Emma Magdelean REDUS
My Relationship : 3rd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: Thomas Jefferson REDUS
  • Mother: Maggie Magdelean Haley SHORE
  • Birth: 14 Apr 1890
  • Death: UNKNOWN
  • dd

    Ancestors of Emma Magdelean REDUS

                                                    /-James REDUS , Sr
                                          /-James REDUS , Jr
                                          |         \-Catherine PARSONS
                                /-Thomas REDUS
                                |         \-Martha HUTTON
                      /-Thomas Jefferson Maples REDUS
                      |         \-Rachel MAPLES
            /-Thomas Jefferson REDUS
            |         \-Hester Ann HOWARD
    Emma Magdelean REDUS
            \-Maggie Magdelean Haley SHORE

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