Martha Key HOLLEY
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: Sherwood Redderick HOLLEY
  • Mother: Virginia W THOMAS
  • Birth: 10 Jul 1855, Alabama
  • Death: 3 Feb 1934, Paducah, Cottle County, Texas
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    Martha Holley was married to the Reverend William Morris, a minister of the
    Gospel in the Primitive Baptist Church.
    William Morris and Nathan Morris who married Martha's sister, Nannie were
    Shad and Sarah Holley Hayes lived at Shamrock Texas. Edna Holley Barton lived
    at McDoe, Texas.
    Elizabeth Holley was married to Young. They had one one son, J.F. Young.

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    Ancestors of Martha Key HOLLEY

            /-Sherwood Redderick HOLLEY
    Martha Key HOLLEY
            |                   /-Beasley THOMAS
            |         /-John Tapley THOMAS
            |         |         |                             /-John KEY Sr
            |         |         |                   /-John KEY Jr
            |         |         |                   |         \-Martha TANDY
            |         |         |         /-John Waller KEY
            |         |         |         |         \-Agnes WITT
            |         |         \-Martha (Patty) KEY
            |         |                   \-Virginia Jane WADE
            \-Virginia W THOMAS
                      \-Sarah Key THOMAS

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