John KEY Sr
My Relationship : 8th Great Grandfather
  • Birth: ABT. 1696, Albemarle County, Virginia
  • Death: ABT. 1758
  • dd

    The earliest known ancestor of the Key family of Albemarle count,Virginia is
    John Key, Sr., who removed to Albemarle county from Spotsylvania county,
    Virginia. Nothing definite is know of him before his appearance in
    Spotsylvania county records in 1727, but it may be conjectured that he had
    previously resided elsewhere in the area, for he availed himself of the land
    bounty given to encourage settlement of Spotsylvania county. Since John Key,
    Sr. named his eldest son Martin, It has been suggested that he was the son of
    Martin Key of New Kent county,Virginia, who recived in 1690, a confirmation
    grant at St. Johns Parish of 489 acres of land previously given him by his
    grandfather, MajorMartin Palmer and John Humes.This grant adjoinrd Martin Key
    land inPamunkey Neck, where Major Martin Palmer also lived. Major Martin
    Palmerwas born about 1625, in England, and came to Virginia about 1653,
    withhis wife, Mary. After Marys death, he married three more times, and
    diedabout 1708, leaving a son Martin Jr. It is interesting to note thatColonel
    John Waller, on whose land John Key, Sr., was living in 1727, wasa former
    resident of Pamunkey Neck, where both he and Martin Palmer, Jr.,were officials
    of King William county, Virginia, and that the latterwitnessed one of Colonel
    Wallers Delaware Town deeds in 1707. An earlierKey in New Kent County, was
    John Key, who was granted 370 acres of landon the northeast side of Mattaponi
    River in 1674, for transporting JohnKey (perhaps himself), Edmund Key, and
    five others. The entire destruction of the records of New Kent and King and
    Queen counties, and the destruction of a large part of the records of King
    William county,has precluded further research in this section of Virginia.
    There weremany Keys in the 1600s Virginia, and the origin of the Key family
    mayhave been other than in New Kent county, prehaps even in one of the
    othercolonies, but no better evidence than the above circumstantial
    fragmentshas been discovered. The earliest written accounts of traditional
    Keyfamily orgin are dated no earlier than the latter part of the
    nineteenthcentury, and the records vary so much with each other and with
    historythat they are of little valve. One of the most widespread of
    thetraditions is that the Key family is descended from a Martin Key ofEngland
    and his wife, a younger sister of Lady Jane Grey. According toreliable
    history, the youngest Grey sister, Lady Mary, married ThomasKeys, of Esquire,
    of county Kent, but died without issue. Keyes by aprevious marriage had
    serveral children, but none of the knowndescendants of these are on record as
    having come to America. A traditionof kinship to Francis Scott Key is
    apparently unfounded as are thefollowing accounts: that John Key Sr., was
    descended from Thomas andMartha Key, of Warwick River, Virginia; that John
    Key, Sr., was the sonof John Key or Kay who came to Philadelphia with William
    Penn; that JohnKey, Sr., or his son Martin came to Virginia as a agent of the
    LondonCompany; and that Martin Key came to Manhattan Island from Wales.
    In1727, John Key Sr. was living on Colonel John Wallers land at St.
    GeorgesParish, Spotsylvania county Virginia and the next year he patented
    350acres of land on a branch of the North Anna River, adjoining the land
    ofColonel Waller and James Taylor III. In 1729 , John Key, Sr.,
    RichardHickman, Edwin Hickman Thomas Graves, Dennett Abney Jr., and
    AbrahamAbney were granted 12,000 acres of land at the mouth of Mechunk Creek
    inGoochland (now Fluvanna) county, Virginia. In 1731, John Key Sr. sold
    hisspotsylvania patent to Henry Lewis and also that same year he made bondas
    guardian to James Lee orphan of John Lee, with Zachery Taylor assecurity The
    last record of John Key Sr., in Spotsylvania was in 1732,when he patnted 400
    acres of land in what is now Albemarle countyVirginia. This patent supposedly
    in Hanover county but some of it lay inwhat was then Goochland county Virginia
    he probably moved to his newpatent soon after 1732, for there is a reference
    to "Key West" in apatent of 1734. Key West was the home of John Keys Sr., and
    was locatedeast of the Rivanna River, about a mile and a half before it forks.
    Ithas been said that John Key Sr., also built a nearby house, known todayas
    Windle Knowe, as a kind of gentlemens lodge but there are conflictingstories
    about the building which cannot be reconciled. By 1731 John KeySr., had
    patented over 1,77 acre in what is now Albemarle county Virginiamost of it
    lying between the Rivanna River and southwest mountain in the region northwest
    of the present city of Charlottesville some of the deedsof John Key Sr., vary
    somewhat in regard ro residence and occupation butusually he is styled as a
    planter first of Spotsyvania, and later at Goochland (Albemarle after 1744)
    counties. An unidentified John Key wasgranted two 6,000 acres tracts with
    Richard Clough and John Hagland inGoochland county, on the south Fork of the
    James River at Buffalo Creekin Nelson county and at Pedlar River in Amherst
    county, in 1738. In 1731,Martha Tandy Key acknowledged her dower in
    Spotsylvania county deed.Martha, Tandy Key was perhaps related to Roger Tandys
    son William, and John Key Sr., owned adjoining land in Albemarle county. The
    only early Albemarle county order book which aahas been preservrd contains
    serveralreferences to John Key Sr., among which in 1745 are his appointment as
    asurveyor of a road from his mill on Keys mill creek or swamp (now Red
    BudCreek) to secretary Ford and his commission as an Ensign in the
    countyMilitia little is known of the last year of John Key Sr. In 1758
    hedisposed of probably the last of his patented land in the southwestmountain
    region including his "Madson House and Plantation". in 1758 JohnKey Sr. gave
    430 acres of land to George Key, a planter of Fredericksville Parish Louisa
    county Virginia who witnessed two deeds from John Key Sr. to Martin Key in
    1769 while living at Bedford countyVirginia. George Key sold the 430 acres

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    Descendants of John KEY Sr

    1 John KEY Sr
      =Martha TANDY  Marriage: ABT. 1713
          2 Martin KEY
            =Nancy BIBB  Marriage: 1732/1765
            =Ann DABNEY  Marriage: 1734/1770
          2 Mary KEY
            =Robert DALTON
          2 Henry KEY
            =Mary CLARKE  Marriage: 1745/1777
          2 John KEY Jr
            =Agnes WITT  Marriage: 27 Dec 1750, Albemarle County, Virginia  
                3 John Waller KEY
                  =Virginia Jane WADE
                      4 Lucinda KEY
                      4 Agnes KEY
                        =Bradley HARRILSON  Marriage: 24 Oct 1799, Franklin County
                      4 Elizabeth KEY
                      4 Martha (Patty) KEY
                        =Beasley THOMAS  Marriage: 1806
                            5 John Tapley THOMAS
                              =Sarah Key THOMAS  Marriage: 2 Sep 1831, Jackson County, Georgia
                                  6 Newton THOMAS
                                    =Loverna THOMAS  Marriage: 1849/1881
                                        7 Claude THOMAS
                                        7 John Tatler THOMAS
                                        7 Phillip THOMAS
                                        7 Alice THOMAS
                                        7 Thomas Leonard THOMAS
                                  6 Virginia W THOMAS
                                    =Sherwood Redderick HOLLEY  Marriage: 1847/1879
                                        7 Sarah HOLLEY
                                        7 Emma HOLLEY
                                        7 Larry Allen HOLLEY
                                        7 Effie HOLLEY
                                        7 Nannie HOLLEY
                                        7 Elizabeth HOLLEY
                                        7 Martha Key HOLLEY
                                        7 Edna Izella HOLLEY
                                  6 Simeon Brantley THOMAS
                                    =Nancy COPELAND  Marriage: 20 Apr 1850
                                        7 Mary L. THOMAS
                                        7 Sarah Loretta THOMAS
                                          =Darling Hollis HOLLADAY  Marriage: 13 Dec 1877, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 James Franklin HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Simeon Bob HOLLADAY
                                              8 Richard Dupree HOLLIDAY
                                              8 William Floyd HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Bessy Tallue HOLLADAY
                                              8 Mallie Evalee HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Lucian Redden HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Isaac Burley HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Nancy Annie HOLLIDAY
                                              8 Rollie Crumpton HOLLIDAY
                                        7 Theodore THOMAS
                                        7 James Wesley THOMAS
                                          =Lucy Amerine CHANDLER  Marriage: 16 May 1886
                                              8 Martin Luther THOMAS
                                              8 Rena Maude THOMAS
                                                =Dennis Marvin BURIT  Marriage: 1905/1938
                                                    9 Hazel BURIT
                                              8 Grover Fulton THOMAS
                                              8 James Allen THOMAS
