My Relationship : 5th Great Grandfather
  • Father: Hackley WARREN
  • Mother: Sarah SHIPP
  • Birth: ABT 1776, Virginia
  • Death: 19 Sep 1863, Itawamba County, Mississippi
  • dd

    In the name of God Amen
    I, S. John Warren of the County of Itawamba and State of Mississippi being of
    Sound disposing mind memory and understanding and knowing the uncertainty of
    human life do make this my last will and testament...hereby revoking and
    making void all other and former wills by me made to wit -
    Art. 1st - I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be
    conducted in a manner to correspond with my age and circumstances in life.
    Art. 2 - As to the wordly estate it has pleased God to entrust me with I will
    and desire that it be disposed of as follows, to wit...
    Art. 3 - I direct that my debts and funeral 'expences' to be paid out of the
    first money which may come into the hands of my executors hereinafter
    appointed, belonging to my estate as soon after my death as practicable.
    Art. 4 - I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Warren during her
    natural life, a negro slave named George and his wife Mary and their four
    children named Reuben and Elizabeth, Jacob and Eli. All my black smith
    tools...farming tools sufficient to cultivate as much land as will be
    necessary for the support of herself and her family. Also one yoke of oxen and
    one wagon, one horse or mare, two cows and calves, ten head of pork hogs, and
    ten head of stock hogs. Also all the cleared land that may be necessary to
    cultivate for a support of herself and family, said land to be selected by my
    said wife. Also all of my household and kitchen furniture. All of said
    property hereby bequeathed to be owned, enjoyed by my said wife for and during
    her natural life or widowhood, but after her death or marriage, I direct that
    my executors take possession of all said property with its increase and
    dispose of it as the balance of my property hereinafter directed...
    Art. 5 - I will bequeath to my children an equal share of my estate and to my
    grandchildren the distributive share of their mothers or fathers (share) after
    deducting the amounts which each of my children have received from me as an
    advance which I charge as follows to wit...
    1. Milly Savage - $258.
    2. Reuben Warren - 283.
    3. Charles Warren - 200.
    4. Sarah Guyton - 267.
    5. Cassey Hankins - 158.
    6. Isom J. Warren - 350.
    7. Susanna Barnes - 270.
    8. W.D. Warren - 370.
    9. John F. Warren - 613.
    10. Lucinda Watson - 475.
    11. N.B. Warren - 100.
    12. Malinda Jones - 140.
    13. G.W. Warren - 100.
    14. Alexander Warren - 100.
    15. Minerva Warren - 70.
    Art. 6 - I will and direct that all my property both real and personal be
    taken in hand by my executors and disposed of by them as a majority of them
    may agree upon...and should they fail to agree then a disinterested free
    holder may be called in who shall determine the manner of disposing of my said
    Art. 7 - I will and direct that if my executors shall sell my said estate and
    any of my legal heirs shall purchase a larger amount of property than will be
    due them, that they have five years to pay the overplus provided they secure
    the payment of the same with good security at legal rate of interest.
    Art. 8 - I hereby constitute nominate and appoint Charles Warren, Isom J.
    Warren, William D. Warren, and N.B. Warren executors to this my last will and
    testament, hereby enjoining it upon my said executors to see that no one of my
    said heirs shall have any part of the labor or proceeds of labor of the slaves
    bequeathed to my said wife until after he death or marriage. In testamony
    whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 22 day of November AD 1862...
    /s/ S John Warren
    Signed and sealed in the presence of
    Witnesses: William Patton, William H. Moon, Eli Phillips
    Papers in Itawamba County, Mississippi Probate Packet #168 indicate that S.
    John Warren died 9 September 1863. His Last Will & Testament, dated 22
    November 1862, was presented for probate on 30 September 1863. Final
    settlement of his estate occurred in January 1874.
