James Daniel TAYLOR
My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 1 Time Removed
  • Father: Daniel Hollis TAYLOR
  • Mother: Lettie Lou Avie CURRY
  • Birth: 4 May 1934, Lamar County, Alabama
  • Death: 1 Jun 1969, Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi
  • Burial: Christian Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
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    Ancestors of James Daniel TAYLOR

            /-Daniel Hollis TAYLOR
    James Daniel TAYLOR
            |         /-Jessie CURRY
            \-Lettie Lou Avie CURRY
                      |                   /-William PRICE
                      |         /-Leroy PRICE
                      |         |         \-Francis FLOURNOY
                      \-Frances PRICE
                                |                   /-Elisha ROBERTSON
                                |         /-David ROBERTSON
                                \-Mary Jane ROBERTSON
                                          \-Adeline SNELL

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