My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 3 Times Removed
  • Father: Richard Jackson WALLACE
  • Mother: Pearl SIMMONS
  • Birth: 20 Sep 1902, Etta, Union County, Mississippi
  • Death: 4 Oct 1982, Temple City, California
  • Burial: Inglewood Park, California
  • now

    Ancestors of Mae Emma WALLACE

                                /-Samuel WALLACE
                      /-Wiley P. WALLACE
                      |         \-Nancy PARTING
            /-Richard Jackson WALLACE
            |         \-Julia Ann SANDERS
    Mae Emma WALLACE
            \-Pearl SIMMONS

    Descendants of Mae Emma WALLACE

    1 Mae Emma WALLACE
      =Roy Edwin MERRY  Marriage: 28 Sep 1922, Amarillo, Texas
          2 John William MERRY
            =Helen Elizabeth KENNEY  Marriage: 22 Mar 1952, Philadelphia,Penn
          2 Fred Henry MERRY
            =Edith Estelle SORRELLS  Marriage: 11 Jan 1947, San Antonio,,Texas

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