    At the same time that the will of S. John Warren was presented to the Probate
    Court of Itawamba County, MS at its September 1863 term, the executors
    presented a petition requesting Letters of Execution so they could conduct
    business for the estate. In that petition, the executors state that S. John
    Warren "died on or about the 9th day of September the time of his
    death, he possessed an estate and personal property consisting of quarter
    sections of land, negro slaves, horses and cattle and hogs worth about
    21 Sep 1854 William Warrens son born
    3 Aug 1858 Franklin Warren and Catherine Walker married
    22 Aug 1858 Nancy Warren died
    28 Aug 1859 Jack Warren shot at Bob Collier, Jr., did not hit him
    28 Jan 1862 Charley Warren wife died
    4 Feb 1862 George Warren wife died
    24 Feb 1863 Stephen Miles and 2 of the Simes (Sims?) boys taken prisoner by
    J. J. Warrens
    Company (purportedly Tory guerillas)
    26 Feb 1863 Sam J. Warren mill was burned by the Yankees the 14th
    17 Mar 1863 John Parker and Jasper Stured was taken prisoner by Isom (?)
    Warrens Cavalry
    19 Jun 1863 They Yankees tore up John Warren at Dock Davis; at Jim Bailey
    took all of his
    tobacco, broke Riley Bounds gun at J.T. Parkers at Eliza
    Spearman, tore them up
    19 Jun 1863 Old John Warren died, aged 89 years he was buried "a seten up"
    20 Jun 1863 The Yankees took Alex Warren, Filaw Wigginton and John Bounds
    11 Dec 1864 Alex Works and Manervy Warren married
    25 Jun 1865 One of the Hoppers, three of the Warrens, Frank Bailey, Filaw
    Wiggington, Silas
    Bailey and several others got home from Fort Delaware,
    they was prisoners
    3 Jan 1867 Bill Warren wife died
    21 Apr 1867 Elick Warren and Jane Wood married
    2 June 1869 Old Charley Warren was drowned in creek.
    S. John Warren was born in Virginia in 1776 and moved to Kentucky with his
    family folowing the Revolutionary War. He married a daughter of Richard Gentry
    at Silver Creek, near Richmond. She bore him numerous children, seven of whom
    survived to be listed among his heirs in 1863.
    They were: Willey (Savage), Reubin, Charles, Sarah (Guyton), Cassie (Hankins),
    Isom J. (or Gentry), and Susanna (Barnes).
    Later in TN, S. John married Sarah Robinson ( b. 1803 in SC ) and soon
    thereafter moved his family to Limestone County, Ala. There Sarah presented
    him with William D., John F., Sarah, Napoleon Bonaparte, Melinda, and George
    W. Then following some of his older sons, Warren moved his family to Itawamba
    County, MS about 1840, where two more children were born. They were Alexander
    and Manerva.

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    Ancestors of S. John WARREN

            /-Hackley WARREN
    S. John WARREN
            \-Sarah SHIPP

    Descendants of S. John WARREN

    1 S. John WARREN
      =Cassandra GENTRY  Marriage: 1 Nov 1806, Barren County, Kentucky
          2 Milly WARREN
          2 Reuben WARREN
          2 Isom J. WARREN
          2 Charles M. WARREN
          2 Sarah Jane WARREN
          2 Cassie WARREN
            =Stephen HANKINS  Marriage: 1829, Lamar County, Alabama
                3 Mary Ann HANKINS
                3 John Franklin HANKINS
                  =Sarah Angeline WOODS
                      4 John B. HANKINS
                        =Priscilla Rebecca HARVEY
                            5 William Fenton HANKINS
                            5 Adline Rachel HANKINS
                              =Clinton L. KENNEDY
                            5 John B HANKINS
                              =Susie Ellen MCDONALD
                                  6 Addine HANKINS
                            5 Albert H HANKINS
                              =Effie Adeline FINCH
                3 Malinda Elizabeth HANKINS
                  =LeRoy Hampton SMITH
                      4 John W SMITH
                      4 Mary SMITH
                      4 Andrew Steven SMITH
                        =Sarah Jane GARRISON  Marriage: 14 Dec 1876, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Joel H. SMITH
                              =Fannie B. GUYTON  Marriage: 17 Jan 1901, Lamar County, Alabama
                                  6 Annie L. SMITH
                                  6 Bessie M. SMITH
                                  6 Leroy H. SMITH
                                  6 W SMITH
                                  6 Marion SMITH
                                  6 James SMITH
                                  6 Sara J. SMITH
                                  6 William H SMITH
                                  6 Andrew H SMITH
                            5 James W. SMITH
                                  6 Oleta SMITH
                                    =Robert PRICE  Marriage: 26 Mar 1932
                                  6 Naomi L SMITH
                                  6 Jewell B SMITH
                            5 Malinda SMITH
                              =Jessie J ROBERTSON
                                  6 Felix M ROBERTSON
                                  6 Glender B ROBERTSON
                            5 Henry C. SMITH
                              =Julia MCNEES
                            5 Mary "Alice" SMITH
