Jacob Lafayette TOMLIN
My Relationship : Husband of 2nd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Birth: Oct 1869
  • Death: 1959
  • Burial: Ole Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
  • now

    Descendants of Jacob Lafayette TOMLIN

    1 Jacob Lafayette TOMLIN
      =Mary Emily GILLIAM
          2 Eunice Lorine TOMLIN
            =Jesse Hollis COLE
                3 Ratha A COLE
                  =Clinton McAdory FOWLER
                3 Mary Christine COLE
                  =Ray Max MCGEE
                3 F Jean COLE
                3 Glenn Kyle COLE
                3 Thad Tomlin COLE
                3 John Jacob COLE
                      4 John Jacob COLE , Jr.
                      4 Roger COLE

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