Augustus Franklin REDUS
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 6 Times Removed
  • Father: Aaron REDUS
  • Mother: Lucy Ann OGLESBY
  • Birth: 28 Apr 1821, Livonia, Washington County, Indiana
  • Death: 23 Mar 1852, Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi
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    [Broderbund Family Archive #317, Ed. 1, Census Index: U.S. SelectedCounties,
    1850, Date of Import: Nov 13, 1998, Internal Ref.#1.317.1.26625.20]
    Individual: Redus, Augustus
    County/State: Monroe Co., MS
    Location: Western Division
    Page #: 082
    Year: 1850
    These are the papers I found in A.F. Redus' Will file in the Monroe
    County Courthouse in Aberdeen Ms. His file is #568
    (On the back of this document it says "Est of A. F. Redus dec
    Final Decree in Mobile, Probate Court"
    State of Alabama, Mobile County, Probate Court March 6, 1860
    Augustus F. Redus, deceased, Estate of Decree on final settlement.
    The hearing and determining of all matters as to the accounts heretofore
    filed by Joseph R. Gates as the administrator of said estate for a final
    settlement of his said administration having been regularly continued to
    this day. now comes to the said Gates and moves the Court that his said
    accounts may be papered (?) and allowed as the same have been by him
    filed as aforesaid. And it appearing that due notice of the nature of
    and of the time set to make such settlement has been given in all
    respects of according to law, and strictly in pursuance of the order of
    Court in said estate, made and entered on the sixteenth day of January
    1860, and George W. Bond who was heretofore duly appointed by the court
    to act as guardian and litern(?) to represent and protect the interests
    of Lucy and Marian Redus, the only missus (?) concerned in this
    proceeding and settlement; now appearing and in open court consenting to
    act and proceeding to contest(?) said settlement, the court proceeds to
    hear the matters pertaining to said accounts and to consider the
    evidences submitted relating thereto.
    Whereupon it is shown by sufficient proof that said administrator has
    received of the affects of said estate the sum of Fifty thousand two
    hundred and twenty four 56/100 Dollars in money in which sum is included
    the balance remaining in his hands on his last partial settlement, also
    the sum of Fourteen hundred and sixty eight 15/100 Dollars, being the
    final balance of money remaining in his hand on a final settlement of
    his ancillary administration of said estate in the probate court of
    Monroe County in the state of Mississippi-- and that he has justly
    expended for said estate including the cost and expenses of this
    settlement and the commissions allowed to him for his services or end
    administration the sum of nineteen hundred and fifty one 61/100 Dollars,
    leaving a balance of Forty-eight thousand two hundred and Seventy-two
    95/100 Dollars for distribution among those entitled and said accounts
    appearing to be full and correct. it is considered and decreed by the
    Court that said accounts be and the same are hereby in all things
    papered(?) and allowed as above stated.
    And it appearing to the Court that said decedent left him surviving,
    his widow Mrs. Ann E. Redus--who has since intermarried with and is now
    to wife of the said Joseph B. Gates, has been duly appointed by and
    qualified in this court as guardian--all of whom are entitled to share
    the estate of said decedent in equal proportions, so that the said
    balance of money which constitutes the entire estate must be divided
    into three equal parts. It is considered by the court that each of the
    said distributees are entitled to have the sum of Sixteen thousand and
    ninety 98-1/3 / 100 Dollars, that being one third part of the said sum
    of Forty eight thousand two hundred and seventy two 95/100 Dollars, and
    the proper share to which said distributees are severally entitled, It
    further appears from an inspection of such accounts that the said Ann E.
    Gates, has received on account of her said distributive share of said
    estate the sum of Four thousand and ten 50/100 Dollars--being for
    property of said estate purchases by her at the sale of the same--which
    sum being deducted from her distributive share as above shown, will
    leave a balance due her on account of her said distributive share of
    Twelve thousand and eighty 48/100 Dollars, which sum said Joseph R.
    Gates is directed to retain in right of his said wife.
    And it appears from a further inspection of said accounts that said
    Joseph R. Gates, as such administrator has during his administration of
    said estate, part for the support and remembrance of each of the said
    children, the sum of nineteen hundred and twenty Dollars which sum being
    deducted from their distributive shares as above shown, will leave a
    balance due each of them on account of their said distributive share of
    Fourteen thousand one hundred and seventy 98/100 Dollars, which balances
    said administration is directed to retain in his hands to be accounted
    for in his capacity of guardian of the said Lucy and Marian.
    It is further ordered , that all accounts, vouchers, evidences and
    statements on file relating to this and any forms of settlement, and all
    other paper writings on file related said estate be recorded,,
    And it now appearing that said administrator has in his capacity of
    guardian of the said Lucy and Marian Redus filed in this court his
    inventory as required by law, setting forth that he has in his hands as
    such guardian the sum of fourteen thousand One hundred and Seventy
    98/100 Dollars, belonging to each of them, and that he has fully