                                                =Cassie CROWE  Marriage: 21 Dec 1919
                                                    9 Doris THOMAS
                                                    9 Ruth THOMAS
                                              8 Horace Belton THOMAS
                                              8 Lock Broadus THOMAS
                                              8 Lewis Monroe THOMAS
                                                =Ruby BUTLER
                                                    9 Barbara Louise THOMAS
                                                    9 Robert THOMAS
                                                    9 Edward THOMAS
                                        7 William Brantley THOMAS
                                          =Rosa B. FRANKS  Marriage: 1881/1911
                                              8 Lillian Addean THOMAS
                                                =Wesley Arnold WESTBROOK  Marriage: 3 Feb 1907, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Charley Wesley WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Lymon Otto WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Clarice WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Helen WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Thomas Shirley WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Milford Thomas WESTBROOK
                                                    9 Dollie Will WESTBROOK
                                              8 Viola THOMAS
                                                =Argus Clarence HOLLEY  Marriage: 30 Nov 1906, Lowndes County, Mississippi
                                                    9 Loventrice HOLLEY
                                                    9 Argus Clarence HOLLEY jr
                                                    9 Kyle HOLLEY
                                                    9 John William HOLLEY
                                                    9 Alfred HOLLEY
                                                    9 Arlington Lucion HOLLEY
                                                      =Ammel MOORE
                                                    9 Kathryn HOLLEY
                                                      =Cecil BEASLEY
                                                          10 Dale BEASLEY
                                                          10 J. L. BEASLEY
                                                          10 Gloria BEASLEY
                                                          10 Diane BEASLEY
                                                    9 Jc HOLLEY
                                              8 Pervy C. THOMAS
                                              8 Clarence Grady THOMAS
                                                =Lura Mae HAYS  Marriage: 1914/1941
                                                    9 Clarence Hays THOMAS
                                                      =Helen Hazel DORRIS
                                                          10 Jimmy Hays THOMAS
                                                          10 Jane Dorris THOMAS
                                              8 Mamie THOMAS
                                                =Otis HOPWOOD  Marriage: 1914/1947
                                                    9 Buleta HOPWOOD
                                                    9 Ruby Mae HOPWOOD
                                                    9 Lois Euleta HOPWOOD
                                                    9 Roy Niel HOPWOOD
                                                    9 Raymond Britton HOPWOOD
                                        7 Nancy Jane THOMAS
                                          =John HANKINS  Marriage: 1879/1918
                                              8 John Brantley HANKINS
                                                =Ella Mae PUCKETT
                                                    9 Lois Elene HANKINS
                                                    9 Raymond Edward HANKINS
                                                    9 John Alton HANKINS
                                              8 Nancy Jane HANKINS
                                              8 Mary Ollie HANKINS
                                                =Henry MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Robert Melvin MCDANIEL
                                                    9 James Hubert MCDANIEL
                                                    9 John Fred MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Charlie Franklin MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Edward Earl MCDANIEL
                                          =William Thomas BUTLER  Marriage: 25 Nov 1883, Parent Home by John M. Lawrence
                                              8 Lucenda Ada BUTLER
                                                =William Eugene HANKINS  Marriage: 16 Oct 1901, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 James Floyd HANKINS
                                                      =Eunice HARRIS
                                                          10 Geraldine Eunice HANKINS
                                                          10 Earline Rebecca HANKINS
                                                          10 Shirley Mae HANKINS
                                                    9 Lois Louise HANKINS
                                                      =Woodman Columbia SMITH
                                                    9 Walter Wimberly HANKINS
                                                      =Vera Gladner PARDUE
                                                          10 Wimberly HANKINS
                                                          10 Virginia Doris HANKINS
                                                          10 James Kendall HANKINS
                                              8 Menervia Emeline BUTLER
                                                =Leonard HANKINS  Marriage: 1902/1935
                                                    9 William Leonard HANKINS
                                              8 Dora Ann BUTLER
                                                =Virgil COBB  Marriage: 1906/1939
                                                    9 Roy Leonard COBB
                                                    9 Steven Ray COBB
                                                    9 James Burlie COBB
                                                    9 Thomas Cleveland COBB
                                                    9 Merle Grace COBB
                                                    9 Virgie Lou COBB
                                              8 Margerette Lodessa BUTLER
                                                =John Willie CHURCHWELL
                                                =Tom HICKS  Marriage: 1908/1929
                                                    9 Andrew HICKS
                                                    9 Lillian Loraine HICKS
                                              8 William Thomas BUTLER Jr
                                                =Trenna SPELLS
                                                    9 James BUTLER
                                                    9 Pat BUTLER
                                                    9 Francis Lee BUTLER
                                                    9 Trena Colene BUTLER
                                                    9 George Brantley BUTLER
                                                    9 William Thomas BUTLER III
                                        7 John Key THOMAS
                                          =Jennie GRIFFIN  Marriage: 1894, Potean, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
                                              8 Grace M THOMAS
                                                =John HOLLOWAY  Marriage: 1909/1942
                                                    9 Ralph Bernard HOLLOWAY
                                              8 B Earl THOMAS
                                              8 Tennyson Clay THOMAS
                                                =Alice DOUTHAT
                                                    9 Sarah Jane THOMAS
                                              8 Clyde Ray THOMAS
                                              8 Addie THOMAS
                                                =Charles C FRENCH  Marriage: 1915/1948
                                              8 Lonnie THOMAS
                                              8 Millie THOMAS
                                                =Billy ADAMS  Marriage: 1917/1950
                                              8 Ellie THOMAS
                                        7 Joel Caruthers THOMAS
                                          =Eliza Jane HANKINS  Marriage: 1888/1916
                                              8 Alvin Otto THOMAS
                                                =Effie WHEELER
                                                    9 Irma Jeanne THOMAS
                                                    9 Robbie Lee THOMAS
                                              8 Minnie THOMAS
                                                =Grady WARD  Marriage: 1910/1943
                                                    9 William Thomas WARD
                                              8 Nancy C THOMAS
                                              8 Elizabeth THOMAS
                                              8 Mittie Mae THOMAS
                                                =Clyde Lemuel SWANZY  Marriage: 1917/1945
                                                    9 Mary SWANZY
                                                      =Edwin Wallace MCGEE  Marriage: 24 Dec 1942
                                                          10 Danny MCGEE
