Issac Louis KING
My Relationship : Husband of 1st Cousin 2 Times Removed
  • Birth: 7 Jul 1923, Chickasaw County, Mississippi
  • Death: 18 Oct 1991, Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi
  • Burial: Macedonia Methodist Church Cemetery, Houston, Chickasaw County, Mississippi
  • now

    Descendants of Issac Louis KING

    1 Issac Louis KING
      =Emma Bell MCKINNEY
          2 Ruth Ann KING
            =John A BROWN
                3 Saberina BROWN
                  =Tusty TRIPP
                      4 Jackie TRIPP
                      4 Christopher TRIPP
                3 John BROWN
                  =Robin VLADE
                      4 Allesia BROWN
          2 James Russell KING
            =Helen BROWN
            =Robin Marie GANN
            =Brenda GREENWOOD
          2 Samuel Quitman KING
          2 Issac Louis KING Jr

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