                              =John Howard FOWLER
                            5 Eliza J SMITH
                              =William Murray FOWLER
                                  6 Elmer Cecil FOWLER
                                    =Elsie Easter HILDERBRAND
                                        7 Linda FOWLER
                                        7 Wayne E FOWLER
                                  6 Flora Lou Dean FOWLER
                                    =Leonard Kellen RUMBO  Marriage: 21 Sep 1929, Seminole County, Oklahoma
                                  6 Thomas Laborne FOWLER
                                    =Rachel Lydia KNIGHT
                                        7 Charles FOWLER
                                        7 Jimmy Loyd FOWLER
                                          =Lila GEAN
                                        7 Jerry Rex FOWLER
                                        7 Jack FOWLER
                                        7 LaVerne FOWLER
                                        7 Jeannie FOWLER
                                  6 Ruby FOWLER
                                    =Leonard C. SHOEMAKER
                                        7 William Boyd SHOEMAKER
                                  6 Will FOWLER
                                  6 Opal Dee FOWLER
                                    =Daniel Howard WILLIAMS  Marriage: 26 Dec 1938
                                  6 Dortha Jean FOWLER
                                    =Thomas B HENDRICKS  Marriage: 10 Jan 1941
                                  6 Kenneth FOWLER
                                    =Dixie  Marriage: 14 Nov 1953
                                  6 Bobbie Eugene FOWLER
                            5 Earl Thomas SMITH
                              =Mytrie MOSLEY
                            5 Susie M. SMITH
                              =James Hosea PRICE
                                  6 Zoy PRICE
                                  6 Von PRICE
                                  6 Robie Z PRICE
                                  6 Andrew J. PRICE
                                  6 Fay PRICE
                                  6 Leo PRICE
                            5 Jennie Adeline "Addie" SMITH
                              =Benjamin Franklin PRICE  Marriage: 30 Dec 1914, Fayette County, Alabama
                      4 Isham Joel SMITH
                        =Jerusha Ann MIDDLETON
                            5 Dr James Clement SMITH
                            5 Dr Greene Hampton SMITH
                            5 Dr Thomas Luther SMITH
                            5 Dr Roy Austin SMITH
                            5 Grace Agnes SMITH
                      4 Louella SMITH
                      4 William Hampton SMITH
                        =Manika Ann FOWLER
                            5 Lillie A SMITH
                              =Thomas WILLIAMS
                            5 Lou Ada SMITH
                              =James Riley PRICE
                                  6 Travis Ervin PRICE
                                    =Floyce JENKINS
                                        7 Kathleen PRICE
                                        7 Rea PRICE
                                        7 Thurman Eugene PRICE
                                              8 Vicki PRICE
                                              8 Michele PRICE
                                              8 Thurman PRICE Jr
                                        7 Donald PRICE
                                        7 Ray PRICE
                                  6 Vannavah Arlington PRICE
                                    =Reable L FOWLER
                                        7 J. B. PRICE
                                        7 Dorothy PRICE
                                  6 Clora Lee PRICE
                                    =Sherlie F. HESTER  Marriage: 16 Oct 1928
                                        7 Dorothy HESTER
                                          =Francis MADISON
                                        7 Shirlie F. HESTER
                                        7 Guy Ferrell HESTER
                                          =Shirley DARROUGH
                                        7 Benny Wayne HESTER
                                        7 Giles Wade HESTER
                                          =Mary Jeanie CARTER
                                        7 Johnny Price HESTER
                                          =Linda WHITE  Marriage: 1967
                                  6 Shirley Washington PRICE
                                    =Ola B JOHNSON
                                        7 Nellie Rae PRICE
                                          =Billy Joe WOODHAM
                                              8 Michael Dewayne WOODHAM
                                                =Rhonda RUSH
                                                    9 Katelyn Rush WOODHAM
                                              8 Leigh Ann WOODHAM
                                                =Steven Ronald SUTHERLAND
                                  6 Grady Otto PRICE
                                    =Arrie COLLINS  Marriage: 7 Sep 1941, Caldonia, Mississippi
                                        7 Joyce PRICE