                                              8 Inez THOMAS
                                                =Tom DEYAMPET
                                              8 Ruby THOMAS
                                                =J W TILLMAN
                                                    9 Johnnie TILLMAN
                                                    9 Patricia TILLMAN
                                        7 Martin Luther THOMAS
                                    =Margrett M GRAVES  Marriage: 18 Mar 1880, George Graves home by T.W Springfield, Minister of the Gospel
                                        7 Pervey Bruton THOMAS
                                        7 Moses Anderson THOMAS
                                          =Connie I. PERKINS
                                              8 Clifton THOMAS
                                                =Loventrice BUTLER
                                                    9 Carolyn THOMAS
                                                =Virginia Mae MANLEY
                                              8 Charles B THOMAS
                                                =Frances Ailene NOLEN
                                                    9 Charles Elmer THOMAS
                                                      =Libby ARMSTRONG
                                                          10 Mary Julia THOMAS
                                                      =Martha Sue FREEMAN
                                                          10 Elizabeth THOMAS
                                                            =Heath BUTLER
                                                          10 Jamie Carol THOMAS
                                                            =Mitch COVINGTON
                                                    9 Kay THOMAS
                                                    9 David THOMAS
                                                    9 Fred Bickerstaff THOMAS
                                                      =Mary Alice LOFTIS
                                              8 James THOMAS
                                                =Wellon GRAHAM
                                              8 Ralph Edward THOMAS Sr
                                                =Mary Frances FALKNER
                                                    9 Judith THOMAS
                                                    9 Edward THOMAS
                                                    9 Kenneth THOMAS
                                        7 Leonard Filmore THOMAS
                                          =Hattie Maybelle CUNNINGHAM  Marriage: 17 Apr 1910, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Hershel Ray THOMAS
                                                =Mabel Elizabeth ROE  Marriage: 27 May 1933, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
                                              8 Peggy Maria THOMAS
                                                =James Howard TODD
                                              8 Leonard Frazier THOMAS
                                                =Lois Wilson TODD  Marriage: 29 Oct 1938
                                              8 Robbie Gray THOMAS
                                              8 Hattie Layurah THOMAS
                                                =Hall PERRY
                                              8 Earnest THOMAS
                                  6 George Key THOMAS
                                    =Rebecca COPELAND  Marriage: ABT. 1856, Fulton County, Georgia
                                        7 John Allen THOMAS
                                        7 George Franklin THOMAS
                                          =Mary Francis MORRISON  Marriage: 14 Dec 1882, Home of n.J Morrison Minister of the Gospel, L.E Corbett
                                              8 William Murray THOMAS
                                                =Mary Jane
                                                    9 G. B. THOMAS
                                                    9 Sandlin THOMAS
                                                    9 Sarah THOMAS
                                              8 Myrtle Lee THOMAS
                                                =Murray Thomas OAKES  Marriage: 3 Jan 1913
                                                    9 James Grafton OAKES
                                                    9 William Eldon OAKES
                                                      =Sarah Evelyn ELLIOTT  Marriage: 15 Apr 1944
                                                          10 Diane OAKES
                                                            =Paul Wilburn WOODS  Marriage: 11 Jun 1966
                                                          10 Wade OAKES
                                                            =Nancy Karen DUBOSE
                                              8 Artie THOMAS
                                                =Elmer L RICHARDSON  Marriage: 1917/1950
                                                    9 Elmer Cedel RICHARDSON
                                                =Noah BUTLER  Marriage: 1917/1950
                                                    9 Walton BUTLER
                                                    9 Bernice BUTLER
                                                      =Margaret Dean FALKNER
                                                    9 Bryan BUTLER
                                                    9 Onnie Berks BUTLER
                                                      =Virginia Lee JACKSON
                                        7 Joseph Henry THOMAS
                                          =S. Ella MAYHAM  Marriage: 4 Mar 1886
                                              8 Eunice THOMAS
                                                =David Burton HESTER  Marriage: 31 Jul 1902
                                              8 Lethia E. THOMAS
                                                =Walter BURNETT  Marriage: 15 Nov 1908
                                              8 Mary Etta THOMAS
                                                =Henry Grady GILMER  Marriage: 21 Nov 1909
                                                    9 Clarence Knowlton GILMER
                                                      =Nina MCDONALD  Marriage: 7 Aug 1932
                                                          10 Kenneth GILMER
                                                            =Peggy JOHNSON
                                                          10 Marceline GILMER
                                                            =Louis Edward REESE
                                                    9 Thomas Woods GILMER
                                                      =Minnie Gray WOODS
                                                      =Gladys CHAMBERS
                                                      =Lucille Taylor NEWMAN
                                                    9 Martha Maxine GILMER
                                                      =Hezzie Thomas MATTHEWS
                                                          10 Betty Ruth MATTHEWS
                                                            =Lynwood CHRISTIAN
                                                          10 Joe Billy MATTHEWS
                                                            =Trudie Ann MCCILWAIN
                                                    9 Robert Henry GILMER
                                                      =Edith NEWMAN
                                                          10 Everly Eileene GILMER
                                                            =Donald Ray CRISWELL
                                                          10 Bobby Gene GILMER
                                                            =Nancy TUCKER
                                                    9 Durrell GILMER
                                                      =Polly Scale SHIVERS
                                                          10 Paula Jean GILMER
                                                      =Louise PATRICK
                                                          10 Peggy Sue GILMER
                                                            =Danny Ray MCCAMMON
                                                          10 Patricia Ann GILMER
                                                            =Vernon MCCAMMON
                                                    9 Fred GILMER
                                                    9 Mary Sue GILMER
                                                      =Grady Russell BOMAN
                                                          10 Loretta Sue BOMAN
                                                            =Gary ALLISON
                                                          10 Denise Kaye BOMAN
                                                            =Benjamin Charles DOWDEY
                                                          10 Amelia Gloe BOMAN
                                                            =Herbert Arthur GIBSON
                                                    9 James Gray GILMER
                                                      =Dena Faye MILES
                                                          10 James Thomas GILMER
                                              8 Susia Avileen THOMAS
                                              8 Bertie Lee THOMAS
                                              8 Rama M THOMAS
                                              8 Zellie Lucilla THOMAS
                                                =Noah BUTLER  Marriage: 31 Jul 1921
                                        7 Letha Jane THOMAS
                                          =James Obediah GARTMAN  Marriage: 2 Oct 1881, Parent Home Fellowship Comm.
