James David REDUS
My Relationship : 3nd Cousin 3 Times Removed
  • Father: Issac Newton REDUS
  • Mother: Bethelia WRAY
  • Birth: 12 Jul 1900, Pittsburg, Texas
  • Death: 19 Jan 1979, Florida
    Cause: Cancer
  • Burial: Laurel Land, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
  • now

  • Military Service : Served in Navy during World War II.
  • Changed name from Redus to Reedus and is the same for his decendants.
  • Mechanical Engineer for Braniff Airlines.

  • Newspaper article (about 1926)
    During his spare time, J. D. Redus of the United States navy station atthe
    United States submarine base in Honolulu, made two lamps fromgunshells and
    presented one to his mother, Mrs. I. N. Redus and the otherto his sister Mrs.
    W. C. Surratt, Jr., both of Dallas.
    One of the lamps is made from a shell that is larger than the
    Frenchseventy-five. The shell was polished and a flower design hammered on
    theside. A native wood of the Hawaiian Islands was used for a base of
    thelamp. A small lamp was made from a one-pound bullet.
    Both the lamps are on exhibit in the windows of the Howell Furniturecompany.
    Redus is 26 years old, and is now serving his fourth year inthe navy. He is
    expected to return to Dallas at the end of the year.
    Note: Mrs. I. N. Redus entered her lamp in the State Fair of Texas
    (yearunknown) and it won first place in the Art Metal Specimen division.(from
    newspaper clipping saved by Mrs. I. N. Redus) GT

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    Ancestors of James David REDUS

                                                              /-James REDUS , Sr
                                                    /-James REDUS , Jr
                                                    |         \-Catherine PARSONS
                                          /-James W REDUS
                                          |         \-Martha HUTTON
                                /-George Washington REDUS
                                |         \-Lydia MORGAN
                      /-James Adams REDUS
                      |         \-Julia A HILL
            /-Issac Newton REDUS
            |         \-Lundah BAILY
    James David REDUS
            \-Bethelia WRAY

    Descendants of James David REDUS

    1 James David REDUS
      =Alice K. LONO  Marriage: 1933
      =Helen Crocefissa BUTERA  Marriage: AFT. 1935
          2 James David REEDUS Jr
            =Nancy COLEMAN
          2 Ira Norman REEDUS
            =Marianne YARBER
                3 Norman Mark REEDUS
                3 Leslie Renee REEDUS

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