My Relationship : Wife of 3rd Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Birth: 23 Oct 1893, Ruth, Lincoln County, Mississippi
  • Death: 20 Jul 1928, Jena, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana
  • Burial: Nolley Memorial United Methodist Church Cemetery, Jena, LaSalle Parish, Louisanna
  • now

    Descendants of Mary Bell THOMPSON

    1 Mary Bell THOMPSON
      =Eddie Perkins REDUS  Marriage: 24 Aug 1912, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi
          2 John Franklin REDUS
          2 Eddie Perkins REDUS , Jr
            =Carol MCKENZIE
          2 Katherine Geneva REDUS
            =Riley BARLOW
                3 Mary Kathy BARLOW
          2 Robert Benjamin REDUS
            =Hazel Emilene GREELY
          2 Samuel Thompson REDUS
            =Wilberine CARTER
          2 Mary Gretchen REDUS
            =Homer Andrew SHIPLEY
          2 Betsy Ross REDUS
            =Robert Dale INSKEEP
          2 Davis Anding REDUS
            =Evelyn Lottie PRICE  Marriage: 11 Jan 1947
                3 Mary Lou REDUS
                3 Rick REDUS
                3 Jack REDUS

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