Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
My Relationship : 4th Great Grand Uncle
  • Father: Nelson SHELTON
  • Mother: Frances SADLER
  • Birth: 18 Apr 1821, Lincoln County, North Carolina
  • Death: 22 Jun 1904, Pickens County, Alabama
  • Burial: Unity Grove Methodist Church, Pickens County, Alabama
  • now

    Buried at Unity Grove. Was a farmer and was superintendent of the SundaySchool
    at Unity Grove for a long period of years. He volunteered forservice in the
    Civil War and was in camp when he received a letter fromthe Governor of
    Alabama appointing him Justice of the Peace of PalmettoCommunity, which duties
    carried him back home.

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    Ancestors of Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON

                                          /-Ralph SHELTON
                                /-Crispen SHELTON
                                |         \-Mary CORSPEN
                      /-Spencer SHELTON
                      |         \-Letitia
            /-Nelson SHELTON
            |         |                   /-Ralph SHELTON
            |         |         /-Daniel SHELTON
            |         |         |         \-Mary CORSPEN
            |         \-Clary SHELTON
            |                   \-Lettice YOUNG
    Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
            \-Frances SADLER

    Descendants of Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON

    1 Jeremiah Freeman SHELTON
      =Wincey Ann JOHNSON  Marriage: 1852, Randolph Co, Nc

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