    Page 68

    Reedus, Henry M.   52         Farming AL    
    Reedus, Jane   43           SC    
    Reedus, Thomas   19           AL    
    Reedus, Chelnissie   16           AL    
    Reedus, Lydia   14           AL    
    Reedus, Sarah   6           AL    
    Redus, Henry   3           AL    
    Reedus, James F.   24         Farming AL    
    Reedus, Elizabeth   21           AL    
    Reedus, John   5           AL    
    Reedus, William   8 mths           AL    
                                                                      *James F. with his wife and two children, living in parents home.



    Alabama Sanford County
    Precinct 1 Page 1

    Redus, James F.   35         Farmer AL    
    Redus, Huldah O. E.   31         Keeping house AL    
    Redus, James H.   12         Works on farm AL    
    Redus, Wm A. G.   11         Works on farm AL    
    Redus, Lydia L..   2           AL    
    Redus, Clarke   2 mths           AL    
                                                                     *Living next door to brother-in-law, Mark Ferguson.  Sanford County would later be renamed "Lamar".



    Alabama Lamar County Beat 1 District 134 Page 33

    Redus, James F. Head 45         Farmer AL TN -
    Redus, Hulda E. O. Wife 41         Keeping house AL - SC
    Redus, Wm. G. Son 20         Works on farm AL AL AL
    Redus, Lydia L. J. Daughter 12         at home AL AL AL
    Redus, Charles C. Son 9           AL AL AL
    Redus, Daniel D. Son 7           AL AL AL
    Redus, Tho. E. Son 3           AL AL AL
                                                                      *Son, James Henry Redus, lives next door.



    Alabama Lamar County Vernon District 43 Page 13A

    Redus, James F. Head 66 Aug 1833 50     Farmer AL TN TN
    Redus, Hulda E. Wife 61 June 1838 50 9 7   AL MS TN
    Redus, Edward B. Son 19 Dec 1880       Farm laborer AL AL MS
                                                                      *Lives next door to son, Daniel Dale Redus.





    Death Certificate, James F. Redus



    James Franklin Redus
    Lamar County, Alabama

    Military Service


    U.S.S. Susquehanna


    James F. Redus was conscripted into service of the Confederate Army in the spring of 1862.  Hattie Redus, wrote this about Mr. Redus, her father-in-law:


    "The Civil War came and southern men called "Tories" brought terror and death forcing men off to war claiming they had authority. They came in the night and at gun point carried Father Redus. They didn't want to give time for him to put his shoes on, but Mother Redus told them he was going to put on his shoes. He was not heard from for twelve days, and they feared that he was dead. He was in jail at Fayette. From there he was taken to war, leaving Mother Redus and small sons, Jim Henry and Gan. She had to plant and plow corn, made enough for bread. She said they often had just buttermilk and cornbread."


    Little is known of his C.S.A. service.  Later U.S. Military documents after his capture by Union forces show him as serving in Company I of the 18th Alabama Infantry.  No record of his service in this regiment or any other has been found.  There does exist a record for receipt of rations in December of 1862 for a "J. F. Redus" at a Confederate training station located in Talladega, Alabama.  This training station is known to have trained Confederate conscripts for the 18th Alabama Infantry and was located near land owned by a certain Curry family. Since the 18th Alabama Infantry's I Company's nickname was the "Curry Guards", it is probable that the record for "J. F. Redus" is for our subject, James F. Redus.  The ration receipt was initially issued with the name "J. F. Reeder", which was marked through and the name "J. F. Redus" written next to it so perhaps Mr. Redus is listed on muster rolls under a different name.  The 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment is also known to have fought at the "Battle of Resaca" near Resaca, Georgia, in May 1864 which is where and when Mr. Redus is known to have been captured.


    James F. Redus's wife, Elizabeth Ferguson Redus, in a sworn statement to support her claim to a widow's pension, stated that Mr. Redus was conscripted and forced to join the Confederate Army sometime during the year 1862.  While she couldn't recall the company, she believed he was a member of the 18th Alabama Infantry.


    James F. Redus was captured by forces commanded by Major General George H. Thomas at the Battle of Resaca in Georgia on May 16th, 1864.  As a prisoner, he was transferred to Nashville and on the 20th of May moved to Louisville, Kentucky, arriving on the 21st.  On May 23, 1864, Mr. Redus was transferred to the military prison at Alton, Illinois, arriving May 25th.  Mr. Redus then enlisted in the U. S. Navy on June 2, 1864.

