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image James Riley Price Family
(back) Rayburn, Flora,Ernest, Barney,
Angelo, (front) Jimmy, Clora
image Richard, Alice, andWalter Lampkin,
and Betty Mae Redus
image Hattie Price holding Betty Jo Hollis
Coley. Myrtle Mitchell in back.
About 1972, home of Ernest & Hattie Price
image Hattie Price and Mava Lois Redus
About 1972
image Redus - Five Generations
L to R: Roger Redus & son Kyle, Pearl Shelton Redus, M.D. Redus Jr, John Redus, Betty Mae Redus, Ronnie Redus with son Tim Redus.
Photo taken at home of Abbie Marshall in
Birmingham, Alabama about 1971
image Carole Anne Redus
image William Alexander Mason with his children:
Stella Hester, Hattie Price,
Claudus Mason, Clyde Mason.
image Stella Hester and Hattie Price image Ernest and Hattie Price
image Hattie and Ernest Price image Stella Mason Hester image Hattie Price with great grandchildren Ryan and Brittany, 1998.