                                              8 Arrie Palestine GARTMAN
                                                =John Edward OAKES  Marriage: 31 Mar 1902
                                                    9 Harold OAKES
                                                      =Alice CHRISTIAN
                                                          10 Bluford OAKES
                                                          10 Mary Helen OAKES
                                                          10 Cecil Hubert OAKES
                                                          10 Ellie OAKES
                                                          10 Nellie OAKES
                                                          10 Franklin OAKES
                                                    9 Edison OAKES
                                                    9 Clemmie OAKES
                                                      =Hugha B. HERREN
                                                          10 Leroy HERREN
                                                          10 Jimmie HERREN
                                                          10 Evelyna HERREN
                                                          10 Jack HERREN
                                                          10 Sally HERREN
                                                          10 Ja HERREN
                                                          10 Bradley HERREN
                                                          10 Susie HERREN
                                                    9 Julian G OAKES
                                                    9 Stella OAKES
                                                      =James Thomas WOODS
                                                    9 Adine OAKES
                                                      =William WEBSTER
                                                          10 Rebbecca WEBSTER
                                                          10 Betty WEBSTER
                                                    9 John Edward OAKES Jr
                                                      =Jessie SHORT
                                                          10 Kathy OAKES
                                                          10 Steve OAKES
                                                    9 Archie Patterson OAKES
                                                      =Nona Beatrice CHRISTIAN
                                                          10 Sarah Lee OAKES
                                                          10 Ann OAKES
                                                          10 Danny Paul OAKES
                                                          10 Michael OAKES
                                                    9 James Alton OAKES
                                                      =Robbie Gray PINKERTON
                                                          10 Billie Joyce OAKES
                                                          10 Shelia OAKES
                                                          10 Jerry OAKES
                                                    9 Vandiver G OAKES
                                                      =Dossa GOSA
                                                          10 Bobby OAKES
                                                          10 Johnny OAKES
                                                          10 James OAKES
                                                          10 Debbie OAKES
                                                          10 Shirley OAKES
                                              8 Jala Rebecca GARTMAN
                                                =Martin Cleveland RECTOR  Marriage: 6 Sep 1903
                                                    9 Lena Gertrude RECTOR
                                                    9 Infant Son RECTOR
                                                    9 Flora Mae RECTOR
                                                      =Gurley Monroe SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Brenda Ann SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Flora June SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Alice Rebecca SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Frank James SUDDUTH
                                                            =Edna Earl ALLEN
                                                                11 Pat SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Carolyn SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Billy SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Doris SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Kay SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Jerry Wayne SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Timmy SUDDUTH
                                                                11 Shirley SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Michael Wesley SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Danny Cleveland SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Robert Donald SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Gurley Mose SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Richard SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Monroe Cleveland SUDDUTH
                                                          10 Jala Ann SUDDUTH
                                              8 Sarah Destamona GARTMAN
                                                =Isaac Green RECTOR  Marriage: 4 Jul 1910
                                                    9 Delma RECTOR
                                                      =Samuel Floyd COLVIN  Marriage: 1926/1955
                                                          10 Betty Ann COLVIN
                                                          10 Sarah Kate COLVIN
                                                    9 Sarah Autense RECTOR
                                                      =Cecil Howard STRAWBRIDGE  Marriage: May 1941
                                                          10 Ronald Howard STRAWBRIDGE
                                                          10 Shirley Ann STRAWBRIDGE
                                                            =Phillip Gary LATIMER Sr
                                                    9 Isaac Green RECTOR Jr
                                                      =Zada PERKINS
                                                          10 Anita Kaye RECTOR
                                                          10 Joe M RECTOR
                                                    9 Ebbie C. RECTOR
                                              8 Virgie GARTMAN
                                              8 Nettie Mable GARTMAN
                                                =Bill FARMER  Marriage: 6 May 1914
                                              8 Edward Cleveland GARTMAN
                                                =Pearl Ann OAKES  Marriage: 29 Jun 1920
                                                    9 Billy E GARTMAN
                                                    9 Martha G GARTMAN
                                                    9 Eddye Pearl GARTMAN
                                                    9 James B GARTMAN
                                                    9 Harry D. GARTMAN
                                              8 Emmett Key GARTMAN
                                                =Ida Ellen SMITH  Marriage: 12 Aug 1919
                                                    9 Marvin C GARTMAN
                                                      =Bessie Mae THOMAS
                                                          10 Doris GARTMAN
                                                          10 Frances GARTMAN
                                                          10 Ennis GARTMAN
                                                          10 Gearldine GARTMAN
                                                    9 Felton GARTMAN
                                                    9 James Cecil GARTMAN
                                                      =Nettie B.
                                              8 John Wesley GARTMAN
                                                =Iciem Myrtle SMITH  Marriage: 22 Aug 1920
                                                    9 Howard GARTMAN
                                                    9 Ralph Belton GARTMAN
                                                    9 Wesley Eldon GARTMAN
                                                    9 Alfres GARTMAN
                                                    9 Annie L. GARTMAN
                                                    9 Mary Eunis GARTMAN
                                                      =Hezzie Loyd GILLIAM Jr
                                                    9 John Billy GARTMAN
                                                          10 David GARTMAN
                                                          10 Bobby Anthony GARTMAN
                                                          10 William GARTMAN
                                                    9 Jerry Lee GARTMAN
                                              8 Maudie Clementine GARTMAN
                                                =Amos HOUSDON  Marriage: 1912/1945
                                                =Russell WHITE  Marriage: 1912/1945
                                              8 David Monroe GARTMAN
                                                =Annie E. MAYS
                                                    9 James Monroe GARTMAN
                                                    9 Durell GARTMAN
                                              8 Hattie Lucillie GARTMAN
                                                =Roy L. FARMER  Marriage: 1918/1946
                                              8 Jamie Pauline GARTMAN
                                                =Alfred WALLACE
                                                    9 Jimmy WALLACE
                                                    9 Rebecca WALLACE
                                                    9 Hazel Wallace WALLACE
                                              8 Infant Daughter GARTMAN
                                        7 Simeon Martin THOMAS
                                          =Elizabeth WALDROP  Marriage: 27 Dec 1888, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Edna Lenore THOMAS
                                                =James Allen SHACKELFORD  Marriage: 1902/1935
                                                    9 Tezzie Mae SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 Kelcy Lee SHACKELFORD
                                                          10 Fay SHACKELFORD
                                                          10 Everette SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 Lymon Allen SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Gladys HESTER
                                                          10 Joe SHACKELFORD
                                                          10 Marvin Ross SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 James Choice SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 Wilburn Brooks SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Ann FRYE
                                                          10 Billy SHACKELFORD
                                                          10 Bobby SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 Edna Lenora SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Felton HESTER
                                                    9 Lloyd Elbert SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Mildred RUSHING
                                                          10 Betty Ann SHACKELFORD
                                                            =Jimmy Ray HUMBERS  Marriage: 25 Oct 1969
                                                    9 Ozie Adell SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Ikie WHITE
                                                          10 Gene WHITE
                                                    9 Jimmie Nell SHACKELFORD
