Mary Elsie SHELTON
My Relationship : 1st Cousin 4 Times Removed
  • Father: Eli Sherrill SHELTON
  • Mother: Barbara Susan VAIL
  • Birth: 20 Feb 1868
  • Death: 27 Mar 1963
  • Burial: New Hope Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
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  • Sources
  • Census - 1870 Alabama Sanford County Precinct 14 Page 1

    Vernon Courier, December 28, 1893
    An elegant wedding occurred at Mr. ELI SHELTON'S on Sunday evening last when
    Mr. WM. L. BARHAM and Miss ELSIE SHELTON entered into solemn compact for life.
    Judge YOUNG went out and said the ceremony. A large crowd of friends assembled
    for the occasion. The bride, who is out of Lamar's best lady teachers was
    tastefully and elegantly dressed and has been the subject of many nice and
    complementary sayings.

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    Ancestors of Mary Elsie SHELTON

                                                              /-Ralph SHELTON
                                                    /-Crispen SHELTON
                                                    |         \-Mary CORSPEN
                                          /-Spencer SHELTON
                                          |         \-Letitia
                                /-Nelson SHELTON
                                |         |                   /-Ralph SHELTON
                                |         |         /-Daniel SHELTON
                                |         |         |         \-Mary CORSPEN
                                |         \-Clary SHELTON
                                |                   \-Lettice YOUNG
                      /-Young SHELTON
                      |         \-Frances SADLER
            /-Eli Sherrill SHELTON
            |         |                   /-Uriah SHERRILL
            |         |         /-Benjamin SHERRILL
            |         |         |         \-Judith LEWIS
            |         \-Judith L. SHERRILL
            |                   \-Mary COLLIER
    Mary Elsie SHELTON
            \-Barbara Susan VAIL

    Descendants of Mary Elsie SHELTON

    1 Mary Elsie SHELTON
      =William Lafayette BARHAM  Marriage: 25 Dec 1893, Lamar County, Alabama
          2 Clarence Boyce BARHAM

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