New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi

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New Prospect Cemetery
New Prospect Road, Monroe County, Mississippi

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Not a complete listing, only relatives are shown here.  Photographed February 11, 2012.


Virginia Pennington
12/14/1838 - 7/27/1926
Daughter of Miller H. Redus.
Wife of Francis Marion Pennington, buried at
Emmaus Cemetery in Lamar County, Alabama.





  Luther D. Mollie A.  
  9/25/1874 - 3/14/1949 3/21/1883 - 10/3/1950  
  "Gone, But Not Forgotten." "Wife of Luther D. Pennington"  
  Son of Francis Marion & "At Rest"  
  Virginia Pennington    


  Infant Children of Luther D. & Mollie Pennington  
  Milton Dale Pennington Fannie Bell Pennington  
  7/24/1924 - 6/27/1926 8/23/1907 - 10/6/1912  
  "Son of Luther D & Mollie A Pennington" "Dau of L D & M A Pennington"  
  "He Carries the Lamb in His Bosom" “The Little Feet in the Golden Sheep  
    shall Never Go Astray”  


  Photo showing the positions of the Pennington family graves.