George KEY
My Relationship : 7th Great Grand Aunt
  • Father: John KEY Sr
  • Mother: Martha TANDY
  • Birth: 1733, Virginia
  • Death: 1799, Henry, Virginia
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    George had fifteen children and it has not been determined by which wife the
    children were born.
    George served as a soldier during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted as a
    private in Captain Samuel Jordan Cabells Company, 6th Virginia Regiment, and
    is listed on the Company muster roll of May and June, 1777. He was allowed a
    land bounty for three years service as a private in the Continental Lines.
    On November 22, 1849, Land Warrant number 9229 was for 50 acres of land to
    William and Betty Morris, heirs-at-law of George Key, late Private in the
    Continental Line.

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    Ancestors of George KEY

            /-John KEY Sr
    George KEY
            \-Martha TANDY

    Descendants of George KEY

    1 George KEY
      =Nancy EDWARDS  Marriage: 1760, Albemarle County, Virginia
      =Mary SENTER  Marriage: 14 Oct 1782
      =Isbell CANADY  Marriage: 14 Nov 1785

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