                                          =Jessie LAWSON
                                        7 Sidney Lee PRICE
                                        7 Kenneth Grady PRICE
                                        7 Freddy Keith PRICE
                                        7 Edwin PRICE
                                          =Janie SCOTT
                                          =Barbara MURPHY
                                        7 Jerry R PRICE
                                        7 Doris Ann PRICE
                                          =Charles EASTER
                                        7 Dean Ray PRICE
                                              8 James PRICE
                                  6 Flora Irene PRICE
                                    =D.T. HOLLIS  Marriage: 14 Feb 1942
                                        7 Larry HOLLIS
                                  6 Rayburn Lee PRICE
                                    =Pauline HALL  Marriage: 12 Jan 1946, Lamar County, Alabama
                                        7 Jimmy PRICE
                                              8 Lori PRICE
                                                =Darrell UPTON
                                                    9 Jake UPTON
                                                    9 Morgan UPTON
                                                    9 Jessica UPTON
                                              8 Kendall PRICE
                                        7 Glenda PRICE
                                          =Bruce GENTLE
                                              8 Brian Todd GENTLE
                                              8 Teresa Lea GENTLE
                                              8 Brett Alan GENTLE
                                  6 James Ernest PRICE
                                    =Hattie Lucille MASON
                                        7 Carolyn PRICE
                                          =Donald Joe HOLLIS
                                              8 Lynn HOLLIS
                                              8 Betty Joe HOLLIS
                                                =Mike COLEY
                                                    9 Donnie COLEY
                                                    9 Eric COLEY
                                                    9 Amy COLEY
                                              8 Infant Daughter HOLLIS
                                        7 Belva Jean PRICE
                                          =Ronald Earl REDUS  Marriage: 6 Mar 1964, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 John Mitchell REDUS
                                              8 Timothy Dale REDUS
                                                =Tina PERKINS  Marriage: 1 Dec 2001
                                                    9 Daniel Dale REDUS
                                                    9 Timothy Luke REDUS
                                              8 Rachel Lynn REDUS
                                                =Bobby Joe WHEELER Jr  Marriage: 3 Sep 1989, Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama
                                                    9 Bobby Joe WHEELER III
                                                    9 Hillary Mason WHEELER
                                                          10 Isabella Rayne WHEELER
                                                          10 Tatum Case WHEELER
                                                =Kenny WHITE
                                                    9 Kenlyn Reanna WHITE
                                              8 James Paul REDUS
                                                =Monica Lashea HIGDON
                                        7 James Ronal PRICE
                                          =Brenda CORBETT
                                              8 Randall PRICE
                                                =Deanna STANFORD
                                                    9 Ryan PRICE
                                                    9 Emilee Rianna PRICE
                                              8 Regina PRICE
                                  6 Barney Crafton PRICE
                                    =Annie Grace BROWN  Marriage: 25 Jun 1947
                                        7 Carlos Glen PRICE
                                        7 Crafton Lynn PRICE
                                  6 Bonard Angelo PRICE
                                    =Edna Ruth EVANS
                                        7 Gwendolyn Kaye PRICE
                                          =John F HANKINS  Marriage: 12 Jun 1969, Lamar County, Alabama
                                        7 Roger Dale PRICE
                                          =Sharon R IPOCK  Marriage: Aug 1966, Lamar County, Alabama
                                              8 Sherry PRICE
                                              8 Kenneth Dale PRICE
                                                =Connie SHELNUT
                                                    9 Kera Jean PRICE
                                        7 Stoney Lane PRICE
                                          =Sherry Lynn RECTOR  Marriage: 21 Sep 1973, Meridian, Mississippi
