Alice K. LONO
My Relationship : Wife of 3rd Cousin 3 Times Removed
  • Birth: 6 Feb 1908, Iwilei, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Island
  • Death: 12 Oct 1935, San Diego, San Diego County, California
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  • Birth record Feb. 10, 1910 Honolulu, Hi
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    Believed to have owned nine hundred acres of land scattered all over the
    Islands but was cut out of any inheritance because she married out of her
    Alice was not legally divorced from Elmer R. Floyd until May 31, 1932,but a
    letter from James David Reedus to his mother Mrs. I. N. Reedusdated May 26,
    1930, implies that James and Alice were together in Hawaii at this time.
    Headstone on grave states she was born in February 10, 1910
    Alice went by other names:
    Alice Lono birth certificate 2-6-08
    Alice Kalei on Mildred's birth certificate 11-26-25 and marriage certificate
    to Elmer R. Floyd 11-26-24
    Alice Leilani Davis on Reginald's birth certificate 10-14-34
    Alice Lono Floyd on a reciept on file dated 5-28-30
    Father's name on birth certificate listed as George Lono
    Father's name on marriage certificate listed as Kahele

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    1 Alice K. LONO
      =James David REDUS  Marriage: 1933

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