My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 5 Times Removed
  • Father: Thomas REDUS
  • Mother: Martha Adline CLAY
  • Birth: 1848, Limestone County, Alabama
  • Death: 4 Jul 1878, Limestone County, Alabama
  • dd

    Ancestors of Emily REDUS

                                          /-James REDUS , Sr
                                /-James REDUS , Jr
                                |         \-Catherine PARSONS
                      /-William Penn REDUS
                      |         \-Martha HUTTON
            /-Thomas REDUS
            |         \-Rebecca HODGES
    Emily REDUS
            \-Martha Adline CLAY

    Descendants of Emily REDUS

    1 Emily REDUS
      =John W. HILL
          2 Nina Gray HILL
            =Thomas Thach MARTIN
          2 Dora HILL
          2 Laurence Ripley HILL
            =Mamie PIPPIN
      =James B. TOWNSEND  Marriage: 10 Jan 1871

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