Martin KEY
My Relationship : 7th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: John KEY Sr
  • Mother: Martha TANDY
  • Birth: ABT. 1715, Virginia
  • Death: 1791, Albemarle County, Virginia
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    Martin Key was an active purchaser of land and aquired an estate of serveal
    thousand acres located betwween southwest mountain and the Rivanna River from
    Edgemont on the Barboursville Road to the bend in the Rivanna River below Free
    Bride in what is now Albemarle County Virginia. He patented land there in
    1743, 1746 and about 1784 and recived some of his father's land in 1758 by
    patent and purchase. Martin Key also acquired 1,350acres of land in Fluvanna
    county Virginia.
    He was the first sheriff and one of the first Bench of Justice of Fluvanna
    County. In 1777 when that county was formed from Albemarle and was one of
    the first Vestrymen of Fluvanna Parish. About 1776 he apparently returned to
    Albemarle County. Martin Key was an attorney as well as a planter. he was the
    attorney for Henry Key in Amherst county Virginia and was a commissioner in
    the sale of the extensive sequested estates of John Harner and Walter King in
    Albemarle and nearby counties.
    The Reverend Francis Asbury was entertained as a guest in Martin Key home
    serveral times while riding the Methodist Circuit in Virginia. Later in 1785
    another Methodist Bishop the Reverend Thomas Coke, found Martin Key
    inhospitable and was severly critical of him . Martin Key was a large slave
    owner and it was probably the abolitionist viewpoint of some of the Clergy
    that caused him to "Shut the door against the preacher".
    Martin Key was married at least twice, and perhaps three times. His last wife
    was Ann Bibb, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Martin Bibb of Amherst county,
    Virginia. He was married to her in 1768, but she was too young to have been
    the mother of all of his children, for she was born during the 1740s. An
    earlier wife was either Nancy or Mary Bibb. Nancy and Mary were daughters of
    William Bibb (granduncle of Thomas Bibb of Amherst county) of Louisa county,
    and though accounts vary, Nancy Bibb probably married Martin Key, and Mary
    Bibb probably married Robert Edwards. Ann Dabney has also been listed as an
    earlier wife of Martin Key. Of Martin Keys twelve children, only Jamesand
    Walter are know to have been by his last wife, however, she probably had
    others besides these.
    Martin Key died in 1791 at Albemarle county,Virginia. In his will each of his
    sons were comfortably provided for, though one was to receive his legacy on
    probation. Ann Bibb Key continued to live at Albemarle County, until about
    1804, when she probably moved to Orange County, Virginia, where she died about

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    Ancestors of Martin KEY

            /-John KEY Sr
    Martin KEY
            \-Martha TANDY

    Descendants of Martin KEY

    1 Martin KEY
      =Nancy BIBB  Marriage: 1732/1765
      =Ann DABNEY  Marriage: 1734/1770

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