                                                    9 James Allen SHACKELFORD Jr
                                                      =Pervenia Pearl THOMAS
                                                    9 Thomas Martin SHACKELFORD
                                                      =Wilma ROBERTSON
                                                          10 Johnny Martin SHACKELFORD
                                              8 Jennie Bell THOMAS
                                                =Daniel Wells SIZEMORE  Marriage: 1906/1940
                                                    9 Thomas Paul SIZEMORE
                                                    9 Millie Gray SIZEMORE
                                                      =John R. CHRISTIAN
                                                    9 John Murray SIZEMORE
                                                      =Ruby Estelle STANFORD
                                                          10 Norma Jean SIZEMORE
                                                          10 John Murray SIZEMORE Jr
                                                          10 Wade Quinton SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Keith Gordon SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Steven Blake SIZEMORE
                                                    9 William Trice SIZEMORE
                                                    9 Daniel Martin SIZEMORE
                                                      =Rosie Lee HOLLIS
                                                          10 James Daniel SIZEMORE
                                                            =Patty Sue MAY
                                                                11 Samantha Jo SIZEMORE
                                                                11 Tawanna Kay SIZEMORE
                                                                11 James Daniel SIZEMORE Jr
                                                          10 Dorothy Jean SIZEMORE
                                                            =James Howard HUGHES
                                                                11 James Howard HUGHES Jr
                                                                11 Michael Shane HUGHES
                                                          10 Joyce Faye SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Everette Lee SIZEMORE
                                                            =Peggy WEEKS
                                                                11 Tari Marissa SIZEMORE
                                                                11 Michelle Leigh SIZEMORE
                                                    9 Golden Lee SIZEMORE
                                                    9 Trezie Ray SIZEMORE
                                                      =Nellie Mae SMITH
                                                          10 David Ray SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Theresa DeLane SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Danny Ray SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Jennie Renae SIZEMORE
                                                    9 Gary Fern SIZEMORE
                                                      =Christine C COLLINS  Marriage: 21 Apr 1961
                                                          10 Timothy Gary SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Christopher Fenn SIZEMORE
                                                          10 Christene Elizabeth SIZEMORE
                                              8 Effie Lunnie THOMAS
                                                =Edgar Dennis MCDANIEL  Marriage: 14 May 1916, Fellowship Community, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Infant Dau. MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Jessie Banks MCDANIEL
                                                      =Newt H. JOHNSON
                                                          10 Elwanda Joyce JOHNSON
                                                            =Dennis L MASON  Marriage: Jun 1968, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Sammie Lee MCDANIEL
                                                      =Johnnie Fedford ELLIOTT
                                                          10 James Fedford ELLIOTT
                                                          10 Sandra Leigh ELLIOTT
                                                          10 Leonard Eugene ELLIOTT
                                                            =Peggy Jean ROBERTSON  Marriage: Aug 1961, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                                11 Gary Lane ELLIOTT
                                                                11 Alan Eugene ELLIOTT
                                                          10 Jerry Wayne ELLIOTT
                                                            =Linda Sue HARILSON
                                                          10 Sherry Lynn ELLIOTT
                                                            =James Sherrill YERBY
                                                          10 Daniel Banks ELLIOTT
                                                            =Joy Dale HOWARD
                                                    9 Lionel Bertrain MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Leon Middleton MCDANIEL
                                                      =Emily UPDIKE
                                                          10 Karen Marie MCDANIEL
                                                            =Mickey MCGAHAGAN
                                                                11 Emily Ann MCGAHAGAN
                                                          10 Dianne MCDANIEL
                                                            =Ralph NUDO
                                                                11 Nikki NUDO
                                                                11 Benjamin NUDO
                                                          10 Audrey Ann MCDANIEL
                                                            =Jeff PRINGLE
                                                                11 Justin James PRINGLE
                                                    9 Lomar Edgar MCDANIEL
                                                      =Virginia WOODS
                                                          10 Linda MCDANIEL
                                                            =Robin FREEMAN
                                                                11 Becky FREEMAN
                                                          10 Carol MCDANIEL
                                                            =Bruce BRIGGS
                                                                11 Bobby Jo BRIGGS
                                                          10 Larry Ray MCDANIEL
                                                            =Susan MILLER
                                                                11 Lauren MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Laray MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Levi Randel MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Infant Daughter MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Dezzie Rae MCDANIEL
                                                      =Chester Lee BRADFORD
                                                          10 Elizabeth Ann BRADFORD
                                                            =Marlin ZOMBECK
                                                          10 Neil BRADFORD
                                                          10 Belinda Faye BRADFORD
                                                            =Delon SHANKLE
                                                          10 Ernie Lee BRADFORD
                                                    9 Tezzie Mae MCDANIEL
                                                    9 William Monroe MCDANIEL
                                                      =Billie Dine PRATT
                                                          10 Robert Dennis MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Tamera Udine MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Betty Sue MCDANIEL
                                                      =Charlie Lee O'MARY  Marriage: 25 Sep 1954
                                                    9 Infant Son MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Norma Jean MCDANIEL
                                                      =Joe Graves PINKERTON
                                                          10 Donna Jo PINKERTON
                                                            =Curtis Dean WHITFORD
                                                                11 Cory Devin WHITFORD
                                                                11 Bradley Dylan WHITFORD
                                                                11 Kristyn Danielle WHITFORD
                                                          10 Gregory Keith PINKERTON
                                                            =Pebble DAVIS
                                                                11 Jordyn Storm PINKERTON
                                                                11 Erica Kaye PINKERTON
                                                          10 Pamela Jean PINKERTON
                                                            =Timothy Lynn DUNCAN
                                                    9 Mary Lou MCDANIEL
                                                      =Roger WALTERS
                                                          10 Todd WALTERS
                                              8 Silas Martin THOMAS
                                                =Maudie L SORRELLS
                                                    9 Doris Lavern THOMAS
                                                      =Willie Banks BUTLER  Marriage: 10 Nov 1944
                                                          10 Daniel Banks BUTLER
                                                            =Mary Agnes BATTLE  Marriage: 1968
                                                                11 Melanie Alyce BUTLER
                                                                11 James Daniel BUTLER
                                                          10 Doris Carol BUTLER
                                                            =Roger Kyle REDUS  Marriage: Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                                11 Roger Kyle REDUS ,Jr
                                                                11 Marsha Carol REDUS
                                                                  =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1994
                                                          10 Annette BUTLER
                                                          10 Valery Joyce BUTLER
                                                            =Chris KELLY  Marriage: 1983
                                                                11 Amanda Michelle KELLY
                                                    9 Sherman Baxter THOMAS
                                                    9 Evelyn Virginia THOMAS
                                                      =Lee JONES
                                                          10 Thomas John JONES
                                                          10 Rebecca Lynn JONES
                                                            =Johnny GOODWIN
                                                                11 Ryan GOODWIN
                                                    9 Wilbur Martin THOMAS
                                                      =Mary GUYTON
                                                          10 Kimberly Jane THOMAS
                                                          10 Sheleda Kay THOMAS
                                                    9 Davis Clifton THOMAS
                                                      =Dianne TRIMM
                                                          10 Jennifer Lanae THOMAS