                                              8 Stephanie PRICE
                                                =Joe BOWLES  Marriage: 1997
                                              8 Chancy PRICE
                                              8 Jeremy PRICE
                                                =Angie DARDEN
                                                    9 Madalane Grace PRICE
                                                    9 Anna Sarah PRICE
                                                    9 Mason Riley PRICE
                            5 Jallie Elizabeth SMITH
                              =David Jack PRICE
                                  6 Mary PRICE
                                  6 Hoyte Lee PRICE
                                  6 Troy PRICE
                                    =Clarissa J. TODD
                                  6 Hubert PRICE
                                    =Roenia NICHOLS
                                  6  PRICE
                                  6 Hedford PRICE
                                  6 Banks PRICE
                                  6 Choice PRICE
                                  6 Dalton PRICE
                            5 Nettie A SMITH
                              =William Jefferson MORRISON
                                  6 William Loyd MORRISON
                                  6 G Floyd MORRISON
                                  6 James Fletcher MORRISON
                                  6 Odell M MORRISON
                                  6 Grafton MORRISON
                                  6 Willie B MORRISON
                                  6 Opaline MORRISON
                            5 Malissa Callie SMITH
                              =Thomas Alexander PRICE
                                  6 Rebel PRICE
                                  6 Ramie Asilee PRICE
                                    = MOTES
                                        7 R. C. MOTES
                                        7 Judy MOTES
                                  6 Zelma PRICE
                                    =J. B. RIDGEWAY
                                  6 Odus Guy PRICE
                                  6 Ruth PRICE
                                    =William Monroe LAWSON
                                  6 Delmus H. PRICE
                                    =Helen Edree GLASGOW
                                        7 Donna PRICE
                                        7 Bob PRICE
                                        7 Danny PRICE
                            5 Fred B SMITH
                              =Minnie WEBSTER
                                  6 Maxine SMITH
                                  6 G? SMITH
                                  6 Ruby SMITH
                            5 Glidie Jane SMITH
                            5 Elbert O SMITH
                              =Bessie SMITH
                            5 Clemmie L SMITH
                              =Morgan REESE
                            5 Lois M SMITH
                              =Tilman WEBB
                            5 Cora M SMITH
                              =Clarence BLACK
                            5 Willie B SMITH
                              =Odus WARD
                3 Isom Green HANKINS
                  =Sarah J. MARCHBANKS
                      4 William Henry HANKINS
                        =Susannah K. CHANDLER  Marriage: 31 Aug 1873
                            5 Isham Green HANKINS
                              =Emma Jane FINCH
                                  6 Lenzia Shirley HANKINS
                                  6 Vadus Warn HANKINS
                            5 Joel Burton HANKINS
                              =Adaline Olivia COLLINS
                                  6 William Milner HANKINS
                        =Mary Arzilla FOSTER
                            5 James Warren HANKINS
                              =Ramie Blanch MCDONALD
                                  6 Dufie H. HANKINS
                      4 Charles Isham HANKINS
                3 Joel Smith HANKINS
                  =Mary Jane RECTOR
                      4 Sarah E HANKINS
                      4 David Burton HANKINS
                        =Alta Ann BARNES  Marriage: 7 Feb 1878, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 William Fayette HANKINS
                        =Sarah Frances BARNES  Marriage: 5 Feb 1885, Lamar County, Alabama
                            5 Mattie Mae HANKINS
                            5 Hamilton HANKINS
                      4 James F HANKINS
                            5 Franklin HANKINS
                      4 Thomas J HANKINS
                      4 Cassie E HANKINS
                      4 Stephen HANKINS
                      4 Mary J HANKINS
                      4 Fannie HANKINS
                3 David Crockett HANKINS
                  =Martha Ann WOODS  Marriage: 5 Jan 1855
                3 Mellie Jane HANKINS
          2 Susanna WARREN
      =Sarah ROBINSON  Marriage: Tennessee
          2 William D. WARREN
          2 Lucinda WARREN
          2 John F. WARREN
          2 Napolean Bonaparte WARREN
          2 Melinda WARREN
          2 George W. WARREN
          2 Alexander H. WARREN
          2 Manerva WARREN

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