My Relationship : 3rd Cousin 2 Times Removed
  • Father: William Grant HALL
  • Mother: Clara Mae LOCKHART
  • Death: 17 May 2012
  • Burial: Mount Muncie Cemetery, Lansing, Leavenworth County, Kansas
  • now

    Ancestors of Mary HALL

                                                    /-John Green HALL , Sr.
                                          /-John Green HALL , Jr.
                                          |         \-Sarah ANDERSON
                                /-Mark HALL
                                |         \-Mary ANDERSON
                      /-John R HALL
                      |         \-Matilda JOHNSON
            /-William Grant HALL
            |         \-Francis E JONES
    Mary HALL
            \-Clara Mae LOCKHART

    Descendants of Mary HALL

    1 Mary HALL
      =Warren STANLEY

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