Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
My Relationship : 5th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: Spencer SHELTON
  • Mother: Clary SHELTON
  • Birth: 1787, Lincoln County, North Carolina
  • Death: 1820/1878,
  • dd

    Jeremiah Freeman Shelton was in 7th Co. 1st Reg. in War of 1812. Made adeed in
    Lincoln Co. in 1849 and recites, "I, Jeremiah F. Shelton do hereby sell,
    convey, etc." but signed the document with "Freeman" Shelton.
    He and Susannah are in 1850 census, but before he made his will 1-8-1861he had
    married Mrs Eliza Ann Lowe, a widow with two children, HarriettLowe and Henry
    Lowe. Harriett married (her cou ?) Tullis Lowe, son of
    Washington Lowe and his wife Abigail Shelton, dau of Temple Shelton.Henry Lowe
    was called Henry Shelton according to the oldest livingmembers of the family.
    Freeman's 1861 will names wife Eliza Ann and hertwo children and also "my
    nephew Spencer Mundy" son of Cloe SheltonMundy. Jeremiah had no children of
    his own.

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    Ancestors of Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON

                                /-Ralph SHELTON
                      /-Crispen SHELTON
                      |         \-Mary CORSPEN
            /-Spencer SHELTON
            |         \-Letitia
    Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
            |                   /-Ralph SHELTON
            |         /-Daniel SHELTON
            |         |         \-Mary CORSPEN
            \-Clary SHELTON
                      \-Lettice YOUNG

    Descendants of Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON

    1 Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
      =Susannah LOCKMAN  Marriage: 8 Dec 1815, Lincoln County, North Carolina

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