    James F. Redus wrote in a sworn statement that he enlisted in the U. S. Navy at Alton, Illinois  onboard the U.S.S. Susquehanna.  However, this ship was sitting in the New York Naval Yard as it had been decommissioned in May 1863 and was not re-commissioned until July 1864.  As records show he was first assigned to the U.S.S. North Carolina, this writer believes that Mr. Redus enlisted in Alton, Illinois and was taken to New York, perhaps by way of Rock Island (which housed confederate prisoners, and is probably the place Hattie Redus in her memoirs was

     referring to when she said Mr. Redus was taken to "Long Island, New York"). There he might have been placed on the U.S.S. North Carolina which was a receiving station known to have been anchored in New York Naval Yard at that time.  Naval receiving ships were permanently moored ships for the in-processing of sailors, especially those that might be considered a flight risk, such as former prisoners of war.  And at some point Mr. Redus was assigned to the U.S.S. Susquehanna.  The above is only conjecture, but is what I consider to be the most likely course of events.


    Photo from 1866 showing the U.S.S. Susquehanna (far left ship) sitting in New York Naval Yard.


    James F. Redus, at the rank of Landsman (the lowest enlisted rank, usually for those with little or no previous experience at sea), served on the U.S.S. Susquehanna until his discharge on May 11th, 1865, after the end of the war.  The Susquehanna was a side paddle steamer sloop launched in 1850.  The U.S.S. Susquehanna, after she was commissioned again in July 1864, took part in battles at Fort Fisher and the Port of Wilmington, both in North Carolina.  In later pension applications, Mr. Redus claimed he suffered joint pain while in service and was frequently relieved of duty for that ailment.  Hattie Redus wrote that Mr. Redus's "feet froze" on the ship and this caused him discomfort the rest of his life.

    Military records describe James F. Redus as 5 feet, 6 inches tall with brown hair and eyes and a dark complexion. A later medical report by a civilian doctor to support Mr. Redus's claim for his pension describes him as 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighing 130 pounds.

    Upon his discharge, James F. Redus returned to Alabama and resumed his farming.  In the year 1890, Mr. Redus applied for a military pension as an invalid due to "rheumatism or neuralgia or age".  The pension was approved the next year, certificate 13805.

    After James F. Redus's death June 14th, 1903, his widow, Elizabeth, received a widow's pension, certificate 16850 dated December 22, 1904, at the rate of eight dollars a month.


    Source Documents 


    Affidavit of James F.  Redus in support of application for invalid pension.

    Mr. Redus' Application for Invalid Pension.

    Medical exam in support of Invalid pension application.
    Pages one and two.



    Affidavit of Elizabeth Redus in support of application for widow's pension.

    Elizabeth Redus' Application for Widow's Pension.


    Excerpts From "Memoirs of Hattie Ellen Taylor Redus"

    . . . One day in April 1903, Father Redus came before breakfast and told me that he had a vision that he was ill and we were all around his bed.  With tears in his eyes he said if that vision was like death he didn't mind dying.  He didn't want to eat, but I begged him to eat a little and drink some coffee.  On June 14, 1903, he had a stroke and didn't live long.  He told his sons, "don't cry boys, let me go easy and happy."  He was then living at the Rube Burrow's place.  He was laid to rest in Mt. Nebo Cemetery near our little Lola D.  Bro. R. H. Jones held the service.  How we all missed him. . .

    . . . When I came into the Frank Redus Family November 6, 1889, I felt very strange in a home I'd never seen.  I had only met the family a few times at Shiloh Church.  I tried to be a faithful daughter-in-law and loved them for they were my own husband's people.  I enjoyed hearing them tell of the past for I have always liked history.

    Father Redus' mother was Abbie Elizabeth Molloy, his father was Henry, a local Methodist preacher.  Their children were Frank, William, Thomas, Dale, Lydia and Chelnissa.  His last wife was Jane Nealand and their children were John and Henry Wood.  All moved to Arkansas except Father and Mother Redus.

    The Civil War came and southern men called "Tories" brought terror and death forcing men off to war claiming they had authority.  They came in the night and at gun point carried Father Redus.  They didn't want to give time for him to put his shoes on, but Mother Redus told them he was going to put on his shoes.  He was not heard from for twelve days, and they feared that he was dead.  He was in jail at Fayette.  From there he was taken to war, leaving Mother Redus and small sons, Jim Henry and Gan  She had to plant and plow corn, made enough for bread.  She said they often had just buttermilk and cornbread.  Father Redus was captured and carried to Long Island.  The Yankees were good to him, but he worked on a ship until his feet froze, so he suffered from that.  He was a true Christian of the old time religion, died of a stroke June 14, 1903.

    This is as was told to me by Father and Mother Redus.  Their graves, with our baby Lola, are in the old Mt. Nebo Cemetery five miles west of Vernon, Alabama. . .