    Also included in his file was a document signed by Joseph R Gates of
    Mobile, Ala constituting and appointing LaGrayette Haughton of the
    county of Monroe, state of Mississippi, as attorney in fact---"To wit
    whereas I subscriber or administrator of Augustus Redus dec. have filed
    a petition in the probate court of Monroe County, Miss for the sale of
    Lot No. (no number given) in New Aberdeen in said county of Monroe
    belonging to said estate.......I do hereby authorize and empower my
    said attorney to sign my name to said bond and sell the said lot of land
    and make the deed to the purchase thereof......signed J. R. Gates
    The Administrative notice that was published in the newspaper was also
    included in the file and stated the land was "Block of land 122, lying
    in the town of New Aberdeen, Monroe County."
    (to be continued)
    A. F. Redus Estate Corporation Tax for Block 122, New Aberdeen was
    valued at $200.00 and was taxed 38 cents. for the year of 1852.
    Another paper:
    Block 122 in New Aberdeen .16-1/4
    County Tax .16-1/2
    School Tax .04
    Rec'd the above tax for 1852 .37
    by the hand of J. R. Gates
    Another Paper:
    Joseph R. Gates adm of A F. Redus dec 1856 to L. D. Leedy--Feb 4 To fee
    for selling Block of Land in New Aberdeen No. 122-- $10.00. Rec'd May
    7th 1856 paid in full from J. R. Gates adm hand of Haughton.
    Another Paper:
    To the Honorable W. N. Tucker judge of the Probate Court of Monroe
    County, Miss, the undersigned administrator of August F. Redus Dec
    respectfully reports that by virtue of an order of this honorable court
    made at the October term 1855 thereof, and after motion made and duly
    given according to law and the directions of said order, did on the 4th
    day of February 1857 at the auction house of Ludy & Kidd in Aberdeen of
    said county at the house prescribed by law proceed to sell said lot of
    land described in the petition of the undersigned--to wit Block No.
    (122) One Hundred Twenty Two- on a credit of twelve months, when B. L.
    Hatch being the highest and last bidder became the purchaser thereof for
    the sum or Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) and your petition did
    thereupon execute to said B. L. Hatch a deed of conveyance of said block
    of land (block 122 in New Aberdeen). Signed J. R. Gates on
    October 6, 1856.
    A letter in the file from Haughton to the W. A. Tucker judge states "
    Block No 122 is in that part of said town know as New Aberdeen, and that
    said block of land is unproductive and of little or no benefit to said
    estate. He also suggested that it would be for the interest of the
    heirs of said decedent to sell the said block of land, and asked for the
    judge's permission to do so and that citations were to be sent to Ann E.
    Redus (the widow), Lucy Redus and Marion Redus (minors) directing them
    to appear before your honor on the first Monday of October next, to show
    cause if any can , why the said block of land aforesaid should not be
    sold. Signed Don Haughton for Petitioner.
    I guess that is about all I can say about Augustus F. Redus. Now that
    my eyes are accustomed to the penmanship of olden days, I will attempt
    to see exactly what I copied out of the Aaron Redus file.
    I guess the following is what I should have placed at the beginning,but
    here it is at the end. It is a letter from Jos. R. Gates to Judge
    Tucker of the Probate Court in Monroe County:
    Your Petitioner Joseph R. Gates would respectfully request unto your
    Honor that Augustus F. Redus , late partner of the firm of Joseph R.
    Gates and Augustus F. Redus doing Business in the City of Mobile, State
    of Alabama under the name firm and style of Gates & Redus , died
    interstate on the 21st day of March 1852 in the City of New Orleans,
    State of Louisiana, leaving a widow and two minor children, and a
    personal and real estate in the County of Monroe, State of Mississippi
    of the value of Thirty-thousand dollars that the widow of the said
    deceased resides in the City of Mobile, State of Alabama and desires
    your Petitioner to administration upon the estate of the said A. F.
    Redus deceased in the County of Monroe State of Mississippi, and he
    therefore begs your honor to grant him letters of administration upon
    the estate of the said A. F. Redus deceased in Monroe County State of
    Mississippi upon his entering into bond with such security as your honor
    may approve and in duty-bound he will ever pray.
    signed Jos R. Gates, Petitioner
    I certainly this is interesting and helpful to some of you. All of this
    information was in a "will" file, but it actually is not a will like I
    was thinking it was going to be, but I am learning. Sometimes I do not
    know what I am getting, but I do know I am looking for "Redus" , and if
    it says "Redus" I get it, whatever it is.
    I wonder if A. F. Redus had a will in Mobile, AL?
    More later.

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    Ancestors of Augustus Franklin REDUS

                                /-James REDUS , Sr
                      /-James REDUS , Jr
                      |         \-Catherine PARSONS
            /-Aaron REDUS
            |         \-Sarah CHALFANT
    Augustus Franklin REDUS
            \-Lucy Ann OGLESBY

    Descendants of Augustus Franklin REDUS

    1 Augustus Franklin REDUS
      =Ann Elizabeth COCKE  Marriage: 12 Dec 1844, Mississippi
          2 Ann REDUS
          2 Lucy Ann REDUS
            =William H. GARDNER  Marriage: 20 Dec 1877, Mobile, Alabama
                3 Kate GARDNER
                  =John R. HAGEN
          2 Marion REDUS

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