Henry KEY
My Relationship : 7th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: John KEY Sr
  • Mother: Martha TANDY
  • Birth: ABT. 1730, Virginia
  • Death: 1790, Edgefield, South Carolina
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    Henry Key made his first land patent in 1756, and by 1771 he had patented over
    2,700 acres of land in what is now Nelson county, Virginia, to which he later
    added by numerous purchases.
    When Amherst county was formed from Albemarle county in 1761, court was held
    for a time at Henry's home.
    From Amherst county records of 1769 and 1770, it appears that he held the rank
    of Captain in the Militia.
    In 1773, Henry conveyed most of his Amherst property to his attorneys, one of
    whom was Martin Key, security for a debt. In 1777, the attorneys began selling
    the property, and by 1782, Henry had moved to Ninety Six District, South

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    Ancestors of Henry KEY

            /-John KEY Sr
    Henry KEY
            \-Martha TANDY

    Descendants of Henry KEY

    1 Henry KEY
      =Mary CLARKE  Marriage: 1745/1777

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