                                                    9 Theolyn Kay THOMAS
                                                      =Luther Leon HARDY
                                                    9 Infant Son THOMAS
                                              8 Mitten Lee THOMAS
                                                =Bluford Bradley MCDANIEL  Marriage: 22 Jun 1918
                                                    9 Chelsie Ray MCDANIEL
                                                      =Evelyn NIX
                                                          10 Allen MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Arthur Ray MCDANIEL
                                                            =Earline DUFF
                                                                11 Allison Renee MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Christopher Bradley MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Charity Earlene MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Noel Elwood MCDANIEL
                                                      =Gaye HAYNES
                                                    9 Dennis Odom MCDANIEL
                                                      =Sue TURMAN
                                                          10 Revis MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Jerry Lane MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Dennis Olen MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Clifton John MCDANIEL
                                                      =Betty Jean THOMPSON
                                                          10 Pamela MCDANIEL
                                                            =Mike GLASGOW
                                                          10 Kenneth Lane MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Bryce Bluford MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Steve MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Lynette MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Jan MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Arvol Gray MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Cloyce Dill MCDANIEL
                                                      =Elois WARREN
                                                          10 Arvol Lynn MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Fred Franklin MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Shelby Glenn MCDANIEL
                                                      =Jerri PALMER
                                                    9 Leathel Earl MCDANIEL
                                                      =Faye WRIGHT
                                                          10 Danny MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Sherman MCDANIEL
                                                          10 Terry MCDANIEL
                                                    9 Lynn G MCDANIEL
                                                      =Bernice Faye KNIGHT
                                                          10 Reba Yvonne MCDANIEL
                                                            =Anthony INDELICATO  Marriage: Jan 1983
                                                                11 Joseph Lynn INDELICATO
                                                                11 Sara Diane INDELICATO
                                                          10 Ronald Curtus MCDANIEL
                                                            =Carol INGRAM  Marriage: 30 Sep 1983
                                                          10 Michael Lynn MCDANIEL
                                                            =Marsha FIELDS  Marriage: 21 Mar 1980
                                                                11 Bradley Michael MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Patrick Vasser MCDANIEL
                                                                11 Lindsey Gail MCDANIEL
                                                          10 David Martin MCDANIEL
                                                            =Aletha Fay SHARPSTON  Marriage: 27 Feb 2000
                                                          10 Diane Lee MCDANIEL
                                                            =Larry W. STEPHENS  Marriage: 3 Apr 1982
                                                                11 Adam LaDon STEPHENS
                                                                11 Alexandra Lee STEPHENS
                                              8 Thomas Murphy THOMAS
                                              8 Bertha Estelle THOMAS
                                                =Dewy RUSHING  Marriage: 1918/1947
                                          =Misouria R. PRICE  Marriage: 1894/1908
                                              8 Arlene Ethel THOMAS
                                                =Calvin J RUSHING  Marriage: 1917/1950
                                                    9 Mildred RUSHING
                                                    9 C J RUSHING
                                                    9 Henry Jack RUSHING
                                                    9 Robbie Lee RUSHING
                                                    9 Marvin Eugene RUSHING
                                                    9 Billie Dee RUSHING
                                                =Johnney STANLEY  Marriage: 1917/1950
                                              8 Gilbert THOMAS
                                              8 John Allen THOMAS
                                                =Ethel STANLEY
                                                    9 John Allen THOMAS Jr
                                                      =Eva Louise
                                                    9 Louis Davis THOMAS
                                                      =Eva Louise BURNS
                                                    9 Trellis THOMAS
                                                    9 Willis THOMAS
                                              8 Pervie Clifton THOMAS
                                                =Amy Loudell HESTER
                                                    9 Pervenia Pearl THOMAS
                                                      =James Allen SHACKELFORD Jr
                                                    9 Banks THOMAS
                                                    9 Biddie Lou THOMAS
                                                    9 Barney THOMAS
                                                      =Faye SPANN
                                                          10 Phillip Russell THOMAS
                                        7 Sarah Abigail THOMAS
                                          =Alson Fletcher FINCH  Marriage: 8 Nov 1888, At the home of her parent
                                              8 Letha Rebecca FINCH
                                              8 Effie Adeline FINCH
                                                =Albert H HANKINS
                                              8 Richard Cameron FINCH
                                                    9 Billy C. FINCH
                                                    9 Sarah G. FINCH
                                              8 Fred Colen FINCH
                                              8 George Harvey FINCH
                                              8 Elma Gertrude FINCH
                                                =Arthur B. TURNER
                                                    9 Harold Edward TURNER
                                                    9 James Arthur TURNER
                                                    9 Henry Alson TURNER
                                                    9 Melda Grey TURNER
                                              8 Josie Fletcher FINCH
                                        7 Nancy Serena THOMAS
                                          =William Oscar MITCHELL  Marriage: 6 Nov 1890, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Mellie Izora MITCHELL
                                                =William Jessie WHEELER  Marriage: 9 May 1920, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Albert Eldon WHEELER
                                                      =Annie Laura OVERTON
                                                          10 Carolyn Sue WHEELER
                                                            =James Earl ESTES
                                                            =Jesse Raymond COLEY
                                                            =Billy Ray GILPIN
                                                          10 William Eldon WHEELER
                                                            =Linda Sue BRADFORD
                                                          10 Barbara Ann WHEELER
                                                            =Ronald BLAYLOCK
                                                                11 Burk Wayne BLAYLOCK
                                                                  =Judy CRAWFORD
                                                                      12 Tiffany BLAYLOCK
                                                                      12 Tyler Wayne BLAYLOCK
                                                                11 Sherry Denise BLAYLOCK
                                                          10 Edwin Phil WHEELER
                                                            =Shirley HAWKIN
                                                          10 Harold D WHEELER
                                                            =Patricia JENKINS
                                                            =Freda Otts MCCLENDON
                                                          10 Patricia Ann WHEELER
                                                            =Robert Earl TURNER
                                                                11 William Jeremy TURNER
                                                            =Ricky HUDSON
                                                                11 Justin HUDSON
                                                                  =Julie STORY
                                                                      12 Danya HUDSON
                                                          10 Linda Marie WHEELER
                                                            =Stanley HUBBERT
                                                    9 Melvin Carr WHEELER
                                                      =Virginia Dare PENNINGTON
                                                          10 Janice Kay WHEELER
                                                          10 Carol Jean WHEELER
                                                            =James Thomas SMITH
                                                          10 Sandra Sue WHEELER
                                                          10 Kenneth Carr WHEELER
                                                            =Patry WHITEHEAD
                                              8 Joseph Murray MITCHELL
                                                =Hattie Mae Belle WHEELER  Marriage: 14 Jul 1915
                                                    9 Edna Adine MITCHELL
                                                      =Gilbert Woodrow MAY
                                                          10 Ralph Edward MAY
                                                            =Kathleen Ann PRIOR
                                                          10 Joyce Ann MAY
                                                            =Larry Douglas PRIOR
                                                                11 Oliver Warren PRIOR
                                                                11 Trevor Phillip PRIOR
                                                                11 Gilbert Woodrow PRIOR
                                                                11 Brittany Rosa PRIOR
                                                                11 Nathan Wyatt PRIOR
