Rosie Lee HOLLIS
My Relationship : Wife of 2nd Cousin 2 Times Removed

Descendants of Rosie Lee HOLLIS

1 Rosie Lee HOLLIS
  =Daniel Martin SIZEMORE
      2 James Daniel SIZEMORE
        =Patty Sue MAY
            3 Samantha Jo SIZEMORE
            3 Tawanna Kay SIZEMORE
            3 James Daniel SIZEMORE Jr
      2 Dorothy Jean SIZEMORE
        =James Howard HUGHES
            3 James Howard HUGHES Jr
            3 Michael Shane HUGHES
      2 Joyce Faye SIZEMORE
      2 Everette Lee SIZEMORE
        =Peggy WEEKS
            3 Tari Marissa SIZEMORE
            3 Michelle Leigh SIZEMORE

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