    Graves of James F. and Elizabeth Redus at Old Mt. Nebo, Lamar County, Alabama


    "The Lamar Democrat", June 24, 1903, Page 4 "The Lamar Democrat", August 5, 1903, Page 4

    Ancestors of James Franklin REDUS

                                          /-James REDUS , Sr
                                /-James REDUS , Jr
                                |         \-Catherine PARSONS
                      /-James W REDUS
                      |         \-Martha HUTTON
            /-Henry Morgan REDUS
            |         \-Lydia MORGAN
    James Franklin REDUS
            |         /-Daniel MOLLOY , Sr
            \-Abbie Elizabeth MOLLOY
                      \-Elizabeth DALE

    Descendants of James Franklin REDUS

    1 James Franklin REDUS
      =Huldia Orlena Elizabeth FERGUSON  Marriage: 20 Dec 1855, Crossville, Lamar County, Alabama
          2 James Henry REDUS
            =Nancy Clementine GARTMAN  Marriage: 13 Oct 1879, Shiloh United Methodist Church, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Myrton Emmett REDUS
                  =Iuna A YOUNGBLOOD  Marriage: 20 Jan 1920, Pickens County, Alabama
                      4 Irma Jean REDUS
                        =Leon JOHNSON
                3 Ozie L REDUS
                  =Thomas Lafayette DOWDLE
                      4 Gracie L. DOWDLE
                      4 Maurine DOWDLE
                3 Annie Idena REDUS
                3 Effie Livert REDUS
                  =William James MATTOX  Marriage: 30 Jun 1909, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                      4 James Lewis MATTOX
                      4 John Redus MATTOX
                3 Lula Belle REDUS
                3 James Wesley REDUS
                  =Minnie Alberta CASH  Marriage: 8 Aug 1911, Caledonia, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                      4 James Wesley REDUS Jr
                        =Carol Gloria SWEEPER
                            5 James Henry REDUS
                      4 Mamie Jo REDUS
                        =Ralph Bernard BARNEKO
                      4 Mary Ann REDUS
                      4 Hilda REDUS
                3 Charley Hays REDUS
                3 Lovis A REDUS
                  =William Word MILLIGAN  Marriage: Oct 1915
                3 Ruby May REDUS
                  =James Grady PENNINGTON
                      4 James Grady PENNINGTON Jr
                      4 Gladys PENNINGTON
                      4 George M PENNINGTON
                3 Fannie Pearl REDUS
                3 Gertrude M REDUS
          2 William Gan REDUS
            =Bertie DENMAN  Marriage: 16 Dec 1886, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Brice REDUS
                  =Mary O. JOYNER  Marriage: 31 May 1917, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                  =Irene JOYNER  Marriage: 28 Dec 1919, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                      4 Vesta I REDUS
                      4 Brice REDUS Jr
                      4 Doris E REDUS
                3 Gertrude REDUS
                  =Loamie PRIDMORE
                      4 Pauline PRIDMORE
                      4 Gerald PRIDMORE
                      4 Maggie Lee PRIDMORE
                3 Glen Franklin REDUS
                  =Mary Beatrice SHELTON
                      4 Dwight Denman REDUS
                        =Shirley CHADWICK  Marriage: 12 May 1972
                      4 Lovie Jean REDUS
                        =Cyril Leroy FUQUA  Marriage: 28 May 1942, Colombus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                            5 Gwendolyn FUQUA
                            5 Cyril Victor FUQUA
                      4 Banks H REDUS
                      4 Toxey Hulett REDUS
                3 Norma REDUS
                3 Infant Daughter REDUS
                3 Paul William REDUS
                  =Kittie Mae YOUNGBLOOD
                      4 Juliette REDUS
                      4 William Roland REDUS
                      4 Nonie Lane REDUS
                3 Lockie REDUS
                  =Charles LOGAN
                3 Herndon Dwight REDUS
                  =Christine BARLAR
                      4 William Michael REDUS
                      4 Jennifer REDUS
                      4 James Ronald REDUS
          2 George Robert REDUS
          2 John Wesley REDUS
          2 Lydia L. J. REDUS
            =Benjamin Franklin WRIGHT  Marriage: 29 Dec 1887, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                3 Ethel B WRIGHT
                3 John F WRIGHT
                3 Vernice E WRIGHT
                3 Mervin L WRIGHT
                3 William M WRIGHT
                3 Thomas Henry WRIGHT
                3 B WRIGHT
                3 Mary WRIGHT
                3 Paul WRIGHT
                3 Charley WRIGHT
          2 Charles Clark REDUS
            =Hattie Ellen TAYLOR  Marriage: 6 Nov 1889, Home of Brides Father, G. B. Taylor, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Floy Olga REDUS
                  =James W. WILSON