                                                          10 Doris Sue MAY
                                                            =Gregory Mark SEE
                                                    9 John Thomas MITCHELL
                                                      =Cloris PRATER
                                                    9 L.D. MITCHELL
                                                      =Mattie Lee HUDSON  Marriage: 19 Jan 1946, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                          10 Larry Dean MITCHELL
                                                            =Carolyn Sue NAPPER
                                                                11 William Christopher MITCHELL
                                                                  =Kim LANGFORD
                                                                11 Jonathan Craig MITCHELL
                                                                11 Jason Chad MITCHELL
                                                            =Vickie PHILLIPS  Marriage: 5 Jun 1993, Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi
                                                          10 Patsy Elaine MITCHELL
                                                            =Rex Maxie HOLLIS  Marriage: 21 Dec 1968, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                          10 Keith Lee MITCHELL
                                                            =Nedra Jane RICKMAN
                                                    9 Katie Lavern MITCHELL
                                                      =John Troy PATE  Marriage: 2 Jan 1944, Hamilton, Monroe County, Mississippi
                                                          10 Troy LaDon PATE
                                                            =Betty Watson GLOVER  Marriage: 15 Dec 1973, Prattville, Alabama
                                                          10 Anita Kay PATE
                                                            =Henry Albert ERWIN
                                                            =Julian David SAUL
                                                                11 Matthew Jason SAUL
                                                                11 Andrea Mitchelle SAUL
                                                          10 Wendell Wayne PATE
                                                            =Pamela RUSSELL
                                                          10 LaJuana Gay PATE
                                                            =James Ray MARKHAM  Marriage: 27 Apr 1975
                                                          10 Mitchell Shane PATE
                                                          10 Timothy Wade PATE
                                                            =Carolyn DAVIS
                                                    9 Sennie Lavoy MITCHELL
                                                      =John David MALONE  Marriage: 6 Jul 1946, Fayette County, Alabama
                                                          10 David Randall MALONE
                                                            =Ruby Elizabeth SWAIN
                                                          10 Lynda Carroll MALONE
                                                            =Darrell Wade HULL  Marriage: 24 Jun 1968
                                                                11 Tammie Faye HULL
                                                                  =Johnathan Wayne SMITH
                                                                      12 Caleb Wayne SMITH
                                                                      12 Daniel Wade SMITH
                                                                11 Darrell Wade HULL Jr
                                                                  =Leslie KIDWELL
                                                          10 Rhonda Sharon MALONE
                                                          10 Teddy Gene MALONE
                                                            =Sandra Kay EADS
                                                            =Carla GARNER
                                                          10 Regina Faye MALONE
                                                            =Robert Douglas CAMERON
                                                                11 Rhonda Sharron CAMERON
                                                                  =Jay Allen HARMON
                                                                      12 Jacob Oliver HARMON
                                                                      12 Jessie David HARMON
                                                                      12 Jayme Allyn HARMON
                                                                11 Kelley Nichole CAMERON
                                                                      12 Cameron Jordan LAMANA
                                                                11 Joseph David CAMERON
                                                            =Anthony Dale HAMM
                                                          10 Tammie Mae MALONE
                                                            =Rhodney Wayne BUSSY
                                                                11 Tyler Wayne BUSSY
                                                      =Richard Allen RADERCHAK  Marriage: 7 Feb 1982
                                                    9 Billy Gene MITCHELL
                                                      =Ruby Gray MOORE  Marriage: 28 Aug 1947
                                                          10 Lytheda Mae MITCHELL
                                                            =Edward Bryan BARNES
                                                          10 Doyle Gene MITCHELL
                                                            =Pattey Ann WARD
                                                          10 Vonda Ann MITCHELL
                                                            =Richard Byron SANDERS
                                                    9 Earnestine MITCHELL
                                                    9 Joe Wayne MITCHELL
                                                      =Martha Raye MCKAY  Marriage: 6 Jul 1956
                                                    9 Jerry Kenneth MITCHELL
                                                      =Dorothy Mollie ROBERTS  Marriage: 28 Nov 1964
                                                          10 Jerry Kenneth MITCHELL
                                              8 John Harvey MITCHELL
                                                =Cassie Myrtle WALLACE  Marriage: 8 Feb 1919
                                                    9 Mava Lois MITCHELL
                                                      =Minter Dale REDUS Jr  Marriage: 30 Dec 1942
                                                          10 Ronald Earl REDUS
                                                            =Belva Jean PRICE  Marriage: 6 Mar 1964, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                                11 John Mitchell REDUS
                                                                11 Timothy Dale REDUS
                                                                  =Tina PERKINS  Marriage: 1 Dec 2001
                                                                11 Rachel Lynn REDUS
                                                                  =Bobby Joe WHEELER Jr  Marriage: 3 Sep 1989, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                                      12 Bobby Joe WHEELER III
                                                                      12 Hillary Mason WHEELER
                                                                  =Larry Kent WHITE
                                                                      12 Kenlyn Reanna WHITE
                                                                11 James Paul REDUS
                                                          10 Roger Kyle REDUS
                                                            =Doris Carol BUTLER  Marriage: Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                                11 Roger Kyle REDUS ,Jr
                                                                11 Marsha Carol REDUS
                                                                  =James David WILLIAMS  Marriage: 1994
                                              8 Icie Floy MITCHELL
                                                =Thomas Howell TAGGART  Marriage: 15 Dec 1926, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Miles H TAGGART
                                                      =Carol Mae JAKEL  Marriage: 12 Jun 1949, Spokane, Washington
                                                          10 Heidi Magdalene TAGGART
                                                          10 Heather Michelle TAGGART
                                                          10 LaLonnie Lee TAGGART
                                                            =Robert DUCKWORTH  Marriage: 3 Oct 1981, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
                                                    9 Marilyn Trellis TAGGART
                                                      =Betty Jo TRULL
                                                          10 Tony TAGGART
                                                          10 Todd TAGGART
                                                          10 Tim TAGGART
                                                          10 Kevin TAGGART
                                                          10 Marty TAGGART
                                                    9 Marion Travis TAGGART
                                                      =Virginia O'MARY
                                                          10 Marion Travis TAGGART Jr
                                                    9 Lovie C. TAGGART
                                                    9 Doris Evelyn TAGGART
                                                      =Dan SPRINGFIELD
                                                    9 Betty TAGGART
                                                      =Robert E HOWE
                                                          10 Betty Carolyn HOWE
                                                            =William Lawson INGRAM
                                              8 Lula Adine MITCHELL
                                                =Robert Ira MCREYNOLDS  Marriage: 7 Feb 1930, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Clara Blanch MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Andrew Pete CICERO
                                                          10 Pamela Clarette CICERO
                                                          10 Andrew Pete CICERO
                                                            =Donna LuAnn PATTERSON
                                                    9 Bobby Ray MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Rachel Virginia GUNNELLS  Marriage: 24 Dec 1955
                                                    9 Arnold Gay MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Lavada Faye MCCOY
                                                          10 Susan Carol MCREYNOLDS
                                                            =Ronald Timothy MITTENZWAI
                                                          10 Laurie DeAnn MCREYNOLDS
                                                            =Ronald LAROCK
                                                            =Harry Jame MITCHELL
                                                    9 Betty Lou MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Johnny Leobert BROCK
                                                          10 Mack Anthony BROCK
                                                            =Carolyn Sue CANTRELL
                                                          10 Betsy Luann BROCK
                                                            =Tony Marlin SMITH
                                                          10 Katherine Marie BROCK
