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image Hiram Gilliam.
Rachael (Gilliam) Mitchell's Brother?
image Toliver and Mary Jane Wallace, with children
(from left) Luther, Johnnie, Lue, and Osie
About 1895.  Myrtle Mitchell's Parents and
Brothers and Sisters. Johnnie died as a child
image Bottom: James F. and Elizabeth Redus, with
their children: James Henry, Gan, (top) Lou, Charlie, Daniel Dale, Thomas Ezra, and Edward Bentley
image John Columbus & Rachael Mitchell
Harvey Mitchell's Grandparents
image Thomas and Mary Jones
Myrtle Mitchell's Mother's Parents
image William Jerod Lampkin
Betty Mae Redus' Grandfather
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image William Oscar & Nancy Serena Mitchell with children Murray, Mellie, John Harvey, Floy,
and Lula.
About 1907.
image Harry Jack Lampkin
Betty Mae Redus' Brother, about 1907.
image Murray and Mellie Mitchell
Harvey Mitchell's Brother and Sister, about 1907
image Myrtle andWilliam Wallace
About 1907.
image Simeon Allen & Ada Maybells Chandler
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image James Benjamin & Mary Jane Chandler
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image James Alfred Chandler
Son of James Benjamin & Mary J Chandler
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image George Walter & Frances Savannah Chandler
with a child, suspected to be Irene.
image Etma and Dewey Hall
About 1915.
image Rachael Mitchell withW. O. andSennie Mitchell image William Owen &
Arminta Lampkin Pennington
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image William Oscar and Nancy Serena Mitchell
image Perkins -Pelina, Emma Day, Junior, J.T.
Children of James Marion &
Samantha Lou (Wallace) Perkins.
image Gilliams:   HiramRachaelWilliam,
MargaretJames Peter.
image William Wallace
Son of Toliver & Mary Jane
image Joanna (Lampkin) Hopper
Daughter of William Jerod Lampkin
Photo Courtesy Kawatha J. Koonce
image Zonia, Etma, and Dewey Hall
About 1919.
image Etma Hall McClendon
image Harvey and Myrtle Wallace Mitchell
on their wedding day, 1919.
image Myrtle Wallace Mitchell
image Mava Lois (Mitchell) Redus
First birthday, November 24, 1925
image Mava Lois (Mitchell) Redus
image Gracie Wallace, Viola Holley, and
Mava Lois (Mitchell) Redus
image Alice (Mitchell) Crawford
Oscar Mitchell's Sister
image W. R. Hall and Frank McClendon Families
Around 1925.
image  Avis (Wallace) Harris, Luther Wallace, Toliver
Wallace, James Edward Harris (front)
image Mary Jane Wallace, Osie Sims,
Eva Mae (Sims)Holley, and baby Viola Holley
image Nancy Mordecai, Mary Jane and Toliver
Wallace, and Eliza Jane Robertson
image Jean Jones,  Toliver & Mary Jane Wallace,
Kansas Jones, Vester Jones
image Wallaces: Ola Mae, William, Myrtle, Luther,
Lue, and Osie
image Myrtle Wallace Mitchell
About 1929.
image Wallaces: Ola Mae, Luther, William,
Lue, Myrtle, and Osie
Children of Toliver & Mary Jane Wallace
image Mary A. Loftis image Rachael Mitchell image Walter Lampkin
Betty Mae Redus' Brother
image Walter Lampkin image James Roosevelt Crawford
Son of W. O. Mitchell's sister, Alice
image Henry Crawford
Son of W. O. Mitchell's sister, Alice