My Relationship : Husband of 2nd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: Amaziah M GUIN
  • Mother: Mary Josephine TRULL
  • Birth: 29 Aug 1874
  • Death: 4 Oct 1941
  • Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
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  • Son of Amaziah & Mary J Trull Guin.
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    Ancestors of Jay A GUIN

            /-Amaziah M GUIN
    Jay A GUIN
            \-Mary Josephine TRULL

    Descendants of Jay A GUIN

    1 Jay A GUIN
      =Martha Abigail GILLIAM
          2 Infant Son GUIN
          2 Nathan GUIN
            =Nettie Matilda SMITH
                3 Nell Jessie GUIN
                  =William Hendly HULSEY Jr.  Marriage: 22 Aug 1946, Jefferson County, Alabama

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