                                                            =Anthony Teague TAYLOR
                                                    9 William Agee MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Martha Lou WHITE
                                                          10 Timothy Ira MCREYNOLDS
                                                            =Cynthia BRITNELL
                                                                11 Derek MCREYNOLDS
                                                            =Sandra Franklin ROGERS
                                                          10 Tammy Annette MCREYNOLDS
                                                            =Glen BARDON
                                                    9 Elwanda Sue MCREYNOLDS
                                                      =Joseph Berger ODOM
                                                          10 Joseph Berger ODOM
                                                          10 Lance Ira ODOM
                                                      =Wilmer PAUL
                                              8 Infant Son MITCHELL
                                        7 James Bailey THOMAS
                                        7 Margrette Rebecca THOMAS
                                          =Robert Kelcy FRANKS  Marriage: 17 Nov 1892, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Emma Adeline FRANKS
                                                =W. Sebert LAMB  Marriage: 1907/1939
                                                =Jb DEVIN  Marriage: 1908/1939
                                                =DeRoy RICHARDSON  Marriage: 1908/1939
                                                =John Pendergrass MCGEE  Marriage: 1 Oct 1916,  
                                                    9 John Pendergrass MCGEE Jr
                                              8 Rosa Rebecca FRANKS
                                                =Martin LAWRENCE  Marriage: 16 Oct 1916
                                                    9 Raymond Theo LAWRENCE
                                                    9 Marie LAWRENCE
                                                    9 Bobby Joe LAWRENCE
                                                    9 Ralph LAWRENCE
                                                    9 Mildred LAWRENCE
                                                    9 Mary LAWRENCE
                                              8 Arthur Bryan FRANKS
                                                =Matbell Walden LYNN  Marriage: 2 Dec 1940
                                              8 Bertie Mae FRANKS
                                              8 Raymond Newton FRANKS
                                              8 Thomas Murphy FRANKS
                                                =Magnolia LAWRENCE  Marriage: 2 Nov 1924
                                                    9 Eula Mae FRANKS
                                                      =Lennie Ray DUBOSE
                                                          10 John Thomas DUBOSE
                                                          10 Carol Renee DUBOSE
                                                    9 Johnnie B FRANKS
                                                    9 Infant FRANKS
                                                    9 Arvel Gray FRANKS
                                                    9 Jewell Rae FRANKS
                                                    9 Maggie Lois FRANKS
                                                    9 Wylodie FRANKS
                                                    9 Judith FRANKS
                                                      =Lewis Milford CUNNINGHAM
                                                          10 Max CUNNINGHAM
                                                          10 David CUNNINGHAM
                                                          10 Glenn W CUNNINGHAM
                                              8 Bailey Franklin FRANKS
                                                =Dorothy Lee WOODS
                                                    9 Robert Franklin FRANKS
                                                    9 William Cecil FRANKS
                                                    9 Brenda Jeanne FRANKS
                                                    9 Linda Lee FRANKS
                                                =Maggie Lucille WOODS  Marriage: 24 Jan 1926
                                                    9 Thomas Cecil FRANKS
                                                      =Marylan Lydia BRUSS
                                                          10 Thomas William FRANKS
                                                    9 Ruth Dell FRANKS
                                                      =Harold Dean WHITLEY
                                                          10 Dianna Kathleen WHITLEY
                                                            =Robert Fred JOHNSON
                                                          10 Joan Leigh WHITLEY
                                              8 Ruby Gray FRANKS
                                              8 Tura Fay FRANKS
                                                =Kermit Bankhead ROBERTSON
                                                    9 Peggy Jean ROBERTSON
                                                      =Leonard Eugene ELLIOTT  Marriage: Aug 1961, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                          10 Gary Lane ELLIOTT
                                                          10 Alan Eugene ELLIOTT
                                                    9 Robert Huston ROBERTSON
                                                      =Betty Ruth SPENCER
                                                    9 Jo Ann ROBERTSON
                                                      =H L ROBINSON
                                                          10 Jason Todd ROBINSON
                                                            =Andlyn Paige SANDERS
                                                          10 Monica Fay ROBINSON
                                                    9 David Kermit ROBERTSON
                                                      =Nina Ellan ELLIOTT
                                                          10 Abby Celeste ROBERTSON
                                                          10 Jarred ROBERTSON
                                  6 William THOMAS
                                    =Sarah HANKINS  Marriage: 1854/1890
                                  6 John Christopher THOMAS
                                    =Martha MALLOY  Marriage: 1 Sep 1868
                                        7 Elizabeth THOMAS
                                        7 Sarah THOMAS
                                        7 Laura THOMAS
                                  6 Mary Jane THOMAS
                                    =James Benjamin CHANDLER  Marriage: 21 Oct 1869
                                        7 Della CHANDLER
                                          =Stephen Sydney RICHMAN  Marriage: 1889/1921
                                        7 John Martin CHANDLER
                                          =Essie M. SORRELLS  Marriage: 7 Nov 1895, Lamar County, Alabama
                                          =Harritt A PENNINGTON
                                        7 Nancy Elizabeth CHANDLER
                                        7 Lacy Franklin CHANDLER
                                        7 James Alfred CHANDLER
                                        7 George Walter CHANDLER
                                          =Frances Savannah MATTHEWS  Marriage: 1 Mar 1900
                                              8 J. Burley CHANDLER
                                              8 Ora Irene CHANDLER
                                              8 Infant Daughter CHANDLER
                                          =Rosa TATE
                                        7 Simeon Allen CHANDLER
                                          =Ada Maybells HANKINS  Marriage: 15 Oct 1905, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Infant Daughter CHANDLER
                                              8 Arlie Brooks CHANDLER
                                                =Helen Marchbanks KENNEDY
                                                    9 Linda CHANDLER
                                                    9 Meredith CHANDLER
                                              8 Arvil Astor CHANDLER
                                              8 Myrtle Lucille CHANDLER
                                                =Dee Sherman THORTON
                                              8 Almus Allen CHANDLER
                                                =Theresa REEVES
                                                    9 Theresa Carol CHANDLER
                                                =Hilma Grace COLLIER
                                              8 Clovis Hamilton CHANDLER
                                                =Blanche WHEELER
                                                =Hilda Lee HOLLIS
                                                =Pauline WENTZ
                                                =Mella B. RIDGEWAY
                                                =Hilda Lee HOLLIS
                                                    9 Kawatha Jean CHANDLER
                                                    9 Allen Hollis CHANDLER
                                                    9 Arnold Ray CHANDLER
                                                    9 Rebecca Ann CHANDLER
                                                =Ollie Mae Pennington HARRIS
                                              8 Curtis Arnold CHANDLER
                                                =Kittie Rose VARNON
                                                    9 Allen Varnon CHANDLER
                                                      =Ernestine CUNNINGHAM  Marriage: 22 Nov 1970
                                        7 Mary Josephine CHANDLER
                                        7 Virginia Belldonna CHANDLER
                                  6 Elizabeth THOMAS
                                    =Thomas Harvey FINCH  Marriage: 9 May 1880, John Tapley Thomas home by T.W Springfield
                                        7 Claude J. FINCH
                                          =Fannie HANKINS
                                              8 Willie Mae HANKINS
                                        7 Doress FINCH
                                        7 William F. FINCH
                                        7 Tallie FINCH
                                        7 Elja FINCH
                                  6 Franklin Pierce THOMAS
                                    =Molly RILEY  Marriage: 1867/1899
                                        7 Ethel THOMAS
                                        7 Walter THOMAS
                                        7 George THOMAS
                                        7 Maude THOMAS
                            5 Newton THOMAS
                            5 Brandon THOMAS
                      4 Pierce KEY
                        =Sarah HIX  Marriage: 1802/1840
                      4 Winnie KEY
                        =Boley EMBRY  Marriage: 30 Sep 1807, Jackson County, Georgia
                      4 Talbert KEY
                        =Elizabeth EMBRY  Marriage: 28 Jan 1816, Jackson County, Georgia
                      4 Sarah KEY
                      4 Geoge W. KEY
                        =Delila EMBRY  Marriage: 1817
                3 Barbary KEY
                  =Joseph FRENCH  Marriage: 9 Mar 1794, Bedford County, Virginia
                3 Joseph Staunton KEY
                  =Judith WATTS  Marriage: 29 Jan 1784, Bedford County, Virginia
                3 Elizabeth KEY
                  =Benjamin WATTS  Marriage: 18 Nov 1784, Bedford County, Virginia
          2 George KEY
            =Nancy EDWARDS  Marriage: 1760, Albemarle County, Virginia
            =Mary SENTER  Marriage: 14 Oct 1782
            =Isbell CANADY  Marriage: 14 Nov 1785

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