Ruth Ann KING
My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 1 Time Removed
  • Father: Issac Louis KING
  • Mother: Emma Bell MCKINNEY

  • Ancestors of Ruth Ann KING

            /-Issac Louis KING
    Ruth Ann KING
            |         /-Samuel David MCKINNEY
            \-Emma Bell MCKINNEY
                      |                             /-Edmund MASON
                      |                   /-Elijah M MASON
                      |                   |         \-Rebecca Elizabeth WOODS
                      |         /-William Carothers MASON
                      |         |         \-Louisa O. HOLLIS
                      \-Hattie Mae MASON
                                \-Emma HENDERSON

    Descendants of Ruth Ann KING

    1 Ruth Ann KING
      =John A BROWN
          2 Saberina BROWN
            =Tusty TRIPP
                3 Jackie TRIPP
                3 Christopher TRIPP
          2 John BROWN
            =Robin VLADE
                3 Allesia BROWN

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