                  =David Lee LAWRENCE  Marriage: 10 Apr 1914
                3 Edna Earl REDUS
                  =James Belton YOUNGBLOOD  Marriage: 4 May 1915
                      4 Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD
                      4 Charles YOUNGBLOOD
                3 Lillian Oleta REDUS
                  =Ivy Chalmers ATKINS  Marriage: 9 Oct 1917, Ethelsville, Alabama
                      4 Oleta ATKINS
                3 Lola D. REDUS
                3 Flora Ellen REDUS
                  =James Elnathan RICHARDS  Marriage: 20 Jun 1931
                3 Charla Mae REDUS
                  =Robert Fulmer HILL  Marriage: 11 Jul 1933, Millport, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Georgia Louise REDUS
          2 Daniel Dale REDUS
            =Pearl SHELTON  Marriage: 13 Oct 1895
                3 Minter Dale REDUS
                  =Betty Mae LAMPKIN  Marriage: 18 Oct 1920, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                      4 Minter Dale REDUS Jr
                        =Mava Lois MITCHELL  Marriage: 30 Dec 1942
                            5 Ronald Earl REDUS
                              =Belva Jean PRICE  Marriage: 6 Mar 1964, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                  6 John Mitchell REDUS
                                  6 Timothy Dale REDUS
                                    =Tina PERKINS  Marriage: 1 Dec 2001
                                  6 Rachel Lynn REDUS
                                    =Bobby Joe WHEELER Jr  Marriage: 3 Sep 1989, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                        7 Bobby Joe WHEELER III
                                        7 Hillary Mason WHEELER
                                    =Kenny WHITE
                                        7 Kenlyn Reanna WHITE
                                  6 James Paul REDUS
                            5 Roger Kyle REDUS
                              =Doris Carol BUTLER  Marriage: Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                  6 Roger Kyle REDUS ,Jr
                                  6 Marsha Carol REDUS
                                    =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1994
                      4 Robert Earl REDUS
                        =Helen Ruth CRIBBS  Marriage: 30 Apr 1944, West Point, Mississippi
                            5 Mary Rena REDUS
                              =George Choya LUCAS
                                  6 Jeremy LUCAS
                                    =Penelope Ann PLUMMER
                            5 Robert Earl REDUS Jr
                              = THOMAS
                                  6 Wendy Katherine REDUS
                                    =Michael KALLAHER  Marriage: 17 Mar 1995, Homewood, Jefferson County, Alabama
                3 Henry Wood REDUS
                  =Anna Belle CATLEDGE  Marriage: 22 Sep 1936, Central Methodist Church, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                      4 Carole Anne REDUS
                3 Joe Price REDUS
                  =Bessie THOMPSON  Marriage: 22 May 1933
                      4 Daniel Gregory REDUS
                        =Betty S HOLLIDAY  Marriage: Jun 1957, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Dawn REDUS
                            5 Sandra REDUS
                            5 John REDUS
                            5 Holly REDUS
                3 Abbie Lucille REDUS
                  =Lewis William MARSHALL  Marriage: 8 Jul 1945
                  = MCCRUMMER
                3 Hattie Lou REDUS
                  =Orman Chester DAVIDSON
                3 Frank REDUS
                3 Evelyn Pearl REDUS
                  =William Rufus BLACK  Marriage: 22 Sep 1939, Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama
          2 Thomas Ezra REDUS
            =Maud TAYLOR  Marriage: 3 Apr 1898
                3 Glenice Geneva REDUS
                  =Marvin Cooper GRIFFIN
                      4 Wayne Cooper GRIFFIN
                  =Jess Ervin SHELTON
                3 Lester Loren REDUS
                  =Sadie May SMITH
                      4 Eleanor Laurin REDUS
                3 George Ezra REDUS
                  =Ernestine MORRIS
                      4 George Ezra REDUS Jr.
                        =Wanda Faye CADE
                            5 Georgia Marie REDUS
                3 Olive Muriel REDUS
                  =James Morris NICKLES
                3 Carl Edward REDUS
                3 Virginia Nell REDUS
                  =Malcom Neal MCLEOD
          2 Edward Bently REDUS
            =Della G MARCHBANKS  Marriage: 5 Mar 1903, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Robbie M REDUS
                3 Irma M REDUS
                  =Frazier ADAIR
                3 Martha Elizabeth REDUS
                  =Charles Herbert TROW
                  =John WILKES
                3 Marjorie D REDUS
                  =Curry MCDONALD
                3 Edward Bently REDUS Jr

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