Peterson Redus TANNER
My Relationship : 2nd Cousin 5 Times Removed
  • Father: Peterson TANNER
  • Mother: Sarah Chaffin REDUS
  • Birth: 1841, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama
  • Death: 15 Jul 1862, Prentiss County, Mississippi
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  • (Date and Place unknown)

  • Peterson was a Lt. in Co. G, 35th Regiment Alabama Volunteers, CSA. He was at
    Corinth several months and was taken sick during the retreat. He stopped at
    his Uncle Mr. Luther Redus, near Blackland, Miss, where he remained until his
    death. He is buried there.

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    Ancestors of Peterson Redus TANNER

            /-Peterson TANNER
    Peterson Redus TANNER
            |                             /-James REDUS , Sr
            |                   /-James REDUS , Jr
            |                   |         \-Catherine PARSONS
            |         /-Aaron REDUS
            |         |         \-Sarah CHALFANT
            \-Sarah Chaffin REDUS
                      \-Lucy Ann OGLESBY

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